Beauty . . . what a strange word
We put in so much effort to look beautiful
Or make the things around us beautiful
When in reality it already is
You may ask, "But how can it already have beauty when we're trying to make it beautiful?"
Well I say, "Because we do not see it.
Because society has put beauty in such a high level that we have to change our true selves,
the things around us, and even our friends, just to get close enough to feel like we're beautiful.
But when I said, "We don't see it"
It's because we're either looking to hard, not enough, or looking in the wrong place
Beauty is there; it's all around us.
You don't see it because you overlook it,
From a red rose which symbolizes love and passion
To a house which may symbolize a stable life.
Or how about a stranger helping another stranger and asking for nothing in return.
We have all of these things and what they symbolize but we don't see the beauty in it.
Or how it's important because everyone either
1. To busy trying to get somewhere in life
2. They're in denial or
3. They just don't truly care who they hurt, just as long as they look exactly how they want. . Without flaws