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The Battle For Snow White

By Alisonreed00

Chapter 1: A treaty of peace

Some years ago, in a kingdom by the sea, there lived a beautiful princess named Snow White. This is when Snow White was still a baby, still many more years ago. Now this story isn't about Snow White as a baby, but I feel I must tell you about something that happened on a day in March.

The king and queen had been talking about taking a trip for a while. They had been planning to go see the king in the nearby kingdom. The king and queen for some time had been making arrangements for when Snow White would be of age.

They had been making a deal with this same king, that when both Snow White and his son, who was not much older than Snow White, should become of age, they should both wed, and thereby unite the two kingdoms ensuring peace forever after.

There were just a few more things to be settled, and for both kings and their queens to sign a paper, stating that they would uphold their end of the bargain. Once signed there would be no going back, and if either king did not do as they had promised, then the kingdoms would no longer have peace, but would have war.

The king and queen would need to travel for many days to reach the other kingdom, and since Snow White was just months old they decided to leave her with the queens sister, Nareas.

Now Nareas, the queens sister, was still young. She was older than a child, but just by a few years. Nareas would have rather been out exploring in the wild woods, not far from the castle, or going with her sister and the king, than staying behind and taking care of Snow White.

The queen often said, her younger sister knew the wild woods better than anyone. The queen tried to get her sister interested in other things, but to no avail. She tried everything, but nothing interested her sister in the same way.

Then, one day her sister was in the library at her sisters, the queens, request. She was supposed to be reading about nature, but instead she started reading a book she had found on spells and witchcraft. It was like she was supposed to find it, it was just there.

She had been looking at books about nature, when she took a step and felt something under her foot. She looked down and there was a book, so she picked it up. It was the same book on spells, curses, witchcraft, and the history of that subject.

After that point she was reading it constantly, trying her hardest to memorize the words. She spent all of her time reading the book and exploring the wild woods. When she wasn't reading the book of spells, she kept it hidden in her room under some loose floor boards.

When it was time for the king and queen to leave for the other kingdom, Nareas was becoming quite skillful in the dark arts, this is what most people called witchcraft. Nareas still wasn't pleased about being left to take care of Snow White. She had other things she wished to do than take care of a child.

The queen tried to explain that Nareas was the only one that she and the king trusted with Snow White, but instead of this making Nareas feel honored or special for being given this honor, she felt like her sister was pushing her responsibility off on her.

The queen was going to say more, but the king told her that they had to be on their way, if they were going to arrive by the next day. She reluctantly agreed and went to his side. He then helped her into the carriage, and they were on their way.

The king and queen had a pleasant days journey. They rested that night at an inn, and early the next morning they were on their way again. They were ahead of schedule when they reached the other kingdom.

The king and queen were greeted courteously and made at home. The king and queen met their future son-in-law, who they had not seen up to this point. They both agreed he was a handsome little boy, and would be perfect for Snow White.

The kings and their queens settled everything still needing to be settled, and signed the treaty and agreement between their kingdoms. The agreement that stated that Snow White would one day wed the king and queens' son, Prince Charles.

The king and queen stayed the rest of that day and a day after that, and on the following day, early that morning, they set off for their kingdom. They didn't hurry liked they had on their way to the other kingdom. They took their time and rested the horses more often.

They spent the night at the same inn, and the next morning started on their journey again. At their current pace they thought they'd reach the kingdom by nightfall. They still didn't hurry their pace, they knew Snow White was safe with her aunt Nareas.

The king and queen were happily talking about the treaty and agreement between the two kingdoms, and what a good match it was for Snow White. They were so engrossed by their conversation that they were not paying attention to their driver, who had fallen asleep. They were just rounding a bend in the road, the horses did not need to be guided, they knew the way home, when a carriage came around the bend at full speed.

If the driver had been awake he might have been able to avoid it, but he was not and the two carriages collided. The king and queens toppled over, rolling down a nearby hill. The other carriage fell also, but only onto its side and no one was seriously injured. The king and queen however weren't so lucky.

The king had passed out after the carriage rolled, but soon awoke. He was able to pull himself from the carriage and turned to help his wife, but alas she was dead. The king felt a great pain in his heart at the sight of his dead wife. Then the pain started to increase, untill he fell over, dead also.

The men from the other carriage, the driver and it's one passenger, came to see if they could help. But when they reached the carriage they saw that the two passengers were dead. They then started looking for the driver, and they soon found him over by some bushes, some distance from the carriage.

They were surprised to find that he just had a broken leg and a few scratches. They had expected him to be dead, or at least in worse shape. The king and queens driver asked if the king and queen were alright, the men looked at each other. They hadn't known that the two bodies were a king and queen, they were obviously of high birth, yes, but a king and queen!

They were scared of what would happen to them when it became known, that they had killed a king and queen. It was their fault after all, the driver had been speeding around that bend in the road and couldn't see if anyone was coming.

The man who had been a passenger in the speeding carriage, was not happy with the driver, who he'd hired to take him to his destination. He told the king and queens driver that he was the only survivor. The driver wouldn't believe it till he saw it with his own eyes.

No matter what they said, he would not be satisfied till he had seen his king and queen. Worried that he'd injure himself more, the driver who'd been speeding and his passenger helped the king and queens driver to their bodies. There by their sides he broke down, he had loved and respected his king and queen, and was truly sorry at their passing.

