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Dangerous Games

There was nothing like a midnight swim at the public pool especially when you had the whole pool to yourself. It was a perk if not the best part about working at a swimming pool. You could go swimming whenever you wanted and in some cases however you wanted.

Tuesday nights were of course the best nights for a late night swim. At least in Ivy's opinion. The pool closed early only on Tuesdays and she had Wednesdays off. So for the most part after she finished clean up around 11 or 11: 30 in some cases the whole place was hers for as long as she wanted. It was like her own little paradise.

Ivy smiled as she stood alone at the deep end of the pool between the two diving boards. The pool was large three feet at its shallow end and fifteen feet at its deep end. The two diving boards and water slide were all at the deep end.

One diving board was low on the ground while the other was several feet in the air and needed a ladder to access it. The water slide was large and yellow at the corner of the deep end and curved almost making a single loop before letting out into the water.

On both sides of the pool there were bleachers for when swim torments were held. At the shallow area of the pool there was a long cement half wall that separated a room from the pool. It had tile flooring instead of the pools cement flooring. There were picnic tables, snack machines and soda machines set up so parents could keep an eye on their kids.

On the other side of the room there was a large window that went almost from the floor to the ceiling that looked onto the outside area where the children's pool was. A single door connected the inside pool area to the outside.

From where Ivy stood she could almost see the entire pool area even with the lights off. She had turned the lights off just in case her boss happened to wonder by and wonder why the lights were still on so late at night and so she could see the reflection of the sky in the pool.

The roof of the public pool was completely made of glass. On sunny days it saved on electric with natural lighting. On rainy days it almost looked like the sky was a pool itself. But by far the best part of the glass roof was on a clear night when the moon and stars were out. With the lights off the pool reflected the night sky like a mirror and it almost looked like you were diving into space itself.

Ivy sighed deeply as she looked out onto the water. Its surface was calm and clear. When Ivy was a kid she used to wait hours outside of her local pool just so she could be the first one in and if she was then she would get to see the water before anymore else had gotten in.

Like the calm before the storm uninterrupted untouched it might have seemed silly but somehow to her it seemed magical. The moment would only last a few seconds at best before the first person dived in and then after that first ripple the water would be bounced and splashed around as dozens if not hundreds of people entered the pool.

Ivy smiled at the memory before she took a hair scrunchie off her wrist. She pulled her long hair up into a ponytail before making it into a bun. Then she stretched and moved her neck from side to side before rolling her shoulders.

It was so quiet that she could almost hear her swimsuit as it moved over her skin. Her breasts perked with excitement as she arched her back and let her muscles slowly relax. Finally she reached for one of her shoulder straps and then the other pulling them both down.

She let her swim suit fall to the floor and side stepped out of it. Completely naked she made her way over to the lower diving board stepping up on it. While most people like to dip their toes in the water Ivy was all about diving in sometimes head first.

With a large breath of air Ivy ran the few feet of the diving board and leapt off the end throwing herself into the air. For a moment she felt like she was almost flying. Arms and legs stretched out she soared before quickly tucking herself into a ball.

Within seconds she was crashing into the water. While the pool was heated it still felt cold compared to her normal body temperature. Hitting her all at once she felt alive and energetic. Slowly sinking deeper and deeper she kept her arms clasped around her knees.

As Ivy sunk the pools surface rippled out in a circle from where she had landed. Over half way to the pools floor Ivy decent slowly stopped. From there she let her arms and legs burst out as she broke into a swim. She twirled and spun about as she moved through the water. She swam several feet before she made her way to the surface.

Seconds later she was bursting through the surface of the water as she took a large breath of fresh air. Chlorine filled her nostrils as she hummed with satisfaction and looked at the diving board to see how far she was. Her feet couldn't touch the ground and for few minutes she just swam in place before diving back underneath the water.

For a while she did laps from one end of the pool to the other. Sometimes she swam above the water and sometimes she swam below. The water felt good against her bare skin and after nearly fifteen minutes she grew tied slowly moving to her back she began to float.

For several minutes she let the water carry her and knew she'd probably float for a while before swimming back to the deep end. She'd get her swim suit and then take a nice long hot shower in the woman's locker room washing her hair and moisturizing her skin before she drove home and crawled into bed. From there she planned to sleep until she woke up or around one or two in the afternoon. Really it depended on how tired she was.

