You prowling hunger that goes shrieking,

And sends branches hellishly creaking,

As for endless sustenance you're seeking,

Never halt your endless quest.

None forget those harsh Decembers,

When 'round swirled your searing embers,

Leaving burning scars to remember,

Always spreading, never rest.

Yet when heavy, thick fleeces unrolled,

Give no receipt from the burning cold,

We reverently turn to your warm red and gold,

With control merely momentary.

Despite your restrained and nurturing glow,

There is not one that does not know,

Of the fearsome beast you hide below,

We feed you, starving adversary.

Our lives are transient and fleeting,

Whilst yours is spent always eating,

Your awesome strength eternally defeating,

Yet you give us life.

Your endless strength is glorious,

You leave your stage victorious,

Both famous and notorious,

Dangerous as a sharpened knife.

O symbol of life, symbol of death,

Warm us until our last breath.