Isaac Ross was in quite a predicament, he concluded, after being nearly hit in the head by a dangerous stiletto.

"You insufferable bastard!" the owner yelled. Isaac couldn't remember her name even if his life depended on it. "How could you do this to me?!" He could see the tears in her eyes. This certainly did not go as planned.

"Hush now, baby," he cooed, and he ignored her when she muttered something along the lines of: "I'm not your baby."

"It's just that," Isaac began, while he hopelessly searched his mind for a reasonable excuse. "It's just that you're a cat person, I'm a dog person, you know. It was never going to work out between us." He tried to smile gently at her – god, what was her name? – but he had a feeling it came out like something more akin to a smirk.

If she was angry before, then she was absolutely seething now.

"Really? That's your fucking excuse? You cheat on me after we've dated for four months, and that's all you can come up with?!" she said, her voice growing louder and high pitched as she neared the end of her rant. Isaac sighed irritably, and tried to lay a comforting hand on her shoulder. She, however, pushed him away roughly.

"What was her name?" she whispered, a strange fire in her eyes that Isaac hadn't seen before. He decided he liked it, but he thought it would be wise to not point out how hot she looked. Her other stiletto would probably be thrown at him in response.

So Isaac stayed quiet.

"WHAT WAS HER NAME, ISAAC?" she screamed. He flinched, and she tried to calm herself. "I just think that you at least owe me that much. You have to tell me."

Isaac rubbed the back of his neck while he thought. Tessa? No, that was the girl he tried to hook up with before he met Jane, a girl he dated six months ago. Was it Caroline, then? No, he thought, that was the hot girl he took to senior prom all those years ago. Maybe it was Annabelle? Annabelle sounded like the girl he slept with three days ago.

"I believe her name was Annabelle," he muttered, while he stroked his imaginary beard. Isaac thought it made him look smart, but in reality it made him look like even a bigger dork. "Yes, I'm fairly sure her name was Annabelle." He smiled at the girl standing in front of him, and only after minutes of silence he noticed something was wrong. She didn't say anything, and her expression looked empty. Isaac had learned in all his years of experience, that that was a deadly combination.

"Her name was Annabelle?" she whispered lowly. The fire in her eyes seemed to have regained the intensity of before, and then some. "My name is Annabelle, you jerk!" she yelled, followed by her other stiletto, which Isaac could barely evade. Damn those things were dangerous.

Annabelle grabbed her things as quickly as she could, while tears rolled down her cheeks. Isaac felt sorry for her, but he couldn't help it if he had a bad memory, right? You could only sleep with so many girls before you just lost track of them.

"You look really hot right now." Isaac didn't know what possessed him to say that, but for some reason he did. Luckily Annabelle was out of stiletto's, or otherwise she would have surely killed him with one. Death by stiletto, Isaac thought, and shuddered.

"Fuck you!" she screamed hysterically, and she ran for the door which she slammed harshly.

Isaac sighed. Oh well, he'd had worse breakups.


A little girl with blond hair was bouncing up and down in front of the stand, trying to decide what kind of flavor ice cream she would like. Her pigtails bounced around cutely, and she didn't have a care in the world. Her mother was patiently waiting for her, gently smiling down at her little daughter.

"What's the most exciting flavor you've got, mister?" she squeaked, and if Hugh Perry had liked children he would have thought it to be adorable. Alas, Hugh was not a fan of little creatures that puked on you and pooped on you whenever they liked. He absolutely hated the way they screamed when they didn't get what they wanted, and he loathed their horrible high pitched voices that nearly made his ears bleed.

The worst thing about it all, was that he wouldn't have had to deal with this kid, if his co-worker and best friend had been on time for his shift. Hugh didn't know why it still bothered him though. It had been six years since he had inherited his uncles beloved ice cream stand. Hugh had just gotten out of college, and had a spiffy new degree in management. His best friend, a college dropout, whined about how awesome it would be to run the business together. Hugh and kindly declined, though he had promised his friend a job. They'd been best friends since they were still in diapers, he couldn't leave him hanging, of course.

"Misteeeeeeeeeeeeer," the girl whined. "You need to answer me!"

