I dove into the lake. My body in one straight line, slicing through the coolness of the water leaving nary a splash.

God, it hit the spot as I'd been lying on the dock dressed in my favorite bikini. Crimson red, with gold trim that molded to my body in ways that pleased me.

I know they pleased others as well.

My arms cut through the water smoothly with each stroke, my body wiggled back and forth and my feet kicked in tandem. The surface of the lake felt like a warm breath, but as the sunlight faded, the chill of the springs that fed it cloaked my body as I swam away from it. I circled back to the dock and reached for the worn edges pulling myself up sleek and wet onto the platform. Cindy looked at me, from where she lay stretched out soaking up the sun. She shielded her eyes.

"How's the water?"

I rubbed my arms and sat down on the deck, letting the heat of the afternoon sun dry me off. This holiday week had started out quite nicely. Cindy had invited me to tag along with her and her parents to their mountain cabin just off the lake. Her boyfriend Ryder had met them at the spacious cabin that surrounded by a wooden deck had among other assets a hot tub and barbecue area.

"It's warmer than I thought," I said, pulling my long hair behind me then releasing it. A rich mahogany brown, which curled when wet I had grown quite fond of it once I grew it out.

"I might jump in though we should be headed back soon."

I nodded knowing that Ryder had taken off with Jackson who was Cindy's father to get some groceries for tonight while Cindy's mother, Tina had gone to visit friends at a nearby cabin.

"It's peaceful here…so different from back home."

Cindy looked at me with some sympathy. After all, she'd lived through the recent blow up between myself and my now ex-boyfriend Nick.

"Ryder's liking it better than I thought," Cindy said, "He's more into bars and clubs than the great outdoors."

I had to smile knowing that about him. He worked as a bouncer at one club, off the highway, his muscular frame intimidated many people looking for trouble. The fact that he rode a mean Harley was what had attracted Cindy who always had a thing for bad boys.

Her parents seemed to get along with her boyfriend enough to worry her or maybe they stopped playing her game. I wondered it that might make Ryder less appealing to her…but so far they were hot and heavy.

I envied her that. I wanted someone to be hot and heavy with me. But Nick hadn't been interested. After we'd gone out for three months he'd taken my virginity and then things…cooled. He cooled anyway but me, it was as if someone had given me a key to a candy store and I wanted to sample the merchandise.

"You still thinking about him…that loser?"

I glanced back at Cindy and shrugged.

"Not really…it wasn't working out anyway."

"We'll find you someone else," Cindy said, "as soon as we get back home."

I didn't know if I wanted to wait. I wanted to get laid. Something about the summer always put me in a mood for rutting, as if I were in season. Spring sparked something inside me and summer set it aflame. I fidgeted on the dock just thinking about it.

I couldn't tell Cindy or anyone about what I thought about when I was alone. She'd freak, if I shared my fantasies. I'd tried to give Nick a taste and look what happened. No good girl wanted what I wanted.

"Hopefully it'll be someone who can get you off next time."

I flushed, my skin prickling. Damn sometimes I wish I hadn't shared the tale of my first time with her over a night of homemade margaritas and nachos.

"Yeah I hope so too…"

I told the truth. I just didn't tell her how I wanted it done. The things I wanted men to do to me….would curl her toes.

Sometimes I felt dirty. Other times I wanted those things so badly I ached from my teeth all the way to my pussy so I didn't care about feeling dirty.

I didn't tell her that sometimes I thought about Ryder…and someone else even more forbidden when I put faces on the male bodies that were doing these things to me. That was clearly wrong, filled me with shame but I couldn't stop myself.

Of course I'd never act on any of it. I'd find another way to satisfy my cravings and needs so no one would get hurt including me.

Cindy sat up and adjusted her swimsuit.

"I think we're eating on the deck tonight," she said, "I think we're doing the salad."

I nodded.

"Mom the desserts, store bought of course and the guys, the barbecue."

"Sounds good…"

Pretty much what we did every night when we didn't travel to the two restaurant town.

