Part One

A Thousand Pages

It's a fairly normal day. The sun is shining bright but the weather is fine. I watch the big tree beside our house swaying back and forth with the wind, waiting for its leaves to fall down. It pretty much makes no sense since it's spring but whatever. I'm bored. The streets are pretty empty. Well, except for some kids running late for school. I chuckled. I remember that used to happen to me a lot.

Moving on, I'm really bored. I'm currently unemployed at the moment. I have just finished my degree in culinary arts, specifically baking. It was tough since my parents were having second thoughts because they said what I wanted was very risky. I understand what they were trying to say but honestly, I really can't see myself as anything else except for a baker. With a few months of persuading my parents, they finally agreed and let me be. So I applied for that degree. Lo and behold, here I am, very much unemployed.

Actually, my best friend and I have talked about opening a bakery. We've talked about it when we were still in college. Rea and I have been best friends since like we were just zygotes inside our moms' tummy. I'm pretty sure she didn't choose culinary arts just so that we can be together even in college. She made it perfectly clear to me that she also wanted it.


That was Mom. Better get going. It's Friday. I assume people are very happy because they get to rest for the next two days but certainly not me. I don't even have a job yet. Well, I do. I work at the local coffee shop as a barista but the coffee shop closed recently because they were to go under renovation. So now I'm unemployed.

I was just about to go out of my room when my phone suddenly rings. I looked the number and I rolled my eyes. I answer the call with a sigh.

I hear Rea's voice from the other end of the line. "Meagan!"

"Yeah?" I ask.

"How'ya doing?"


Then an awkward silence. Actually we get that a lot. Maybe it's just that we already know practically everything about each other that sometimes there's nothing to talk about. Anyway Rea moved to New York a year ago but we still talk on the phone everyday.


"Well, aren't you going to ask about me?" she asks.

"Oh, okay. How are you then?"

"Me? I'm fine."

"Yeah, yeah. So why did you call?"

A crackle came from the other end before I hear Rea's voice again.

"I found it, Meagan! I found it!" she literally shouts in my ear.

My ears rung a bit. "Ow, found what again?"

"A place! A place for our dream! Anne Harbor is finally going into business!"

I almost dropped my phone. Tears stung my eyes. My mouth stretched into a smile so big my muscles hurt. For almost two years, I have worked halfheartedly at the coffee shop. Don't get me wrong I love the coffee shop and the people there but I just want something else. I want this. So I guess I'm not unemployed anymore.

After breaking the news to my parents over breakfast, I immediately go to my room and start to pack my things. I have to go to New York right away. Even just for a few days. I just have to see it. Dad volunteers to book my plane ticket while Mom washes the dishes and tells me she will help me with packing.

I tie my long brown hair in a messy bun before I kneel on the floor again. I'm looking for a leather jacket that I swear I bought but I can't find it. I dig into my closet, flinging things out until I find something. Nope, it wasn't my jacket but it's something I never expected I have. It's just a red-painted shoe box. What's so special about that?

Then everything comes back to me in a flash. My mouth hangs open as I reach for it. When I open it, a wave of nostalgia washed over me. It's filled with origami. My origami. They were all origami cranes. All in different colors and sizes.

I bite my lip when I notice something else. No, not something, some things. They're far more complex than origami cranes. I can go on with the list but there's something else. Where it all started. My origami dragon.

My first work of romance fiction (I usually write fanfics) Please bear with me because English is not my native language so there might be a few errors. Please don't hesitate to inform me if there are any mistakes. Reviews and criticisms are highly appreciated.