Hugh sighed. He hated his job. This was so not what he had expected from life. It also wasn't what his girlfriend Nora expected from life. Nora was beautiful, long brown hair, blue eyes and a gentle smile. Sometimes she liked to take control over Hugh's life, but he was okay with that. It wasn't like she completely ignored his wishes. The one wish she did ignore, though, was for her and his best friend to get along. Nora hated the other man with a passion, and Hugh could never understand why. Isaac wouldn't hurt a fly.

"HEY!" the cute little girl had transformed into a seething dragon, eyes blazing with fire, smoke was coming out of her tiny little nose. Her pigtails had become wings, and Hugh's imagination was running off with him again.

"Sorry, sorry," he said. He smiled down at her and tried to smooth down his unruly black hair. He flinched when he saw her face. The kid was scary. Hugh only hoped she wouldn't start crying. "What were you saying?"

"Hmpf," the girl crossed her arms and looked away. Her mother laughed at her daughters stubbornness. Hugh wanted to cry.

"Answer the nice mister, Kelly. Be a good girl now."

Kelly slowly turned her head, and glared at Hugh with full force. The black haired man tried not to look away, but her glaring just became too much. God, how old is this kid? Hugh wondered. She would make a stunning politician one day.

"I asked," she sneered, "what the most exciting flavor is."

"Oh," was all Hugh could say. The most 'exciting' flavor? What kind of question was that? "Well," he cleared his throat, "I've got vanilla for you, or chocolate, or… uh, or maybe you would like banana?" he tried hopefully. He prayed she wouldn't scream at him again, he didn't think he would survive it.

The girl looked at him expressionless, and didn't say anything. Hugh had learned from Isaac that that that was a deadly combination when it concerned women.

"That's not very exciting at all." She turned on her heel and left, leaving Hugh to wonder when he should close shop.


"I have arrived!" Isaac yelled when he stood in front of the ice cream stand. His best friend Hugh was nowhere to be seen though, and that struck Isaac as a tiny bit strange. He walked around the stand and found the shorter male sitting in the shade, a cigarette resting on his lips. Isaac couldn't help but raise his eyebrows at the sight. Hugh didn't smoke, for as far as he knew, and he knew the bloke pretty well.

"Dude, are you smoking?" he knew he was pointing out the obvious, but he just couldn't believe it.

"No," Hugh said slowly, and he took a drag. "I'm just sitting here enjoying the sight and the money I'm making. All the money. Did you know, by the way, that if you keep a frog's mouth open for too long, it will suffocate?"

Isaac frowned. What?


"Yeah," Hugh sighed. "It'll suffocate. It dies. I guess it would be nicer to just run it over though, you know, so that it'll die faster and it won't feel as much pain. So that it won't suffer. Did you know that I'm suffering right now?" he glanced at Isaac for a second before looking away and sighed. "Never mind, you wouldn't care. Did you breakup with Annabelle yet? I bet you did. You shagged Emma, didn't you? You would do such a stupid thing. Sometimes I wonder why Nora doesn't like you, and then you do things like this and I think I know why, but I can't really judge you or whatever, I mean at least you're getting some, right? That's all what matters, right?" Hugh took another drag, his green eyes looking around sadly. Suddenly he looked at Isaac like he had never seen his best friend before, and smiled a little. "Did you know that a duck has three eyelids? I mean, how crazy is that? Totally whacked, man." He chuckled, and then he chuckled some more. After a minute or two, Hugh was nearly rolling around in the grass, he was laughing so hard. Isaac didn't know what to do, but he found the idea of his best friend being high extremely funny.

"Hugh," he smiled, knowing something had to be up if Hugh was smoking pot when he was supposed to be working. "What happened? Did Nora break up with you or something?"

Hugh suddenly stopped his laughing fit, and sat up straight. He look Isaac in the eyes, and he knew he looked sad.

"Oh god, she did, didn't she?" Isaac jumped up, whooped and cheered. "Woohoo! Hugh is finally a free man again! God man, freaking finally! She was holding you down so much man, I don't even-"

"Nora and I didn't break up, Isaac," Hugh interrupted him. "I have to close the stand."

Isaac quieted down and sat next to his friend. He took a drag of the joint, and gave it back to Hugh.


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