Sweet summer child

With locks of gold

and a bed of fresh grass

You play the day away

And enter sweet dreams

Of mango skies

And lollipop fields.

You wake and ask

"When shall I change and become the fall?"

And the Sun smiles down on you

And tells you that you are to young to think of such times.

She lays you up on the dewed grass and tells you to play.

Loved child of autumn

With hair of mahogany

And a laugh more beautiful than rustling leaves

You swirl around us and speak such sweet words

And yet you believe you have experienced

The despair and turmoil that come with the blizzard

And the cold and desolation you must experience.

You stare at the sun and question

"Have I become the winter?"

The Sun gives a cautious smile and holds your face

"My dear enjoy the time you have."

She lays you on a pile of leaves and weaves you stories

Winter's bitter spawn

Your laughter pricks the skin like icicles

And your hair is whiter than the snow you create.

You look upon us and find nothing but faults

You beat us down ripping some away to the land of eternal cold.

And yet you cry and sob

Never truly happy

Never content for you know what you were.

You look up to the Sun and howl

"Why have you done this to me"

The sun only kisses you forehead allowing warmth to spread.

But her silence still pierces you.

You turn to complete your work.

Precious spring newborn

With hair reminiscent of everything good

Your childlike giggle brings life to the barren landscape

Created by your coldest form.

You, so innocent of world

So pure and whole

You gaze at the sun and coo whilst fanning you hands through the divine golden rays that smile upon you.

"My little one you are to bring many gifts unto this earth and you shall bring just as much pain, but I will love you all the same."

You don't not understand the words but you comprehend the meaning and smile

For you are the Season.