Joseph Smithe had begun to suspect his crew of stealing from the graves while he wasn't looking. At the beginning of the expedition he had stressed that they were only there to look and record, and that they would not be returning home with any treasures. When he said that, he could immediately see the displeasure on their faces. He had traveled to Egypt and back many times with many crews, and their reactions were always the same. They always wanted to take something home, to sell or to admire. Joseph had first wanted to take everything back he found, but he quickly learned that some things are better left buried.

He and his crew had recently gone to Egypt in search of uncovering how Ramses the Great actually died. The expedition was going fine until he discovered some of the items he had found had moved overnight. He had decided that he was going to confront them in the morning before anything bad happened. Stealing was how he had lost nearly half of his first crew, something unexpected and drastic.

This time though, he had discovered something no one had before, a record of what had happened. Unfortunately though, there had only been a little that he was able to decipher. He would keep it for after he got home and study it further. What he could understand now was a few words talking about Anubis and Osiris and some "great debt". Although most do not believe what the Egyptian's had said all those years ago, Joseph was a believer, he had to be, after all that he had seen.

The members of his expedition had proved a fine bunch at a first, mostly solid dependable people who would not abandon him as soon as things got rough. Not wanting to get attached unless something bad happened, Joseph hadn't tried to learn their names. After spending almost a year together they had unfortunately become familiar with one another. He had begrudgingly learned their names as time went on, gradually learning their personalities.

Joseph had figured that if anyone on the crew was convincing the others to steal, it was definitely Daniel McPherson. From the minute that Joseph had met Daniel, he knew that he would bring trouble. He also knew that the rest of the crew was highly impressionable, Matthew Brodie being the most easy influence of the bunch. He had the nature of a puppy, following people around and trying to please. There were a lot of people signed up for the expedition, but the ones that he suspected of causing trouble were Daniel, Matthew, Andy Donovan, and Joshua Mandalave.

They had started to form a clique when the expedition started, never leaving each other's side for too long. They had also been caught with a scarab beetle they had found in a tomb. They were all warned, and promised to never do it again, but Joseph didn't quite believe them. There was something about the way that they looked at each other, a mutual understanding, that the escapades would continue in secret.

Joseph was sitting in his tent, trying to translate what he had found today, when he began to hear voices from outside. It was midnight and no one should have been awake, much less walking around. Quietly, he stopped working and concentrated on listening to the voices in the night.