Well people were really starting to realize this was real. God has special rules about talking to humans and he also has a lot of rules about divinity and it's evidence. A big rule of heaven is faith. What point is there if we're going about granting wishes and creating miracles all the time. People have to have free will, according to dad. And a big part of that is allowing them to believe in whatever they want. Proving our divinity in a way goes against that. That's why the video was such a big deal.

We made our way to a hotel. People were staring at us. While angels may look terrifying to most mortals we do have feelings and we can read each other. At least when we can bare to be in the same room. We don't really like being in the same area but we do care for each other. The few that have become human are so embarrassed by it, it's kind of a shame thing. That being said being human was always a secret daydream of mine. Ironically I'm finally living it with my girlfriend.

The next couple of days we were in a hotel room. We found several hundred dollars on the street and I knew my dad arranged it. Sometimes you get really lucky and you call it a miracle. We spent the room in a motel. Asalah conjured id's and passports for us out of thin air. Money is harder to do because the kind on earth in most nations is magickally encoded but things like identification documents or even clothes are a tad bit easier to manage.

We grabbed a bedroom with a queen. "Asalah I feel something in my stomach" My stomach growled. "Oh dad don't tell me" "Humans have to eat. We eat a lot in hell I'll show you how." "But you haven't eaten this whole time" "It's probably your divinity wearing off" She pecked my lips and then moved with her arms outreached asking me for a cuddle. "Tell me are we returning home" "We have to…" "I kinda like being human" Asalah looked up at me. "It's nice...in a weird sort of way""I know" I said patting her head playing with her hair. "Do you like it?" "It's always been a daydream of mine. In heaven to be one of god's favorites" "his favorites?" "God spends a lot of time with humanity. He doesn't give that kind of attention to angels" "But being human" Asalah said moving further into our cuddle. Her being in my lap being held by my arms "Do you like it" I bit my tongue and felt a coldness in my chest. "I love it" Asalah smiled like she knew something I didn't.

"I'm glad" and then she fell asleep while I was holding her. Later that evening we grabbed food. It was my first time with this sort of thing. Black coffee, and a donut courtesy of the hotel. There was a whole buffet but I for the life of me didn't know what to make of it. Asalah noticed the look on my face. "Humans eat. A Lot" "How often?" "Three meals a day" "Seriously!?" my mouth hung open, "yep!" "wow" I said to myself. "Who would've thought that" She got a plate in the buffet line and sat down with me. "In hell courtesy of my dad we experience gluttony, but for us unlike for humans it's fun" she took a bite of a donut. "All the sins are fun. We don't need to eat we just enjoy it" "yeah" my stomach growled. "Yeah that's not gona do it. Here" she took a scone off her plate and several donuts. "Eat these I'll go grab you a plate" I'll tell you what eating has always been an unreal sensation. My mouth watered as I shoved it in. "Good now chew" My girlfriend raised a brow. "Perfect now swallow" I talked with my mouth full "Swallow it?" I pointed to my cheeks. She laughed. "Yes. Swallow it" I took a big gulp and I felt the food slide down my throat. I made a face. "Just keep doing that and your good to go" She smiled getting up.

Finally she sat back down. "So what should we be focusing on?" I asked her. "I'm sorry?" "I mean….now that we fixed the video do we just go back?" "I don't know" she put her hand to her chin. "We could try?" "Okay!" I took her hands and stared at her intently. She blushed looking off the to the side. I looked around us. People were staring. "Is there something wrong?" "It's probably cus we're both girls" Asalah said. "You sure about that?" "Y-yeah!" she smiled. I felt she was keeping something from me. Demons are like that. But given this one was my girlfriend I let it pass. "Okay" I pecked her on the lips.

A few days later are mission was ending. We spent some time posing here and their and closing out cases after cases. We made our way back to the lake. She got scuba gear. I was dressed head to toe in a wetsuit. I looked ridiculous. Then suddenly I, in human form was in front of all of heaven. The portal quickly spat out Asalah. I quickly undressed revealing a polka dotted swimsuit and a tatoo wear my wings should be. It more so resembled a birthmark though. Royal Adviser Eligos greeted me. "You're late" he gestured for me and Asalah to meet the high council of angels. Not many people know this but Heaven is a monarchy with eternal ruler god. Sometimes his favorite angels, if the milenia is right his children. God just couldn't decide on how he wanted to go about things and the people were mindless so he created different branches of his own faith. That's why theirs so many version. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Hidden gospel everyone's forgotten. My favorite forgotten gospel involves teachers promising that they and only they will be the ones to teach him. I sigh at the thought.


The meeting was rough and rushed and finally I was called into the office. The big Kahuna himself. God. Who previously in casual manner I had seen a lot of. Was wearing a stern or maybe a worried look on his face. Some wonder about me in heaven. About my leg braces. That's normally the face they make when they see them. But never God. In utopia disabilities aren't erased they are accommodated for. I knew God wasn't staring at the braces. No this disturbia look wasn't about my disability. It was about me as a person. What I'd done. Lying to God, getting caught on video, causing a stir of belief among the people. One thought hit me. I'm toast.

God gestured for me to meet him and suddenly we were in a cozy little cottage with galaxies against the walls. God made himself a cup of galaxy bombed coffee. Opened a book read a few verses quietly then gestured for me to come closer. It was just God and me. All alone. Him and his secretary. My girlfriend Asalah no where to be seen. The laughs were over with. Like I said. I was toast.

God looked at me. He set down his coffee. Dad enjoys human things every now and then but he prefers to stay in divine light. "Tell me Eshe can I ask you something?" "yes" "Did you enjoy it being human?" "honestly?" "You can tell me I'm your father" "I really really loved it" "You know in heaven we missed you but…" I held my breath. "If you really liked being human I could give you a gift" "Your serious?" "Consider it a truce between her father and I. You and your girlfriend can be human together." "I thought most angels hated being human." "Yes but are you most angels?" "No…." "Then that's why I'm offering it" "What about Asalah I can't just leave her" "She's coming with you, her father and I have already had a talk" "But heaven is my home" "And so it seems is earth. Eshe I'm not going to rob you of something you desire this greatly. If she agrees to come with you do you want to be human? You'll age. You'll experience desires you didn't have as an angel" "Dad I would love to, but…." I paused. "Heaven really is where I belong" "It won't be forever. Just until you die. You'll live different lives. You won't remember here. You may not remember it at all. Eshe this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I don't offer this everyday" his tone was serious almost dark. "Yes. But can I ask for one condition" god sighed. "What is it?" "That I'll rejoin heaven as an angel when I die" "Of course. And if she desires it" God held his chest. "We'd welcome Asalah as apart of our family" "You mean it!" "Yes of course. I never had an issue with your girlfriend Asalah, I'm disappointed you kept it from me for so long" "Well we are your otp" I joked. "Yes and let's hope my favorite couple does better this time around" "Your favorite couple?" "You'll see" And with that god took my hand and he took me to a strange white room. In it Asaulauh was waiting by a golden door. Asalah was dressed in white robes. I was given red ones.

"No matter what you do…." He paused. "Don't eat pears." My heart fell. I knew what was about to happen. "And don't be afraid" and with that Asalah and I went through the door. A flash of light befell me.. I woke up with a fuzzy memory. I looked around. No wings, no horns, no glowing dresses, no robes. It was quite and peaceful. The sun was shining brightly upon us. There I saw a girl who I didn't recognize sleeping next to me. Then it occurred. I was in a garden.

The end.