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Bye to everyone here. I will meet you someday…..Angelica

"Who am I?"

"You are part of me"


"Yes, you are part of me, accept it"

"I won't!"

"Then you will have a hard time then; you will never understand yourself, Goodbye Angelica."

"WAIT DON'T LEAVE! I still have more questions!"

Present Time… Present Day: 10/13/2028, 00:00

"Angelica, what do you want for Christmas"

"Nothing dad, nothing"

"Oh but sure you want something!"

"I said nothing"

"Nothing….uhhh well there's a new navi (an advanced computer) coming up, don't want that"

"Dad stop being a nuisance!"

"I only care for my daughter besides you have no friends in the Wired"

"What's the point of the Wired? It is useless"

"Ohh but if you're connected to The Wired, think of all the friends you have."

I sighed in hopelessness knowing that my dad is very head strong.

"Well then go to sleep you'll need it for tomorrow"

"What's happening tomorrow?" I asked

"Remember, there are going to be guests here"

"What guests?!" I remarked

"Those guest, your friends"

"I thought I have no friends"

"Well you'll have new friends!" exclaimed my mother.

"But, I don't want any friends," I replied

"Well you have to get used to friends," said my dad


"No exceptions!"

"I really…"

"Get ready," interrupted dad.

I sighed and washed then went to school.

Present Time 13:30

Everyone thinks I'm crazy just because I go to early morning school. It really puts relief to my mind even my said I shouldn't go. Maybe I should be like normal people, like my friends.

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