Synopsis: A hired murderer going by the alias "Widowmaker" kills jilted wives unfaithful husbands but he never thought he would fall for one of his clients.

Chapter 1-Handsome and Deadly

Ashton Cinder was a man not known by his real name, except to his birth parents, who died tragically years ago due to a horrific car accident. Since then, Ashton devoted his time to being a contracted murderer for women who were suspicious of their unfaithful husbands. He did his job quickly, stoicly and professionally. After the murders were committed, there was never any evidence left behind. These unfaithful 'husbands' were percieved as simply 'deceased' by ways of suicide and no other reason. The law enforcement professionals couldn't trace anything back to the culprit and the deaths themselves were simply a mystery, so they left the cases alone. This made Ashton relieved. At least he could sleep at night, knowing that women in the world could live untethered lives, completely renewed, even if they did discover love again. Ashton however, never knew what the whole fuss over love and romance really was, until he met his next client, Bo.

Chapter 2-Bo's Request

Bo was a staggeringly intelligent woman of distant Gypsy decent. She had lived a happily married life with Enrique Rivieras for a year now, but her psychic intuition had clued her in that Enrique wasn't the faithful Roman Catholic that everyone else percieved him to be.

One night Bo Rivieras-Adams experienced a terrible nightmare only to realize that her worst fears had come to life. Her husband, Enrique hadn't been home for hours on end. He had told her, rather innocently (knowing she'd trust him) that he was going bowling with his friends. She knew that Ricky wasn't the type to be out until the wee hours of the morning. Frustrated, hurt, and vengeful, she picked up the phone and dialed The Widowmaker.

'Hello ? Yes, this is Bo Rivieras-Adams, soon to be Adams. I think, no...I know my husband is cheating on me. I want you to take care of things, quickly. You know what to do.', Bo said, vehemently as she hung up the phone. She didn't need to wait much longer until the handsomely dressed Widowmaker had come to her door, telling her the request had been fulfilled as asked.

'That was very quick. I am extremely impressed. How do you work so rapidly ?', she questioned. Ashton blinked a few times, adjusting his horn-rimmed spectacles. How a hot blooded Latin man could resist such a siren was beyond his comprehension. His blood had begun to boil secretly and his once static heart became mobile.

'I am a professional. I don't understand something though.', the murderer said. Bo was still amazed how a man who had just slaughtered someone in cold blood could be so hygenic. There wasn't a trace of anything on him. Even his suit was unsullied. This was certainly a man who knew how to take life easily. Not only that but he was brutally gorgeous and his voice was silken, more decadent than chocolate. She could listen to it forever.

'What's that ?', she asked, curiously, approaching him, even though she felt an air of danger around him. He didn't kill unless ordered and his subjects were never female, but that didn't mean he had some screws loose and would become unstable. Killers always had that problem, even if they could keep such carnal, base instincts hidden.

'How could a man like that leave you for some floozies ? Just looking at you...you are sunlight in all its essense...Something is magical about you. I can't...turn away from you.' Ashton said, struggling with his conflicting emotions.

'Maybe you'd be more comfortable sitting down on my bed.', Bo said, sultrily as she sauntered back to her silken bed, hips quietly swaying. He felt his glasses start to steam up and knew that there was no turning back now.

Chapter 3-Past the Point of No Return

Bo sat down on the bed and Ashton joined her.

'First of all, I want to know your true name. I know it's a violation of contract, but I will breathe a word of it to no one else.', Bo said as she caressed Ashton's thigh. Ashton felt like letting loose a neolithic howl at that moment. A superiorly hot woman was touching him, even caressing him at that point and his desire was bubbling over. His manhood began throbbing, standing at attention. He hadn't felt anything this liberating in years and he desired feeling all these things again.

'I'm Ashton Cinder. Feel free to call me Ash.', Ashton said, turning his eyes to meet hers. His eyes became intrinsically locked with hers and he brought her close into his arms. She began unbuttoning his buttons and massaging his chest and back.

'How do I know you won't snap from years of murder, Ash ?', she asked. Ash crooned, under her spell.

'I could never harm someone like you. The moment I saw you, I was smitten. I...want to take care of you. I won't ever leave you. My heart is yours to do to as you wish.', Ashton vowed.