"Ryder and I might camp out tonight," Cindy said, "on that grassy area near the creek."

I smiled.

"Sounds like a plan. I think I'll just catch up on some of my books I brought."

"Mom's going to Bingo night in town if you can believe it," Cindy said, rolling her eyes, "I told her we'd pass on that."

I smiled.


Cindy grimaced.

"Of course that'd leave my dad alone…he brought some work with him."

I didn't know much about what Jackson did, just knew it was some kind of consulting, maybe for the government or military. I guessed him to be mid-forties but he looked younger, with only a little salt in his dark closely cropped hair to show his age. His body, as hard as a rock but then again he spent a lot of his free time training for his job.

He kind of scared me, the intensity of a man like that. The way his eyes appraised everything then chose targets of interest using laser like focus.

Not that he was anything but polite if curt in his speech.

"Rosie, we're going to find you a man," Cindy said, "I promise…"

I sighed inwardly. Sometimes in the darkest corners inside of me I wondered if one man would do.


I saw them sunning on the dock in the middle of the lake. My daughter and her friend, Rosalind who'd tagged along on our vacation.

My daughter had brought her current boyfriend Ryder and I'd allowed it. I knew better than to push against her seeing him. I'd learned the hard way she'd just do it and do him behind my back. Better to have Ryder where I could see him.

Tina had gone to visit friends and I'd been working. Days spent in the mountains made me restless, eager to return back into the field. Eager to return to the woman who awaited, the one who kept her bed warm. What my wife didn't know, wouldn't hurt her.

But then Carla had given me an ultimatum. She wanted all of me not just the pieces I afforded her. A real relationship and she wanted me to tell my wife about her.

That would never happen so I told her I didn't like ultimatums and left her in shock. She'd given into my needs never complaining but now my needs wouldn't be met.

God knew Tina wasn't up to meeting them. I needed to find someone else. Someone I could just fuck with no strings attached and take places where most women weren't willing to go.

It'd have to wait until we returned back to civilization.


We finally dove off the dock and swam to shore where we met up with Jackson who stood there dressed in faded denim shorts and a muscle top. He perused both of us in the way he always did. I smiled at him.

He studied me back. Cindy rolled her eyes at him.

"Dad…it's not that late…and where's Ryder."

"He's getting the barbecue ready," Jackson said, "We're eating early so your mom can make the first round of Bingo."

Cindy made a face.

"Boring…but at least that'll allow me and Ryder to set up camp early."

Jackson looked nonplussed but no father wanted to think about what his daughter would be doing alone with her boyfriend with only the stars as witnesses. He looked at me, a hint of a smile on his face. A rare sight from him.

"So what will you be doing tonight?"

I shrugged.

"Read…maybe watch a movie."

He pursed his lips.

"Maybe we can kill off an evening together…"

Cindy laughed.

"Rosie, I have to warn you. He's a boring date…if my mom picked Bingo over him."

I looked for signs that Jackson bristled from that comment but he just knit his brows. I smiled back, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

"Maybe if we can pick a good movie…"

His mouth curved up a bit.

"I think I can do that…now let's head back to start dinner…"

I followed him and Cindy back to the cabin. I headed back to the room I shared with Cindy and stripped out of my bikini heading to the shower. I left the bathroom door ajar and soon enough, twin jets of warm water stroked my body. I closed my eyes and reveled in it.

I just wished I hadn't been alone.

Afterward, I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body as I headed back to the bedroom. A pair of cutoff shorts and tee-shirt would do nicely. I slipped on some lacy panties and reached for my shorts.

Something caught my eye. A folded piece of paper on the bureau where I'd be sure to see it. I picked it up and opened it.

What I found nearly made me blush. My skin tingled and I felt a familiar dull ache in my belly. I couldn't believe the words in front of me and what they spilled out in lurid detail.

The things they promised…and that I wouldn't have long to wait…

I realized that I didn't have to choose my next lover. Someone had chosen me.