The way she entered my world was amazing. Unexpected. Unreal even. I forgot how to breathe, I forgot my name. What was one plus one again?

Yet even if this was completely incomprehensible. I knew this feeling that washed over me like a tidal wave. Cupid's arrow shot straight through my heart, and my mind raced in thoughts of our future together.


Amor Vincit Omnia.

"Haneen, that has got to be the corniest shit you've ever read to me."

Haneen glanced up from her novel, staring at the bright smile on her sister's face.

"Hanan, clean your mouth with soap please."

"A-Are you saying I have bad breath?" Hanan blushed, breathing into her hand to smell her own breath.

Haneen chuckled. Her sister always looked so cute with a reddened face.

The fresh spring wind gently breezed down the steep road. Sunlight beamed over the sea off the cliff side, reflecting within the waves. It seemed like another quiet walk to the university for the green haired twins.

"Hey, sis," Hanan said, "Can I borrow fifty yen?"

Her sister looked at her as if she asked her for her soul. "Why?"

Hanan pointed to a lone machine near an alleyway. The sisters stopped to look at it.

On the edges of the machine, rust had began to collect. The paint on the cat eyes in the center peeled away. Above the misshapen feline eyes embedded the words: "The magic cat knows all" in red paint and a small coin slot and paper slot.

"Does this piece of junk even work?" Haneen eyed it suspiciously, expecting it to break down at any moment.

"Well, give me a coin and let's find out!" Hanan winked.

Haneen sighed and fished out a coin from her jacket pocket. Hanan placed the coin into the coin slot, clasping her hands together in a prayer.

After a few seconds, a slip of paper ejected out of the paper slot. Smiling, Hanan picked it up and read her fortune.

"What does it says?" Haneen asked, curious.

Hanan stuck her tongue out. "Nothing!" she sang cheerfully, twirling around like a dancer. Her cap nearly fell off her head.

Tugging her scarf, Haneen pulled out another coin and inserted into the machine. She clasped her hands together as she awaited for the fortune.

Does my sister love me as I do her?

A paper slip ejected from the slot. Before Haneen could touch the slip, Hanan snatched it up.

"Oho!" she beamed, "It says most definitely! Did you ask if Sato-kun likes you? You don't need a fortune to tell you that!"

Haneen's face flushed even brighter than the sun. "G-Give me back my fortune!" She made a grab for it, but her sister dashed up the road.

"Come and get me, love bird!"

Haneen chased after. The twins ran for about a minute before they eventually got tired. Throughout the rest of the walkway, Hanan had an all-knowing smirk on her face while Haneen puffed her cheeks in annoyance and hid behind her novel.

Amor Vincit Omnia, my ass. Haneen thought. She would've been glad to wipe the smirk off her sister's face by confessing her true feelings to her, but she decided to let her have the victory that day.