'A romantic. Never would have pegged you for one, Ash. I like it though, and have found myself taken in by your charm as well. I think I love you.', she said, finding the words hard to say after she had been betrayed so harshly. Ash took her round face into his hands and kissed her.

'I promise you. I will be sure you have a very happy existence.', he said. She could see his manhood swelling under his formal trousers. She fiddled with his belt and dropped them as he nervously lowered her little black velvet dress and black silken bra. Her breasts were perky and pointed. She bit her lip a little in seeing his chest exposed for the first time.

'You are incredibly handsome.', she said, petting his cheek and running her fingers down his chest.

'I have never been with a woman before.', Ash said. Bo was shocked.

'Don't be afraid. I'll be a lady. Don't worry.', she reassured him. She shimmied out of her panties and drew his arm to her heart. Ashton, overcoming his fear began to cup her breasts in his hands and she giggled.

'It tickles !', she laughed. He very slowly lowered his underware to reveal his penis, which was red with want. She lowered herself onto him and tenderly started bobbing up and down. Ash thought he was going to lose his mind. His body worked on its own, caressing her, kissing her and sucking her neck, nipples and belly button. He flickered his tongue all around her body, grunting satisfactorily.

Bo moaned.

'For a guy who's never been with a woman, you...ohhh...', she stopped in mid thought as Ash rose up inside of her, hitting her G-spot. She bit her bottom lip and her head fell back. He gingerly rammed against her, feeling himself hit her G-spot over and over, and her whole body spasm until she orgasmed again. Ash held her tightly as they continued making love throughout all the night until they both passed out from exhaustion.

Chapter 4-What Will You Do ?

In the morning, Bo awoke to the ambrosial, ethereal aroma of Ash's breakfast. He was only partially dressed, but he didn't mind, nor did she. Bo had a tendency to sleep au naturale when the weather was warmer, and he had to admit that no matter whether clothed or naked, she was a jewel to behold.

'Have you gotten any more calls recently ?', Bo asked, inquisitively.

'I haven't...at least not yet.', Ash said, chuckling.

"When that happens, what will you do ?', Bo said, finishing up her meal and putting all the dishes in her dishwasher, including Ash's spic and span plate and cup.

"I have to keep my reputation current. Once a contracted killer, always a contracted killer.", Ash said, solemnly. Just then, as if it were Fate herself calling, the phone rang and Bo nearly shrieked.

"Sorry.", Bo apologized, seeing how the scream had jarred Ash. He calmed down instantly, however, as if nothing had happened. It was another client asking him for his professional services.

'Looks like I will be working late tonight. Don't wait up for me, alright ?', Ash said as he hurredly kissed Bo goodbye after sealing the verbal contract with his next client. Normally, a usual person would've been turned off in such an instance, but the air of mystery and danger that surrounded him was like a drug for Bo and she was glad that these ungrateful bastards were getting their just desserts.

Chapter 5-Keeping His Feet On Solid Ground

No one else knew Ash's actual name except for Bo, and that is how he wished his situation to remain. Women with unfaithful husbands would continue calling him and he would spring into action, sometimes working until the late hours of the night making cheaters wish they had never been born. Despite that, he always came home with renewed vigor, waiting to hold Bo close to him and snuggle in bed with her. He always felt a sense of serenity with her once the brutality of the murders had come to pass. His passion for her was never kindled and he desired to become her husband in the future, that is, if she would allow it. However, Bo was still going through a time of healing, which Ash could completely comprehend. Being so close to her made it easier for her to forget the pain Enrique had caused. After all, Ash was always there for her and continuously became her rock and her soft place to fall when times became harsh for them both.


Bo was always curious on how Ash could keep his trail so clean after many decades. Even raising his sons and daughters to adulthood and being an exhemplary model of fatherhood, Eli, Gary, Shelia or Valentine had no clue what their father's actual profession was. One day he would put the title of 'Widowmaker' behind him when age got the better of him but it didn't seem that the rankor and rigors of age had any affect on him. One day, he truly would quit enacting revenge for jilted, embittered women, but for now, business was going splendidly and that was all that mattered. Life at home was fairly uncomplicated and the love that Ash and Bo had only continued to increase over time. He adored being a father, friend, lover and confidante of his wife as well as protector and watch-dog of his family. Nothing else could be a better privilidge than that.

The End