"No Hamburgers!"

"None of those, today we're gonna eat healthy stuff like salad" Jake said calmly.

"Who asked you to decide?" Annabel countered.

"I asked me to decide so you may shut up YOUNGER sis"Jake smirked. "Only younger by two minutes" Ann complained.

Well today is the last weak of vacation and we are all getting ready for a whole afternoon of shopping(for the party in the evening) and fun. Oh yeah and I'm Lori Winters .I'm seventeen. I have two older brothers. One is a year older than me and the other one's in college with the names of Joshua and Logan respectively. And I've got a considerable group of loving includes the twins Ann and Jake, the fashionista Haley, my bestest and closest gay best friend Jonah, and then there is Ted who loves to sleep and hates the sun for god knows what reason(sometimes I wonder if he's a vampire he he) so he usually doesn't come out with us, although we do meet at the skater's complex on the weekends and some weekdays.

Anyhoo he has a great sense of humor and is quite a heartthrob ( that is he has his own little fan-club of brainless bimbos).And then there is me Lori.

"Hey Lori! wanna go to the skaters complex on Thursday?" Jonah asked."Can't, I don't have a car, it smashed into the tree yesterday, remember?" I stated dryly"Oh yeah, but don't worry, I'll give you a ride" he offered."Well than count me in" I smiled.

After we got our salads we went to the costume shop to get the costumes for the party. Haley got a sexy pirate costume which was made of cotton shorts underneath which there were black tights with a white pirate's shirt which was loose but kinda transparent, a black cloak and a mask to go with. Jonah, the ever classic one got a batman costume and since he was gonna take me, (and we would be together for most of the evening looking out for our overly drinking friends) I decided on a batwoman's costume. It hugged all the right places and was all black and full length. It was made of some shiny elastic material and had cat scratches on the thighs. It was low cut on the front showing just a tad bit of cleavage but it was still quite decent. Ann and Jake although were twins but they never EVER wore the same color to school so the same costume was of course out of question.

So Jake decided he wanted to be Captain America and Ann bought a vampire costume. It was short and ended above her knees. It had glitter all over it and was low cut showing no cleavage but giving a sexy look, and to go with it was a silk red cloak. Now all we needed were shoes. Ofcourse the guys didn't need shoes so they just went to play video games.I got a black pair of boots lying at the end of the large shelf, it was perfect although I had yet to learn how to walk with the dangerous high heels of them. Haley and Ann decided on black and red flats respectively.

After the shopping spree ended we decided to go to my place for a movie. Ann and Jake had some errands to run so they were gonna come a little late.

So here we are sitting in my living room peacefully deciding a movie (note the sarcasm) when Josh came in the room looking for god knows what. He nodded in our direction and I think I imagined it but his eyes lingered on Haley for a nano second but seeing her blush I hadn't imagined it.

"Hey Josh"Jonah slapped him lightly on the back."so you goin to Kate Michelle's costume party?", he asked. "Course I am, and guess who I'm taking with me" he smirked confidently. Jonah said knowingly"She's in college isn't she?" It was more of a statement than a question."You got it, Its Nelly William, she graduated from our High School and was famous for the parties she threw. Which were even better than some of the guy's parties"he announced proudly.

And at that moment I saw something flicker in Haley's eyes and it went as fast as it came and she had a smile on her face that didn't really reach her eyes.