It is spring break,

It is that time,

When I go and become,

that person who sits and

stares as the world goes

by knowing that I

am missing nothing


It's spring break,

It's that time,

I still see the ducks,

and the beach on the horizon

above the trees,

which isn't weird when

you just let it happen.

So Let it be what it is to be.

It is spring break,

It's that time,

When I sleep endlessly,

till the day I don't. I'm

not sad, just ready to

work and work.

Yet I still know that

it will come again

and I'll be waiting

for it.

Spring break,

that time,

when all is calm,

and I believe in

peace and

the bliss. When it's

over I'm only a bit

sad, but I hear it

rains this month

so the flowers

can bloom over

this quiet grey


I can't wait till next year.