Author's note:

The following story I feel is appropriate for children. However if you are considering showing this story to your child you should be aware that it contains the following material : light cussing, mentions of heaven and hell, mention of satan. I feel it's a pretty cute story appropriate for mature kids but you should probably read it before showing it to them. This story is based off a popular text post By: bioterrors on tumblr which has been deleted. I received permission from the author of that text post to use her idea. Thanks for reading. -Adam

My name is Eshe and I'm an angel of heaven. I live in the realm of god. But theirs some things god wouldn't approve of me if he knew. Like my girl friend. Yes, their are lesbian angels. That's a thing. And my girlfriend...? Well shes the princess of hell. You can see the problem can't you?

I snuck past the guards hiding my wings. "Aasalah" I whispered. I saw a loom of fear on her face. "Oh my dad what are you doing here!" "Visiting you" "in hell!" "Well you do live here" "that's beside the point what if my dad sees you" "oh c'mon its not like-" several guards walked past us. I kept my head down. "You need to get out of here. Now!" "Fine, but only if you come with me" "what ? no" we continued whispering. "Yes" "no" "yes" "I said no" I pecked her on the cheek.

"Pleeeeasse" "I'm not allowed" "pleeeeaasse" I repeated. "Just this once" "yes!" I stated slightly louder then expected.
We made out of hell being super stealthy. We entered heaven. "Wow" Aasalah sighed. "What?" "And I thought hell was messed up" "it's not that bad" I remarked. "Oh it's not that bad?" "It..has..nice furnishings" "furnishing oh ok. Half of these dudes aren't even human" "we'll your not exactly human" "that's besides the point!" "Is it, is it really now?" "In hell we can at least tell what they are, half of these things aren't any kind of humanoid" "good you'll be sure to for in here. C'mon" I pulled her through a garden.

Several angels stared at us. Angels arent' quite like in the textbooks. Their...different. Some of us look like how you expect, such as myself but most of us don't. Most of us you'd mistake for something out of your nightmares. We don't look human, we don't all have fluffy esc wings and were here to do business not fondle over children. We made our way into my home. "You live in a cave" "what's wrong with caves" "nothing, nothing, batman" she smirked. I showed her around. Then I showed her to my pool.

"This is where my friend Son enters you'll love him." Then we saw a gargling of bubbles and a giant fish like serpent with a human head, dragon wings and scales entered. "That's Son?" "Yes now be polite" "Eshe" he hissed with his blood red tongue. "Who's this?" "This is my partner" "your dating?" He said in his slithering voice. "Indeed" he moved his body around her he examined her in every inch. He specifically took a liking to her horns the kind that a ram would wear.

"She doesn't look like an angel" "she is" I said uncertain. "No one is going to buy that dear" "you won't tell right!?" Aasalah asked. "Of course not" like that he flew into the top of the cave the dove directly into the pool disappearing. "That was unpleasent" Aasalah stated. "I thought you wanted us to be a secret" she sighed. "I do because of how are parents would react, but I thought if Son bought that you were an angel everyone would" "well he didn't" she tapped her foot. "Sorry" I showed her to my living room.

We talked of our favorite activities shes really into combat. She loves weaponry. She is also a vegetarian though she has no problem hurting people. Huh who would've thought?
We hung the rest of the night then we snuck into her fathers castle. Suddenly the lights turned on and fire blaze about. "Shit" I cussed as I flew away giving Aasalah no warning. I flew up to heaven where I saw god approaching me. "Eshe" he said in his usual odd tone. "Yes father?" "Where have you been?" "no where father" "is that true child?" "Yes father" I had just lied to god. God!

"I know" he said as he gestured for me to come with him. "You know...?" "About your girlfriend" I instantly started making excuses in a rushed and rapid pace. He held up his glowing hand telling me to stop. "Relax my child as the kids are saying these days, "whatever" I thanked my father with happiness in my heart. I burned a letter sending it to hell, telling Aasalah the good news! "Come" god said gesturing me to a bird bath.

"What's this?" "It's how I keep track of her father." I watched as the puddle within the bath moved and twisted showing a burning red castle, inside of it Aasalah and her father. She was reading the letter with glee. She ran up to her dad and told him. "Who is this girl" Satan asked. "Have I met her is she a bad influence?" "Dad shes an angel" "damn I was really hoping she be a bad influence" Aasalah and told him he could meet me. I was going to meet Satan, I didn't know how to feel about about this.