"Amrith Flagon I king Berlon of Camelot you burn at the stake until death.

You have betrayed Camelot, and your bloodline who helped build it. Then the king dropped the torch, and the flames rose around him; until noting but ash remained. It was on this day that all enchanters, and enchantress lost their power. The world slowly slipped into darkness, and war but a silent few waited for the return of magic to the world.

:Present day at a small all girls orphanage, in London England.

A girl slowly rises from her bed, and pulls back the lace curtains at then the window in front of her bed.

"Ladies hurry breakfast is ready." The nun said, as she appeared at the girls dorm.

"Yes sister" the girls said, as they hurried from the dorm. Kelly who wasn't in the mood for break fast, went to the bathroom; to do her hair before the other eight girls all tried to take over the bathroom at once . Kelly was running a brush through her hair, then she saw a man in the mirror. Kelly jumped back to the wall, as she watched the man smiling at her from the mirror.

"Do not be afraid child my name is Merlin, I'm truly happy to have found you at last." Merlin said smiling.

"This is not real you're a character form a fairy tale I must be mad." Kelly said, as she pushed her hair out of her face.

"You are not mad your my great-granddaughter. I have come here to help you master your powers." Merlin said.

"I'm a normal girl I go to school, I have a part-time job I don't have powers!" Kelly shouted, as she ran from the bathroom.

"You are an enchantress from a long line of spell casters. The leaf symbol on the back of your neck proves it. " Merlin said, as he appeared in front of her.

"That's just a birth mark, everyone on my mother's side of the family has it." Kelly said, as she grabbed the back of her neck .

" Your mother was an enchantress as well, but somehow her powers were dormant. There has not been an enchantress in four hundred years , I'm unsure why our powers were revoked . There must have been a major conflict between us, and the humans "Merlin said, as he looked out the window; and down on the strange world he had entered.

"I'm only going to say this one more time, I'm not an enchantress. I'm just a normal girl who's late for school." Kelly said, as she grabbed her bag from her bed.

"I shall be here when you return" Merlin said, as he sat on Kelly's bed.

"You can't this is an all girls orphanage men are only allowed here, when the head sister says it's okay. "Kelly said quickly. Then just as she was about to leave, the window behind her cracked.

"You need to learn to control your emotions, the more you feel the more power you unleash." Merlin said, giving Kelly a stern look. Kelly said nothing, she gathered her things and left the room. Kelly walked into saint Claire's catholic school, searching for the one person that could make things make sense.

"Hey there you are it's almost time for first period where were you?" Peter asked, as he swung his arm around his friend's shoulder.

"You won't believe me, you'll think I'm mad." Kelly said, quickly as walked to her

"I'm sure whatever it is has happened to many other people." Peter said, giving a reassuring smile.

"Okay I'll tell you "Kelly said, as she took a deep breath.

"I was in the girls loo getting ready for school, but I saw a man in the mirror. He said his name was Merlin. He said that I was an enchantress ." Kelly said, as she shoved her math book in her locker.

"It must have been dream now hurry up we're going to be late for literature class. I saved you some of my breakfast because I know you forget to eat." Peter said, as he handed Kelly the other half of his breakfast.

"Thanks" Kelly said, as she took the muffin, and nibbled on it. Kelly had met Peter, when they were both five. Peter lived in the boys orphanage across the street, the nuns told the older girls that it was to get rid of temptation. Kelly, and Peter had always felt close to each other; always protecting each other without knowing why. Even when Peter hung out with his other friends, she somehow knew that; their friendship was stronger. Peter sat in literature class, and wondered what could be wrong with his best friend. Kelly was smarter, and more confident than he was. If he ever had a problem he always went to her.

The bell rang, and Rebecca Stilton walked in, and Peter lost his train of thought. The day for Kelly was a blur, all she could think of the was the mysterious man, that approached her that morning. She walked out of her math class thinking of the test she had to take, when the principle stopped her.

"Kelly I'm glad I found you I have wonderful news come with me. " The principle said, as she lead Kelly back to her office. Kelly followed slowly careful not to trip over her own feet, which felt like led. She wanted to pull away, she wanted to run, but before she could the door to the principle office opened.

"Kelly this is your uncle his name is Merlin, he says that while he was on business he lost contact with your mother Coralline. He has just learned about your mother's death. He has told me that her death, has effected him deeply. When I informed him that you were her daughter his mood seemed to brighten. I know that it will be awkward at first, but I was hoping the two of you could chat." The principle said, as she led Kelly into her office. Kelly silently walked in, and sat in the other seat.

"Oh this is wonderful Kelly has always been a favorite of ours. I'm just so happy to see she has a relative at last. I'll just leave you two alone so you can chat." The principle said, as she closed the door. Kelly waited until she heard the principle's heels click down the hall, before she spoke.

"What the hell are doing here how did you find out about my parents?" Kelly whispered.

"Watch your language with me girl you said you were an orphan, I found out the rest easily enough. You need my help you can't be the only one to get their powers back. We are the enchanters of forests we were the ones the humans trusted most, we must find out why that changed." Merlin said, as walked toward Kelly.

"Do it yourself I told you I didn't want any part of this," Kelly said as she opened the door. Kelly turned to leave only to bump it to Peter.

"Hey Kelly are you alright all the older girls are talking about how you've been adopted, but I knew they were wrong. "Peter said, as he pulled Kelly into a hug.

"No Peter this is my uncle when school day ends I'll belong to him." Kelly said, as she wrapped her arms around peter's neck . Kelly stood in Peter's arms feeling surprisingly safe then the door bursted open again.