She smiled when she thought of how she had the next two days off to do whatever she wanted and thought she might go see a movie or go to the book store. Maybe she'd even go shopping for some new clothes. She closed her eyes as she slowly thought of all the possibilities her time off could hold.

The water continued to carry her for several minutes as she peacefully drifted before a sudden loud noise jerked her from her peace. Disoriented she moved so fast that for a second she sunk down before her feet touched the floor. Her heart raced as she looked around and tried to identify the sound.

As she came to her senses she realized she was in the shallow end of the pool and the sound she'd heard sounded like the door leading outside to the children's area. The children's area had a large sprinkler fountain that was only a foot deep.

There were all sorts of swings and slide and metal sprinklers toys shaped like animals. It was completely fenced in and had barbed wire lining the top of the fences. When the weather was bad the tarp machine would cover the area extending from the side of the pool building to the end of the fences with the push of a button.

Ivy wondered if someone had just come in from outside. After a few seconds she shook her head thinking she'd check the outside there was no way someone was out there. She'd been working at the pool for over six months now and she always made sure to check the children's area several times when she closed.

When she was hired on it was one of the biggest things her boss had warned her about when closing. Each night she closed she was required to turn on the outside lights and walk the entire area with a flash light not once, not twice but three times because she had to make sure some idiots that could actually make it over the fence weren't trying to break into the pool. Or that some kids weren't trying to hide out hoping they could hang out after hours.

Only seconds passed but as Ivy's heart raced it felt like minutes she tried to reassure herself that it wasn't the door, that maybe it was just one of the pop machines going off. Yet as she heard the outside door slam shut tight a few seconds later her heart sunk and she knew she wasn't only and she was completely naked.

Ivy swallowed hard as she looked to the deep end. She was still in the shallow end of the pool and her swimsuit was at the other end. For the first time she felt like a real idiot for swimming naked. Ivy quickly pushed off and started to swim to the deep end of the pool. As she made it to the halfway point the pools underwater lights turned on and the water glow nearly blinding Ivy as her eyes had adjusted to the dark..

She froze swimming in place her feet unable to touch the ground. She expected the rooms lights to turned on. She knew she wasn't going to be able to get her swim suit on by then. For a second she worried that it might be her boss checking up on her or another employee. Either way she'd defiantly be fired for sure for inappropriate use of the pool.

Yet as she continued to swim in place the main lights did not turned on. Ivy bit her lower lip and looked towards the door to the outside. She heard footsteps that sounded like flip flops. A few seconds later she saw someone was there but in the dark she couldn't tell who.

She shook feeling chilled even though her body had adjusted to the water. She called out, "Who's there…we're closed…"

"I know," called a male voice. It was strong and powerful carrying it echoed off the walls.

Ivy swallowed hard watching to see a man step forward. Again the sound of flip flops filled the air as it hit they hit the cement floor. The man started to come into view as he made his way closer to the middle of the pool. He had blond hair and tanned skin. He was lean and tall wearing a tank top and knee length shorts. As he casually walked he had his hands in his pockets and whistled a little tune.

Ivy swam to the opposite side of the pool making sure to keep her distance from him. She cleared her throat and tried not to sound scared as she called out, "You can't be here is what I'm saying. We're closed and being here after hours is trespassing,"

"Says who," said the man as he slowly went past the middle of the pool moving toward the shallow end.

It was like he was listening to her or didn't care that he could get in trouble. Ivy called out to him "Those…those are the rules"

Really," said the man passing the water slid. Ivy began to swim away from the wall moving to the other side as he continued toward her. When she was in the middle of the pool he stopped and said, "Do the rules also say you can swim naked in a public pool,"

Ivy looked at the man as he smirked at her and then down at herself ashamed… She thought the water was protecting him from seeing her but with the lights on he had to be able to tell she was naked. He might have even seen her swim suit at the deep end as he passed it.

