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It all started the day I saw him, saw his eyes. My names Onyx Libmen I'm seventeen and live in Atlanta, Georgia. Well at least I used to until recent events forced my family, that means mom and me, to move on up north to Boonton Township, New Jersey. To many I look normal, but deep inside me there's an unnatural force lying, taunting, and waiting to be released.

This is me, the STRANGER

I refused, REFUSED, to even consider stepping off the bus at first, but then when I released the bus driver wasn't going to drive away and instead looked about two seconds away from saying 'fuck it' and physically throwing me from the automobile to hell. I changed my mind. Taking a deep breath I stood, straightened my teal hoodie and took the step. Stepping off the bus I couldn't help but cringe at the sight of my new school, Boonton High. How original.

"Great" I murmured to myself.

But apparently the spirits weren't done with me yet, because everyone here has big ears.

"What, not south enough for you." smirked a girl with a voice so high and fake that I feared my cell phone screen would crack.

Rolling my eyes I walked away and checked my cell screen, because I had become genuinely concerned that it would crack if she kept talking. But as I walked into the old brick building I knew without looking that just about every guy had their eyes on me. I couldn't help the tired sigh that slipped through my pale pink lips. When girls had their eyes on me it's because they're outrageously jealous. I knew I had always been unnaturally pretty, but that's part of the job title. I'm a Leaper and as cheesy and unrealistic as this may sound Leapers are supernatural people who each have certain talents. Yet as hypocritical as it may seem one of our many rules is that no one else is allowed to know another's power unless they've seen it, whether in battle or defending themselves. See me here; I'm a sing-song. But don't be fooled, because as pretty as the name may be its just as deadly as a blooder. Deadly in the fact that I can look into a person's soul to find a beat, or a rhyme, or even a melody. Then I use that rhyme with words I make up or take from their soul. I then sing at such an unnatural tone that it control them, as long as I continue to sing, because once I stop then that's it their mind is their own again. At least that's what I've figured out so far, not like I've truly been able to test it on people. But I do know that I can't ever use my real voice, even the one I use to talk is controlled and changed. Because according to legends a sing-songs real voice would either do one of two things to their victim. Kill them, or permanently take away any free will. Not to mention if someone were to record it and use it against me they would have complete control over me. That's only if I'm luck though. Otherwise I would lose my powers; most in the past haven't been so luck though, they died, and died what has been described as a painful death. Something about their bodies and mind couldn't handle hearing their own voice. I shook my head trying to clear such horrible thoughts. I don't know why I always do that. It's like anytime I'm uncomfortable I decide to make it even worse by thinking back to the basics of my powers and count how many ways I can be killed because of them. Seriously, I need to stop that it's getting kind of-

"Hey! What's wro-"

I turned and fixed a glare to whomever was about to yell at me. Apparently as I was berating myself, yet again, I ran into someone tall and obviously a bit on the fit side because, ow my shoulder was throbbing. When I ran into them I may just have knocked the books out of their arms. But hey it could have been something else that knocked them out; I mean really who's to say I'm all to blame. But when he was obviously about to yell he stopped short. This caused me to look up at him. But when I saw him I tried to suppress the smile and eye brow raise, which only made it look like I was smirking in amusement.

"That's strange his eyes are bronze, Pure bronze."

I decided to speak first.


"Uh it's okay." Bronze eyes say.

"No it's not, tell the idiot to watch where her fat ass is going."

Whoa! Hey now! Who is he calling a fat ass? Excuse me, last time I checked I was in a pair of size three blue jeans. I narrowed my eyes, and opened my mouth to speak, but bronzy boy beat me to it.

"John I said its okay"

"No Drake it's not!" Yelled John

Drake, hmm kind of plain, yet mysterious. I think I like it.

I had had enough of their bickering so I got up and walked away. As I took a step a strong, menacing hand grabbed my shoulder and pull me back. My unnaturally blue eyes went wide, and I did what any sensible person would do. I slapped him. And not lightly either as anyone could tell by the way he fell back a few steps.

"You little!"

I braced myself.

"Hey John stop!"

My body instantly relaxed, saved by bronzy. Having enough of his stupidity I collected myself and walk off. Turning the corner where the little pocket map I was given said that room 225 was dead ahead. I looked up and read the name plaque on the door, Mrs. Leach.

Damn, I hope she doesn't live up to her name

45 long and agonizing minutes later I can un-doubly tell you, yes, yes she does live up to her name.

As the last bell finally rang, I could do all but nothing as I dragged myself down the old brick steps when I run into him again, and by ran I mean literally ran into him.

"Excuse me" I say gruffly

"It's okay, oh hey it's you again, umm look I'm sorry about earlier. Uhh John can be a little uhh high strung."

"Him and everyone else"

I try and push past him, but he stops me.

"Why is it always the strong ones who have something with me?"

"Hey not everyone is like that. Just some I guess."

"Ya okay"

"Look uh I'm Drake Westley"

He holds out his hand. I stare at it for a few before taking a hold and shaking it.

"Onyx Libmen"


I jerk my hand away fast.

"What the flying f was that!"

"What the" Drake looks equally as confused. But I don't buy it for a moment.

"Ha-ha, very funny jerk. Grow up some would ya!" With that I stormed past him.

It took him a moment to recover, by then I was already a solid ten feet from him, so he had to yell.

"Hey wait it wasn't me I swear"

But of course, by my luck the whole school would be looking at us. Ducking his head low he turns and walks the opposite way to the school parking lot. Satisfied I hopped onto my bus and took the empty seat right at the front. I easily unfolded there, I knew I could, no one would sit with me. No one was stupid enough to risk their perfect reputation by sitting with me.