This poem is about my experiences in marching color guard in Marching Band. This poem is just for fun and I hope you enjoy

She raises her head,
with pride in her eyes.
She takes the field,
it's her stage.

She was the baby,
guided by vets
She had so much to learn
ready to take it on.

Everything was new,
all of the people scared her at first.
Yet over time she felt,
herself open up, to this group of people.

She remembered that last pose
and it was over.
half a year left.
What was in store?

Going from fall to winter,
new plans emerged,
a new show to learn
What is my part now?

Flash forward a year
she's back on the field,
She is a vet now,
she knew what she was doing.

Still opening up,
she met some special people.
One she never knew
how special they would become.

Smiling and winking,
she performed her best.
Not afraid to be herself anymore,
she was different from first year.

Onto her third year,
Her love true.
That field is her home,
which she will never forget.