I never knew it would come to this. The way everything was laid out, set up, was like a game of chance. Everyone was a pawn, and you were just there.

I was invisible, a person watching. You had no clue I was there, nobody else did either. I was a shadow, a fly on the wall.

It was as though I was a ghost, you could sense me but never see me.

You had always known my name, but never gave it a thought. You didn't see anything else that wasn't a part of the inner circle of your life, I wasn't there.

The first thing you saw was her. You thought she was the love of your life. Long, golden blonde hair, tan skin, blue eyes. The image of magazine or model beauty.

She was yours, and you held her like a prize. I was there, I watched, and she would know that she had won a lifelong war. She had captured your heart, something everyone wanted to do.

You played your sports, and she sat in the sidelines watching you, I sat and watched too. In the back corner, it was dark. You never looked for that always there pair of eyes, you only looked for hers.

The whole crowd would cheer when you got a goal, she was the loudest and I was the quietest.

You had all the friends, all the boys who would gang up on anyone who was mean. They would also make fun of you though, you all talked behind each other's backs. You all hated each other. You hung out for show.

When your girlfriend came over, she clung to your arm and you showed her off. She was your trophy, and you were her pedestal.

You ignored what she did, and she tried to get your attention. You didn't pay attention though, you were too busy in the limelight. The light that destroys you.

She got fed up, and she realized you weren't perfect. So she started to spread rumours. You slept with other woman, you cheated, and you beat her.

You denied everything, because it never happened. She kept saying it did, and started to sleep around. You never knew though, you were too busy trying not to lose your balance on your high horse.

By then, I had moved. I was going to a different school. I read all your facebook posts though, because I was still there. I was still watching, you just never knew.

Finally your relationship status became the safe single. Nobody was there, you didn't have to spend your money and care about reputation.

Then, your parents decided to move. You were moving away from all you knew. Your "friends" your ex-girlfriend and all the rumours. They were going to be in your past.

When you got to this new school, I was the first one to see you. You came to my school, but still didn't know who I was.

You looked broken and beat. You had bags under your eyes that showed you hadn't slept for days, or even weeks.

You walked around, got your name around. Signed up for sports, and soon enough you became popular again. All the boys wanted to be you, all the girls wanted you.

You were the king of the school, but never the same. I heard you one day, telling your friends what had happened. You caught her cheating. She had spread the rumours.

You had been devastated all because you hadn't been paying attention. You were pushed off your high horse.

These people though, just wanted your popularity. They didn't care, but they pretended to. That Valentine's Day you got a card in your locker saying sorry for everything that had happened. That card was from me. You didn't know who I was, I never came forward.

You met girls, dated them and broke up with them. You became known as a player, but all you were doing was protecting yourself.

You didn't want to be hurt, nobody does. None of those girls cared though, they just played your game.

By time senor year came around, your high horse was so high I didn't know how you saw everyone. You were up in the clouds. In your own life, and we were back down here on earth.

Soon your friends left you though, you had stopped playing sports. You needed to pay attention to school for the last year. You needed into university.

The girls stopped coming, the party invitations slowed down to a halt.

You joined drama, you wanted out of the popular world. It was too much work for so little payback.

When you walked in I had looked up. I had been there the whole time; and for once you had seen me.

You stared at me the whole time. I wasn't staring at you, my time to stare was over. I had you memorized. The way you looked, the way you talked, the way you wore your hat.

That winter we hung out almost every day, you finally knew who I was.

I pretended to know nothing, and listened to all your troubles and worries. When we graduate you promise never to leave me and that we'll be happy together forever.

And we were, till the day we died.