I've honestly been writing this for years, the characters have been dancing around my head and screaming to be written on something other than a ratty notebook. Hopefully publishing it will get the creative juices flowing on it again.

I may come up with a better name for the story, but I kinda like it. Fits with the themes.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1: Prologue

1527 AD

A tall young man was standing on the dark roof of a castle, and he was covered in blood. The front of his suit of armor was soaked and dripping deep crimson while he leaned on the castle wall for support. He was out of breath, and weak from the battle. It had been hard fought, and hard won for the young warrior, but even more so for the loser.

His vision trailed over to stare at an older man, lying sprawled and bleeding a short distance away from him on the cold stone of the castle roof. Slowly the young knight limped to the gasping man, who tried in vain to scoot back from his approach. He reached a hand down, grasping the man's lapel, before lifting him up with one bleeding arm.

The old one struggled weakly in the younger man's crushing grip. "No, no! There's so much I could teach you... if you'd just let me live, please!"

There was no remorse in the knight's features. He stared at the beaten and broken figure, eyes blazing in anger... and hunger. "I will have vengeance, and it starts with you old man."

His mouth opened wide, as his fangs grew and sank into his captive's neck.

The other man's mouth opened in a silent scream of terror, his own fangs showing in the moonlight as he felt his very soul being taken from him, slowly and painfully.

After a few minutes, he dropped the now empty husk of what was once a master vampire. He breathed heavily as he felt the aged and powerful blood seep into his veins. Stretching his muscles, he got the kinks out of them as his wounds began to heal at a rapid pace.

He also noticed his skin, now paler than before, and shrugged. What was it to him that he looked like he hadn't seen the sun in years, because he really hadn't. Still, it was one more reminder of what he was, the monster that he was.

With the danger of the fight finally gone, the vampire sat down with his back against one of the castle's many towers. Mochán had been a very old vampire, older than him, which was saying a lot. It was even Mochán's castle that the seemingly young man now sat upon.

Apparently, a millennia of life had been good to the other vampire. Till now that was.

Nevertheless, the castle was his now. It wasn't like he'd ever really use it, but the elder vampire didn't have any brood left after the he had gotten done with them before heading up to the roof for the real battle.

With a small huff of breath, he looked to the sky, thinking about those that were long gone and dead. His sister's smiling face, the smell of his mother's bread baking in the morning, and his father, leaving right at dawn to spend the day fishing in the ocean. When he closed his eyes, he could still see them.

He sat there and stared up as the dark hues of night slowly started to brighten to yellows and oranges. He stayed as long as he dared, craving the touch of warmth he knew he would never feel again. Finally pushing the memories aside, he stood and slinked back in the shadows of the castle. He thought once again of the life that had been stolen from him, and what he was willing to do to get revenge on the race that took it.

"One more down..."

END NOTES: Some of you might recognize my name from Fiction Press' sister site Fanfictiondotnet, but I figured it was time that I get some of my more original stories out there to see what people think of them.:)