CHAPTER ONE- Destiny Sounds like Violins.

As I looked around, I saw many people gathered together looking at the big ship that was in front of their eyes. It was humongous, blue on the bottom and on the top two big cannons that threw smoke out. Many windows that almost showed the interiors of the wealthy ship, on one of the rooms I could see a beautiful painting of a woman sitting on a couch. I had that good of an eye.

My dream since last year when they finished the ship, was to go in and travel to Europe. My mother is from Spain, but she moved to North America when I was about to be born. She said that my father was a recognized musician, and that maybe if I return I will get a really nice job.

I have been playing the violin since I was six, my mother bought me a broke violin which I used to learn by myself. I would go to the streets to ask for money while I would play music with my instrument. She says I have talent, and she says I need to be heard.

The only ship that travels to Europe is this ship –or maybe the last one that my mother will ever see- called Amelie. This is my name.

Last year when I heard about it I thought I could save some money and buy a ticket for both my mom and I. But after some months I discovered that the ship was exclusive for people with a high status in Europe. You know, like friends of the queen, or simply rich men who could afford to go inside.

Even if my dad was a well-known musician back at his years, he lost all of his money when he discovered the beauty of the alcohol. He loved every drop that went inside his mouth. After some years, he became an alcoholic and got killed by one of his friends -which also was a musician and an alcoholic- when both were highly intoxicated. My mother says he regrets it every day of his life, he is the one that paid for my mother's trip.

She told me to look for him, that he will let me work with him and his orchestra. But how was I going to get there?

So now, as I looked at Amelie, I wondered if there was a way to go inside and be covered by something or someone until I got to Spain.

I looked around, all I could see were crowds of people moving around. On my side were the people like me, poor, just wondering what it felt to be like the people from the other side. Waiting for the captain to open the doors so they can go in, and enjoy a wonderful trip to Spain. I loved to watch wealthy people's fashion, women using their high stylized clothes with expensive jewelry, and men using their designed suits with that handkerchief on their pockets.

A man on top of the ship waved to men on the bottom of the ship, it was the signal to open the doors and let the stairs down. I stood there, wondering of a way in which I could get inside of the ship. There was no way I could get a ticket with the money that I gathered in a year, and there was no way I could hide between people to enter without the police to notice me.

But I didn't care, I took my violin and my purse, and walked to the wealthy side. I had to be strong not only for myself but for my mother's future, we couldn't live in poverty anymore.

"Hello miss" a voice from behind called behind me. I stood there, paralyzed and scared to look behind. But I couldn't be scared. I took a step back to face the person calling me, an old man with a white suit. He had a warm smile and friendly blue eyes, a white beard and a well brushed hairstyle.

"H-hi" I said scared, my voice trembled enough to be noticed. The man smiled again and pointed at my violin. "Is there a problem?"

"Well no, not at all, I was just going to ask if you were member of the band that will be playing inside Amelie" the man asked. I blinked a few times thinking of what to say, and then looked at the violin case that I was holding.

"Y-yeah, yeah, I'm part of the band, I'm just kind of late." I said without looking at the man, I wasn't really good at lying. The man laughed kindly and the pointed at a separate door from where people were getting in, the crew was going inside, and I noticed five men with instruments talking to each other. I nodded, thinking that this could be a chance to get inside the ship.

"Oh, there they are!" I said, erase that, I yelled. Some people noticed me looking disgustingly at me, like if I was some sort of criminal.

I ran to the other side of the ship where a band of four people were standing, a pianist, a singer, a violinist, and a cellist. They were all waiting behind some security guards, maybe waiting for every other person to go inside of the ship. So I wondered, how exclusive were this people? Because if they were well known, I wouldn't be able to go in without them noticing me.

As I approached them I thought of what I could say or what I could do, just thinking about them noticing was just my last chance to get in. I would ruin the opportunity that this violin gave me.

One of them, which were the youngest was the first one to notice my presence. He raised an eyebrow at me and then looked at my violin, but still his expression wouldn't change. He looked at the other men with him and whispered something to them, he was far enough for me to not hear them.

"Hi" I said, they all stared at me at once. The man in the middle rolled his eyes and looked at me from top to bottom.

"We aren't as stupid kid, we know what you are trying to do" he said with a low tone, like if he didn't want others to hear them. "I know you want to get inside the ship, but you need more than a violin to go in with us" he said staring at me playfully.