The man stood watching her reaction and then chuckled as she did not answer him. He slowly removed his tank top and she swam back a bit as it fell to the floor. The man said. "I've been watching you…and you've been very bad Ivy,"

"How…how do you know my name," said Ivy. She was getting really creeped out. At first she was just upset that he'd broken in and that she'd been caught naked but now as he took off his shirt and knew her name she knew something wasn't right. What if he was some lunatic come to kill her.

The man didn't respond to her question as he stepped out of his sandals he just continued to talk, "I've been watching you and I've seen you swimming naked after hours. I'm sure you're boss wouldn't be pleased if he found out,"

"What do you want?" asked Ivy swimming back even more she was only a few feet away from the edge of the pool now and something inside her told her she should just run. She should forget about her swim suit or even getting in trouble as long as she just got away from this man.

Ivy took one last look at the man as he chucked and replied, "You" Her eyes shot wide open as she realized what he wanted and his face twisted into a cruel smile. Ivy's heart pounded as she quickly turned to swim away. The man leapt into the pool and Ivy rushed to get to the side of the pool.

She reached the wall seconds later and scrambled to climb out of the pool. Without a ladder it was hard and she was already exhausted from earlier. She heard the man splashing behind her and scrambled to get out. She was able to lift her top half out and struggled to get her leg up on the ledge if she could just get her leg up on the ledge then she could get to her knees.

Just as she had nearly lifted herself out of the pool the man grabbed her leg that was still in the water and yanked her back into the pool. She went under the water and scrambled to get free turning toward the shallow end she tried to out swim the man rushing to get away but she didn't have a lot of air.

The man wasn't far behind her as she came up gasping for air. She struggled to swim away and his feet touched the pool floor before hers. Able to steady himself he grabbed her from behind and pulled her to him.

She struggled and fought against him but he wouldn't budge as he dragged her over to the side of the pool. She could feel his hardness at her back as he pinned her against the side of the pool.

Ivy struggled even harder to get away and the man punched her on the back several times before grabbing the back of her neck and forcing her face against the cement floor. Bent over the edge of the pool Ivy screamed and kicked. She yelled out, "LET ME GO! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME! PLEASE"

The man didn't listen to her cries as he dropped his shorts. Moments later Ivy felt his free hands fumbling between her legs. She put her hands on the cement and struggled to push back wanting to get free but his hold on her neck was too tight and he squeezed tighter at her attempt to push back.

Seconds later Ivy felt the man's throbbing cock on her left but cheek and then his hand as he guiding his penis into her vaginal opening. Ivy screamed out as he thrust into her roughly. Sobbing and screaming she jerked struggling to get away but he didn't let up on her. He pushed himself inside her as deep as he could go before pulling out and pounding into her once more.

Ivy screamed jerking and struggling to get up her face mashed against the cement as the man thrust into her hard. Tears fell from her eyes as she wailed out and he thrust into her. The chlorine made each of his thrust burn as he pounded into her roughly.

Her face was red and sobbing as she cried out, "Please stop…it hurts it hurts…"

The man only seemed to laugh at this and thrust into her harder. He seemed to relish in her pain as he pressed her body harder and harder into the pool wall. As she crumbled under the mans attack he got more cocky groping and squeezing her breasts.

Ivy cringed and kicked her feet as she balled her hands into fist. She grinded her teeth and screamed out squirming about. The man's penis fell out of her as he had one hand on the back of her neck and the other hand on her breast.

He got mad that she'd pushed him out and punched her in the back. Ivy winced in pain and yelled out loudly. Wanting to look at her the man turned Ivy to face him and as he did she lunged at him scratching and clawing at his chest and arms with all her might. One of her nails broke the mans skin on his chest and he cried out quickly pulling back.

Ivy quickly froze in her struggle realizing her mistake at once she put her hands down and pushed back a bit. The man took a moment to look at his chest and arms seeing her scratches and the broken skin. "Damn it Ivy! How many times do I have to tell you not so fucking rough you're gona leave marks,"

"I'm sorry Trenton…you leave marks on me all the time and you hit me pretty hard just now," said Ivy timidly trying to make an excuse for her mistake.

Trenton glared at her, "There's a fucking difference Ivy. You live with your mom and I have a wife and kids, a wife who fucking sees me naked. How am I going to explain this."

