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The frail yet boyish body of an eleven-year-old girl was roughly pushed out of the bakery and tumbled down out into the pavement, a canvas sack following her right after. The man of the bakery glared at her with cold eyes that matched the winter and a frowning, angry mouth. His nostrils flared as he told the child, "You are fired from this place."

All she could do was stare in disbelief, trying to blink away the tears that were starting to cloud her vision. It rolled down one by one.

With that, the man banged his door closed, leaving her alone on the snowy pavement. She picked herself up and dusted off nonexistent dirt from her clothes. Turning to her right, she gave the squat bakery a hard glance and walked off, quickly losing herself in her own thoughts amongst the silence and emptiness around her.

'Now I really have no place to go; the orphanage was burned down, I have no job to support myself, I have no home, and despite the fact I know their whereabouts, I don't want to meet my parents at all,' thought Fujiko Mira scornfully, reminding herself of her hateful parents, envying her younger brother who never knew who she was. She herself didn't care for that, but she was upset at the fact that her parents threw her away like a piece of paper, as if children could be thrown away, and family could be restarted just by giving birth to someone else.

Fujiko sighed, letting the winter winds blow it away. She continued to walk to the nearest and emptiest bus stop, sleeping there for the night.

She tried to smile, thinking, 'Then, tomorrow, I'd be able to find another job.'

A few hours of walking finally landed her to the nearest bus stop. Her legs trembling with exhaustion, and her fatigue taking over her clouded vision, she dropped her sack onto the metal bench and sat down, curling up her legs.

A black car whooshed by her.

Minutes passed.

Fujiko watched the sun slowly setting in despair. Her thoughts and emotions were tumbled around, as if they were being washed in a washing machine. The bakery was her last straw of hope; the only flame burning in the winter of hopelessness, and the only living person among dead. She might as well become part of the dead now.

Her eyes were distant, remembering the times before her family was broken. Her short brown hair was flailing around her as the winds grew sharp and cold; how she wished there was warmth around her. How she would cuddle in her warm house despite the cold memories it held, covering herself in her quilt she made lovingly, taking advantage of her parents' late arrivals. The sound of a screeching car in the driveway and her parents talking in raised voices told her to run up as fast as she can, sometimes whipping the fire out in her hurry or tripping over the stairs in her fear. Those were the times when her parents were about to divorce, lasting two yeas and a half...until her mother gave birth and they threw her away.

Fujiko felt her heart ache. Takeo, her younger brother, was a year old now. A week after he was born, she was disowned. She longed to feel his small hands and soft skin once more, to nuzzle him behind the ears...and to protect him from their parents. Even if her parents 'restarted' the family by renouncing her and give birth to Paul, which they will take care of and love dearly, she knew that one day, he would have to face the same thing.

And that was the last thing she wanted to happen.