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News Blackout on Colton City Attacks Leads to Social Media Censorship

WHITE WOODS (PangeaNet Press) - An unprecedented news blackout on all reports from Colton City has resulted in reports of targeted blocking of two-dee and three-dee recordings purporting to detail conditions in the quarantine zone.

As with previous attempts by various levels of government to control the official news channels, citizen-journalists have posted their personal recordings and reports of the events to social media. However, unlike before, social media sites have found themselves unable to serve these recordings. An unofficial source claiming to work for a an unnamed leading social media site reports their internal investigations show the major backbone routers are selectively blocking media streams with content pertaining to the reported Colton City attacks.

Representatives from the backbone networking providers were not available for comment. However, an anonymous source claims at least one, our parent company, PangeaNet, was forced to allow "unnamed government representatives to have administrative access to core routers and switches under federal warrant."

So far, the data embargo has only been reported to impact audio/video streams. Text-only feeds such as PNP have not been impeded.


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