The driver who had caused the accident took one of the horses and went for help, while his passenger stayed with the king and queens injured driver. He did everything he could to make him more comfortable, but there wasn't much that he could do, not having any bandages or medicine, blankets or pillows, all he had was his jacket, which he put under the drivers head.

The hours ticked by very slowly. The injured driver was in and out of sleep most of the time, while the passenger watched over him. It grew dark quickly, the passenger had no way to protect himself or the driver if anything should try to attack them.

He tried to keep his brain occupied with thoughts of what was going to need to be done once help arrived. Obviously the injured driver would need tending to, and someone would have to take a horse, and ride to the king and queens castle to let everyone there know what had happened.

He prayed that there weren't any children who would suffer by the king and queens deaths. He was a good and pious Christian man, he hated to see children lose a parent, but two, he couldn't even imagine it. No surely god wouldn't let that happen, surely they hadn't left any children behind. But then, what would happen to the kingdom? If they didn't have any children, who would take the throne?

He decided to change his pray, and instead pray that the children weren't young, that way they would have at least known their parents, before this unfortunate accident. Just as he was finishing this prayer, he thought he heard the sound of horses in the distance. He got to his feet and went to the side of the road, he held the lantern up so he could see anyone approaching.

It didn't take long for the driver who caused all the trouble to come into view, closely followed by two men on horses and a carriage being drawn by more horses. They soon had the injured driver inside the carriage. One of the men on horseback dismounted and got into the carriage with the injured driver. The king and queens bodies were then slung over the side of his horse, and safely secured so they wouldn't fall off.

The driver who had caused all of the trouble was about to set off, to tell the people of the dead king and queens kingdom the sad news, but the passenger stopped him. He didn't think it was right, he had caused enough trouble already, and besides he was wanting to see if the king and queen had any children and, if so, how old they were.

The driver consented and instead went and sat in the carriage with the injured driver and the other man who'd been on horseback. The passenger then mounted and set off at a gallop. He hoped to reach the castle before morning.

He traveled all night. He stopped every hour to give the horse a short rest, or any time he came across a stream. He was quite exhausted when he finally reached the king and queens castle. It was right at dawn. The sun was just starting to make an appearance over the horizon. The sky was turning bright red. "Like blood," he thought.

When he reached the draw-bridge leading to the kingdom, he stopped his horse to explain to the guards why he had come. He didn't say that the king and queen were dead, just that he had urgent news from the king and queens for their family.

The guards let the draw-bridge down so he could enter the kingdom, and he made his way through the streets to the castle. He dismounted, secured his horse to a tree nearby, and ran up the steps and through the door. He hadn't gone far when a young woman stopped him and asked what he wanted.

He explained that he had urgent news about the king and queen for their family. She told him that she was nareas, the queens sister. He was surprised at first, that a lady would be up so early. He then told her everything that had happened, everything that he knew about.

Instead of her crying, as he'd expected, her eyes turned cold, she thanked him and then turned and walked away. Not knowing what else to do, he turned and went back to his horse. As he left the king and queens kingdom, he thought about the queens sisters strange reaction to his sad news.

He then realized that he hadn't found out if the king and queen had any heirs. He'd have to ask around. Surely someone would know if they had any children. If not, at least the queens sister wasn't young, she had definitely known her sister and brother-in-law.

Nareas felt like screaming. She knew they shouldn't have left her alone to take care of everything. Now what would happen? Snow White was too young to become queen. Had her sister or brother-in-law written down what they wanted down should something happen to them? If so she didn't know where it would be.

She went to her brother-in-laws study, it was where he kept all of his papers. She spent most of the morning going through papers, but didn't find anything. She was about to give up when her foot touched a spot on the side of the desk, and she heard a click. She looked under the desk, saw that she'd unintentionally opened a secret draw she hadn't known about.

She got on her hands and knees and started to pull the papers from inside. It was a couple of papers tied up with ribbon. It was one letter really. She turned it over and saw that it was addressed to her. She used her finger to break the seal and began to read.

My Dear Sister,

If you are reading this, then me and my husband, your brother-in-law, are dead. I am so sorry to leave you all alone in the world. I hope that you have a long and happy life, I don't want you to have any regrets, or to wish that things were different.

I hope that you know how much I love you. I am so proud of you sissy. I know that I am hard on you sometimes, but thats what older sisters do. I just worry about you, and want the best possible life for you. I wish I'd told you this more.

Me and the king have thought long and hard and we have two things to ask of you. First, as the king and queen of the kingdom, we want you to take over, if Snow White isn't old enough to. You will rule and protect untill she comes of age and is married to Prince Charles.

Please do this for me, no for us. There is no one else to do this, and we trust you completely. You will be an amazing queen. I wish I could be there to see you sit upon the throne. Rule with an honest and just heart, rule with mercy, and above all, protect our people.

My second request of you is, please raise Snow White as your own. Keep her safe and make sure she knows that mommy and daddy love her. Help her prepare for her future wedding to Prince Charles, and help her be ready to be queen.

I beg this of you, please honor my wish. I will be thinking of you both and waiting patiently. God bless.

Your loving sister,


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