I contemplate upon our exchanges,

Dousing myself in the sea of nostalgia.

And yet, I find myself sinking in the sands of regret,

For now I see the lie cloaked in assumed truth; the mask in which her true expressions hid.

The hand that extended towards me was as a ghost; there, but not to be seen.

I remember the feeling of concern, the many worries I held in my heart,

Yet, it all faded away with a staged smile and counterfeit words.

Her words were sweet, honeyed, and filled with happiness.

But the happiness was false, masking the pain that it hid with succession.

Her pleads for help fell upon a dense and oblivious heart.

I began to realize that it was not the first time…

Many times have I been fooled by this same trick.

It pains me even more so, because I did the same once.

And to be blind of it, something I knew so well, makes me question my stupidity…

The thought bothers me relentlessly…

Never again, never shall I be played by the words of lies.

Next time, I will heed the message and return an answer of heart.

I don't want the same to happen to her…

So, I shall awaken the clairvoyant eyes of my heart

And reach for the invisible hand that reaches out to me.