A Teenager's Work

I have essays to write

Solutions to scribble

Smiles to satisfy others

And a mouth to hush.

I have disappointments to recover

And tears to hold back.

I have muscles to keep lucid

And pain to drown.

I have a wandering mind

And arms strung on strings

I have high expectations to fulfull

And a soul I want to share.

I am hassled, mangled, and scolded.

There are things to prioritize

And things I desire.

I am burdened with being one's reflection

Sometime I wonder what it would be like to run –

Run away from expectations, and disappointments that I always seem to make.

I yearn for the fresh pine smell of a forest,

And the gentle spray of a near waterfall.

I desire to escape and pry myself away from this world.

I imagine a field of various colorful flowers and fields of emerald,

I imagine a life without bellowing, whispering, and shouting beside my ear.

I want the sun to embrace me into its warm rays of happiness and never let me go.

I want to escape – to sprint until my last breath escapes me.

But I can't.

I want the world to engulf me in any goodness it has to offer.

But it won't.

A teen's work is filled with decimated hopes and dreams,

Only desiring for the impossible.

A teenager's work is never finished – never satisfying.

This a burden we cannot escape.