Adel Regragui is a highly sought after florist in Caracas, Venezuela. Before starting his own flower shop, he sold flowers at a small roadside stand. However, owing to his eye for detail in the selection and arrangement of flowers, he soon became popular in the region and within a few years set up a full-fledged flower shop of his own. Unlike many other florists in Caracas, he not only works with cut flowers but also sells potted plants.

Presently, Adel Regragui has many contracts under his belt with horticultural specialists and gardeners, who look no further than him whenever they need high quality, fresh flowers to fulfill any customer order. Because of his multitasking ability, he is able to work on a variety of projects at once. Currently, he is making flower arrangements for various events like – weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, beach parties, and many others.

Adel Regragui gives utmost priority to customer satisfaction and spares no effort to make sure his clients are satisfied with his flower arrangements as well as his services. To meet diverse needs, preferences, and specifications of his customers, he stocks a comprehensive range of flowers like – roses, orchids, sunflowers, daffodils, hollies, ferns, carnations, asters, violets, asters, daisies, Kangaroo paws, poinsettias, lilies, snapdragons, etc. He has also staffed a dedicated team of customer associates to address the queries of customers.

About Adel Regragui

Adel Regragui is a reputed florist based in Caracas, Venezuela. He owns a full-fledged flower shop, where he sells an array of colorful, fresh flowers like – roses, orchids, hollies, ferns, carnations, asters, sunflowers, daffodils, violets, asters, daisies, lilies, snapdragons, Kangaroo paws, poinsettias, and many more. He also has a team of customer support associates to address the queries and concerns of customers pertaining to his flower arrangements.