"How did you-"

"It isn't the first time, we have had worse people than you" he said rolling his eyes in frustration, as if he was remembering.

"I beg you, I just want to go in, I won't say anything" I said, my eyes started watering as I felt my luck fading away. The man stared at me and once again rolled his eyes, then sighed hard.

"Play the violin for us" the tallest and youngest of them said, staring at me. I stared at the violin thinking, and then I looked back at the men who were staring, waiting. They looked like experienced musicians, while I was just a newbie that learned by herself.

"Look if you don't want to you don't have to, but I mean, you look like you have experience" the man said looking at my hands, they were covered in cuts that I got from practicing. I sighed, then took my arms and opened the violin case.

I put the violin on my shoulder, I stared at them again and I started playing.

How could I describe it, whenever I played any instrument I felt the necessity to create a whole world inside of my head. Like myself playing in front of a multitude, my mother and my father watching me in the distance, a glowing light reflecting my body. It was just how I enjoyed playing, and that was the reason why I loved it.

As I stopped playing, I opened my eyes again just to see the four members of the band stare at me with unreadable faces. I thought that maybe I wasn't enough talented to play with such a privileged band like them, I knew it. I stared away with embarrassment written on my face with crimson red paint, and then gave some steps away, feeling that failure that made me feel worthless.

I looked back again to see the band starting to get ready to go inside Amelie, getting their luggage with them. At that point I pictured my mother, being sick and tired of working for such a horrible pay. Our home almost falling over, and our stomachs begging for food every day. I couldn't just give up right now, not only for me, but for my mother who was sick in bed.

So I ran.

I ran with my violin case and my purse, until I reached them and got in the middle. The oldest one saw me and tried to push me away, but as he tried I went back inside.

"What are you doing kid?" He said, without looking at me.

"I'm not just whatever person that wants to go inside the ship" I said, anger raising from inside of my body. "Because I'll be the one to get in"

The man smiled widely as I said those words, then took his hand and petted my head. "Good luck with that" he said, and then as we reached the door, I hid myself more into the men. All of them gave a green ticket to the security and went inside.

I was in..

As we went inside there was a white hallway, people were running around getting everything ready for the departure. They were putting towels away and some were serving food with beautiful silverware, I could tell how this trip was going to be filled with wealthy people running around.

"So, now what are you going to do?" The oldest man of the four said looking away, but then he stared at me with a look I could not decipher.

"I don't know, I never thought I would get in" I said nervously.

"Not with us, don't start Carlos" the youngest said, giving him a look of hatred.

"I am just saying, we got her in and now what are we doing with her? She doesn't even have a toned violin" Carlos said, and then he stared to me again. "Look kid, you do have talent, but you don't have a good violin. We cannot let you play with that thing, it sounded horrible" the man said. I stared down as I felt my face look at my violin, sure it was old but I always thought it was so beautiful and it could make beautiful music as well. But I guess I was wrong.

"Don't you have an extra one?" I said staring at them, one by one, but they would look away as my gaze would meet them.

"No we don't carry extra, why would we?" The youngest said.

"Stop being so rude to the lady Gabriel" the man said staring at the youngest whose name was Gabriel, the stared at me. "Look, we cannot take care of you and we just never have an extra instrument because we always know this happens" the man said staring at me with a pitiful face. "We could even get in trouble for letting you in with us"

"Then I'll disappear" I said staring at him. "If they get me I'll just say I got here by myself, I won't say anything about you, I didn't even ask for your help anyways" I said looking away, and as I saw an exit I started walking towards it. Before I could reach it though, I looked to my back and to them I said "Thanks" and walked away.

Once I was outside I could see the people getting in, crowds of people with their expensive attire. As I looked at them I thought that maybe coming here was a bad idea after all, I maybe didn't have talent after all. Maybe my father's friend didn't even remember my mother, or maybe he is not famous anymore.

I stared at the crowd that was gathering to enter the ship again, and looking toward my people, I saw an old woman with a golden handkerchief on her left hand. She was looking at me with happiness and tears on her eyes, smiling at me like if I was a strong woman. I wasn't… but just by watching her face, I felt stronger. That's how, by watching my mother, I felt that destiny wanted me to become a musician.