Part Three- April

April hated house parties but not wanting to be left out or hurt her friends feelings she goes to them. Normally she has Georgia or Stella mainly to talk to at these parties but tonight it was not to be as Georgia was wrapped up in watching Robbie and his band mates lapping up all of the attention and Stella for some reason could not make it tonight, it was about midnight when Georgia hurried over to me looking flustered and annoyed me guessing that it was the crowds of people until she explained that she had to leave cause of Ellie. April had wanted to reach out and hold her hand in hers but she didn't instead she gave a reassuring smile watching as Georgia disappears through the crowds, April watching praying for Georgia to come back again and feeling her heart sink when she doesn't. The following morning April lay awkwardly next to a snoring Kyra who lay spread out on her double bed unaware of Aprils presence beside her, she stared blankly at the ceiling her heart pounding as she thought about the dream that had awoken her with her hands clammy and heart excellerating with excitement,

She was all alone in a beautiful meadow the sun shining through grand oak trees as April twirled and elegantly glided through to the middle of the meadow, where lying with her eyes closed looking tranquil and hair flowing beside her shoulders was Georgia, who as April kneels down beside her grabs hold of her arm her eyes filled with lust and such passion that makes April tingle all over as they lean closer both feeling each other hot breathes as they eventually kissed at first tenderly then becoming more heated...

April had then shot her eyes open relief hitting her that she had not woken Kyra as that could of been awkward conversation, April looked at the bright pink alarm clock on the bedside table and slowly and very carefully pulled open the duvet gently lifting herself out the bed dodging kyra's limbs as she walked out of the bedroom and headed downstairs feeling as she always did when she came here oddly out of place and deeply uncomfortable,

"April dude. So you stayed with the drunken cow then?!" Ricky did have a way with words April thought frowning slightly at him,

"Yes and she's not a cow she's called Kyra Ricky you might want to remember that!"

"Whoo! Chill out she loves it when I speak like that besides you should here what she calls me!" April sighed ignoring Ricky as she made her way into the kitchen things forming in and out of her head, she really understood Kyra more than the other girls except Stella her best friend. See Kyra was good of putting the I don't give a shit act but it was exactly that an act! Infact Kyra was the softest person she had met, yeah she was extremely feisty and loud but behind that was a girl who needed to be loved and most of all wanted by people. April poured milk onto her cereal suddenly hearing her phone ringing as she raced into the lounge just answering in time,

"Hey Georgia! Things okay?"

"Oh uh hi April! Listen I just wanted to say thanks for last night. Uh Ellie is down so I thought we could all do something fun to cheer her up today what you reckon?"

"Yeah of course. Just text me where and when. Uh listen got to go bye" April hung up knowing that her heart couldn't take much more of that conversation, feeling her cheeks blush as she sat eating a spoonful of cereal, suddenly hearing loud noises coming from upstairs which involved loud creaking and giggles! Oh you got to be kidding me! April thought feeling her cheeks burn hotter as she pressed both fingers into her ears. She was walking home unsure what she was feeling and why she was feeling them for Georgia, the dream could be about any of her friends it doesn't mean anything she kept repeating over and over through her head, she entered her house hearing Jean her foster Mother cheerily come into the hallway to greet her,

"Oh princess how was your sleepover?"

"Great thanks Jean. Uh how was your night?" I asked knowing that she wouldn't shut up so that I could just be left alone to think and try and work this dream out. April lay on her bed listening to music as she looked at the wall ahead of her where she had photos of all her friends hanging on the wall,

"Oh April what you playing at?" She asks herself frustrated as she pulls down a photo of a smiling Georgia who was dressed as a Barbie doll as the photo was taken at a themed birthday party which was "Barbie and Ken" April smiles staring affectionately at the photo as she lay back onto the bed. April suddenly jumped as she heard Jean shouting from the bottom of the stairs,

"April dear Kyra is here!" April bolted upright off the bed and shoved the photo into her cupboard draw at the same time Kyra comes bounding into the room making April blush embarrassed,

"What the hell you doing baby?" Kyra asked one eyebrow raised,

"Uh nothing. Just uh tidying up!" Kyra moved closer quickly grabbing the photo,

"With a photo of Georgia. You seriously not going to keep that story up are you, cause it really is a shit one Babe!" April felt like she wanted to cry unsure if Kyra would blab and tell Georgia possibly losing them making her heart exccellerate inside her chest,

"Kyra...I uh really can explain...please don't tell anyone please Kyra"

"Of course I'm not you daft cow! Now sit your arse down and tell me how long you been into Georgia!" Oh god April thought as her heart skipped as she just considered this,

"I never thought...I dreamt last night...that we were kissing...I don't know why?" April says sitting beside Kyra holding a cushion against her to comfort her, Kyra took her hand and squeezed it tightly,

"How did you feel when you were kissing her in your dream?" She asked gently sensing Aprils confusion and wanting to help her friend,

"I uh felt all tingly and my heart was beating fast inside my chest...what does that mean? Am I gay?" She asked her friend looking flushed and her eyes glassy, Kyra gave a small nod before giving advice,

"April I don't know if you are gay but you are attracted to Georgia... I don't know how serious your feelings are it might be just a crush if it is it will eventually fade!" Kyra says reassuringly making April wrap her arms around her friend,

"Thank you Kyra! I really appreciate it!" Kyra lightly kissed her forehead,

"Your welcome baby. Anytime!"