Just the Way

Ethan's wedding reception – wedding as a whole – is more festive than Scott expects. Though that might have been Lauren's doing. Either way, Scott is more than happy to watch his friends walk down the aisle.

"Atlanta treat you well?" A voice pipes up.

For some reason, Scott isn't too surprised to find the voice belongs to Carrie. "Still can't take headshots, but I'm cleared for more exercise."

"Would that include soccer?" Carrie teases.

In response, all Scott does is raise his eyebrows. "It might." While he will never be cleared for hockey, he can skate a few laps and dabble in a little touch and pass with Kelsey. And maybe a little bit of Two Touch before Kelsey's games with the other hospital staff members.

"Athletes, can't get rid of them," Carrie sighs.

"The pot calling the kettle black," Scott jabs back. He's done his job reading up on who this woman is. It is only fair when she has inside information from both Ethan and Lauren. But, he will admit the woman's own exit from hockey gave him pause.

"What can I say?" Carrie wiggles her fingers at the dance floor. "My entire family, including the extended ones are all athletes. Of some sort. Now you, on the other hand, are a little different."

"I wouldn't think so," Kelsey interrupts, tucking her hand into Scott's elbow.

"You must be Kelsey," Carrie brightens. "Carrie Leweski. I hear you're a doctor?"

Kelsey blinks before she sends Scott an amused look. "Nice to meet you at last. I'm not one just yet. And thank you for sending the tip about Atlanta."

"Chiropractors are a hit or miss." Carrie shrugs. "You'll have to excuse me. I'm being summoned by Ethan's little sister to send my brother and his wife to the dance floor."

They watch her go and stop by her brother. Scott turns away from the scene to steal the apple juice Kelsey holds in her hand.

"You hockey people are one of a kind," Kelsey muses.

"I'm pretty sure that's just Ethan's brood."

Humming, Kelsey steals the drink back. "Fair enough."

Scott takes in the light blue sundress and its flared hemming and grins. "Remember when Ben asked you to the Winter Dance?"

"Oh yeah." Kelsey grins. "He was a cute kid."

"If I asked you to dance – just one, would you?"

Kelsey narrows her eyes at him and takes another sip of her drink. Grinning as charmingly as he can, Scott holds out a hand for her to clasp.

Instead, Kelsey presses a kiss to the corner of his mouth, tasting of apples.

"Good luck with that. Not tonight. Someday though," Kelsey promises.

Scott can do someday.