To Hunt the Wolf

Chapter 1

I had my target. I had my mission. I had my orders.

That's how it is.

That's how it's always been.

Despite this I had also a forth element.

My skill.

My whole life- or as far back as I could remember- I had been shunned, looked down upon, a disgrace to those around me.

Not even my parents cared about me. They left me as an infant, alone, in a dark alley, hoping that I would die. But I didn't. I refused to give in to such a petty thing like death.

I decided to blend, become one with the shadows around me. I could hear their laughter, sense their presence hanging over me like a dark cloud. I reached out to the shadows, unafraid of them.

Do you not fear us? They would whisper in cold voices.

Somehow, I understood them. Even from such a young age I could understand the shadows.

This one is unique, its mind works differently to most.

That's when they claimed me as their own, stole my life force in a gentle embrace of burning coldness. The shadows, you see, act on instinct- but not your normal 'gut feeling', the instinct of Fate.

They saw something in me that day, something that they thought would alter Fate. So they trained me, trained me to become one of them. One would think that this training took years, maybe even decades, but it took only a second.

I don't know much about the shadows, not that I would want to though, only that things work differently around them.

I remember spending my training days in a dark world, an empty and barren wasteland. I remember feeling content there, happy even, until I completed my training and the shadows thrust me back into the mortal world, only a second from when they took me.

Time, they said to me, is a very weak and fragile thing. It can be shaped and moulded if one knew how.

That's the last time they spoke to me directly, that's also when I discovered that I was immortal.

I remember stumbling over my now long and pale legs and falling on an ugly blade. I felt it pierce my heart, smooth and painless.

All I did was stand back up and remove it from my chest. I kept the blade, hiding it in my strange dark clothes, and walked out of the alley a fully-grown woman.