Adil Regragui is a talented hair stylist, who hails from a small town in Nigeria. Currently based in Australia, he runs a hair salon, where he has a team of competent hair dresses to serve his clientele in the best way possible. Before entering into the field of beauty and fashion, Adil worked as an accountant in a reputed bank back in Nigeria. However, due to his passion for creating new and exciting hair styles, in 1999, he decided to give up his accounting career and shifted his base to Australia, where a dear friend of his worked in reputed hair salon. Deeply impressed by Adil's hair styling skills, the owner of the salon immediately hired him.

After working there diligently for five years, Adil Regragui opened his own salon, which at present holds an excellent reputation in the market. He specializes in textured hairstyles, wedding updos, advanced coloring, etc.; and works with a variety of top-quality hair products like shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, hair masks, and more; all from leading brands. He believes that using the right products play an important role in how the hair of an individual looks and feels.

Besides using A-grade products, Adil Regragui makes sure to stay current with all the latest trends in hair styling so as to provide his clients the best possible services. So far in his successful career, he has styled the hair of many popular models in photo shoots and fashion shows. He also offers free consultation to his clients to help them choose a hair cut or style that suits their face, lifestyle, and their personality.

About Adil Regragui

Adil Regragui is the owner of a popular hair salon in Australia. He specializes in textured hairstyles, wedding updos, advanced coloring, etc.; and works with an array to high-grade hair products to make sure his clients are satisfied with his work. He also offers free consultation to people struggling to decide the right hair cut/style according to their face structure, lifestyle, and overall personality.