The Professor sat expectantly at the head of the classroom in a large wooden desk with large paws carved into the legs. Around him were twenty large desks scattered about the large wooden room. The desks looked like they were sinking into the large, soft, blue carpet. Sitting in the corner of the room was the boy they had seen yesterday. His plaid bomber hat deviated from the required uniform, covering up his chaotic red hair. No one else sat in the quiet, wooden room, the dark musky smell cutting through the room.

"Hello," the professor said without looking up, "please take your seats, you're almost late."

"Sorry," explained Simon, "but we had a hard time finding our way here, its kind of in the woods. Is this Introduction to Ancient Egyptian History?"

"Yes, and I'm about ready to begin. It seems like our other students won't be showing up. I am , and I will be your teacher for the rest of the year. I usually begin each class with roll call, but I'm guessing that won't be much of a problem. Why don't you all introduce yourselves?"

The boys moved to the center of the classroom taking their seats in a triangle formation.

"I'm David."

"I'm Simon."

"I'm Jasper"

They sat, waiting for the boy to look up from his desk and introduce himself. He slowly looked up glancing around the room.

"My name is Henry." he finally spoke. He looked back down at his desk and resumed his doodling.

"Well," Mr. Liddell spoke, "I guess its time to get started. Each of you will receive this textbook and study it religiously." He picked up four musty textbooks from behind his desk and begun to pass them out. As he plopped one of the books on each of the student's desks, he said, "You will have to study every night in order to survive this class. You may discover this will be very helpful in the future."

"Excuse me," said Simon, "but how exactly will this help us for the future?"

"You'll see." Mr. Liddell said, smiling ominously while compiling a stack of papers. "Now if there are no more questions we will begin. Please open your textbook to page oneā€¦"

One and a half hours later David and Simon came staggering out of the building dramatically clutching their heads. Jasper came bounding out, his head still swimming from all the information that had just been crammed into his brain.

"Guys," said Jasper stumbling across the threshold, "I don't think I can take a whole year of that."

"Just hang in there," said David, "it may seem like hell now I bet it might get better. By the way, what classes do you have next, I have Biology."

"I have Algebra." Jasper said.

"I have World History, like I need another lecture." Simon complained as he started on the path. Henry calmly walked on the path and pushed past David and Simon. He hiked up the path, leaving David and Simon at the bottom of the trail.

"What his problem?" David asked.

"It doesn't matter, he'll be back," predicted Jasper, " no one can resist the Brodie family charm." He smiled and sauntered down the path with his hands on the back of his head. They all continued to the lush main campus, past the dark forest and next to the shimmering lake overcast with willows.

They convened for dinner at the gigantic mess hall, sitting in the corner. David was the first to arrive, approaching the table with his tray full of pizza and fries. He sat down and began to eat, trying not to look lonely. As David was scarfing down his greasy pizza, Simon walked up to the table with lasagna and a glass of water.

"Dude," Simon warned, "you might not want to eat all of that. Just because you can eat whatever you want doesn't mean you have to."

"Slow down Speed Racer," said David sarcastically, "you're living life a little too close to the wild side don't you think?" David took another bite of his pizza, chewing extremely slow to make his point. As they were conversing, another figure's shadow hovered over them.

"Sorry I've been acting like a jerk," said a voice they recognized as Henry, "I've just been angry that I'm stuck here. Let's start again."

"Sure dude," said Simon cheerily, "you can eat with us."

Henry set down his tray containing of a grilled cheese sandwich, and sat down next to David. He hungrily began to eat his sandwich as Jasper walked towards them, wearing a grin that spanned almost the entirety of his face. "Did I tell you guys or what?" Jasper said.

David and Simon laughed as Jasper set his tray upon the table, already beginning to all ate heartily and joked with each other for the entirety of the night. As the evening winded down David and Simon walked back to their dorm rooms as Jasper and Henry finished eating their desert. As they walked past the signpost that designated the path to their Egyptian History class.

"Simon," Henry asked, "do you have an eery feeling about this place."

"What do you mean?" Simon asked, "If you're asking if I think the teachers are out to get us, the answer is yes. I've got a stack of homework to last me a century."

"No, its just think its weird that all of our parents just picked us up and dropped us here."

"People do weird things all of the time David, it doesn't mean that they're hiding something."

"Fine, but if you think about it, you'll see what I mean."

"Whatever. Hey, I'll race you back." Simon ran in front of David, sprinting down the illuminated path. David smiled to himself and broke into the sprint in order to catch up. As hard as Simon tried to assuage his fears, David still couldn't shake the feeling like he was walking into something strange. It was only a matter of time until he found his true destiny.