"I'm sorry…" said Ivy looking down into the water, "I just got so into the moment I didn't think,"

"No shit…and how many times have I told you to trim your fucking nails,"

"I will, I'm sorry…I…

Without a word Trenton backhanded Ivy and it sent her into the water. For a second she thought she was going to pass out as she struggled to stand on the tips of her toes on the pool floor. She held her face as Trenton checked his scratches again and then lifted Ivy out of the water. She felt a little bit woozy as he lifted her to sit on the cement and then climbed out.

She quickly turned to her stomach and struggled to get away as Trenton came over and lifted her. He dragged her to some nearby mats. The swimming pool had a activities room that double as a wrestling and dance studio. When they had left over mats they would sometimes store them by the pool.

As soon as Trenton got Ivy to the mats he climbed on her and quickly buried himself between her legs. He thrust his penis into her and she cried out feeling dry from the chlorine. She thought he was going to rip her and wished she'd put on more lube before they got started.

Trenton buried his head in Ivy's large breasts before sucking the nipples. Every so often as he pounded her into the mat he'd twist and bit at her nipples enough to cause Ivy to cry out. Ivy struggled to push Trenton off her but he didn't let up she pleaded, "Please…stop… no…please…"

Trenton grabbed onto Ivy's cheeks and squeezed them as he drilled into her , "Shut up and fucking take my cock you fucking whore,"

Ivy struggled freeing her face from his grasp. She grabbed for his hair and started to pull it. Trenton quickly grasped at her arms looking annoyed as he pinned her arms to the mat.

The thumping of their bodies as they smashed together echoed through the large room as Ivy struggled feeling herself growing hotter and hotter she squired beneath him but he wouldn't let up knowing just where to get her.

Trenton could feel her getting closer and bent down to her neck kissing and biting at it before he said, "Yeah…uhh…you're such a fucking slut….take my big dick in that tight… pussy of yours…you like to be fucked don't you Ivy. You like a rough fuck. That's why you don't wear your fucking… swim suit because you wanted me to come in here and fuck you…you want me…to ram my dick into your pathetic…pussy,"

Ivy began to pant and struggled his pounding was driving her mad and his dirty vile words were sending her over the edge Trenton continued, "You're a fucking cunt …you're a worthless piece of ass to be taken…you need this cock don't you…you live for this cock… don't you...don't you….say it….say it IVY…."

Ivy was close then on the very edge and she knew that Trenton knew that. He was torturing her bullying her and forcing her to beg for it. She looked at him pleading for him to fuck her…pleading for him to release her but Trenton wanted to hear the words and held back smiling at her frustrations with that wickedly sick smile of his. She glared at him defiantly this game was suppose to be hers but he was making it into one of his.

Frustrated she wanted to lash out at him but she didn't even if it was against their rules she parted her lips desperate to give him what he wanted so he would give her what she needed "Yes….yes….I want you to fuck me I…need…you to fuck me!"

Trenton chuckled to himself pleased to have her breaking to his whims. He pushed moved his hips and almost as if he pushed a button Ivy let out a large moan as she felt her body clench and give way to an orgasm.

It rippled through her and she felt embarrassed as she cried out even after all this time she turned her head to the side not wanting to see her most vulnerable moments.
Trenton watched with amusement as Ivy helplessly tried to stifle her moans and whimpers as she came off the end of his dick.

He felt her twitch and pulse before pulling her out and moving her to her hands and knees. He forced himself back into her doggie style and she cried out in pain that was quickly washed away with the pleasure of his long strokes.

Ivy bucked her hips against Trenton as he pulled her hair out of its bun and yanked on her ponytail. Within minutes he was building her back up for another orgasm. He slapped her ass as she grinded her hips into him she no longer struggled against him playing out her fantasies…Instead she broke to the desires and needs she could no longer deny. Her moans and whimpers grew louder and louder echoing through the pool.

If a window were open surely anyone passing by could hear her as she cried and screamed whimpering to the pleasures of her body. Trenton pulled on her hips as he himself grew closer he made her work for her second orgasm as he held himself still enjoying the ride.

Desperately Ivy smashed her body back onto his. She didn't care about anything…or anyone as she sought out her carnal pleasures. Trenton felt her muscles tighten around him and as she squeezed her body around his member he let go thrusting his penis deep inside her. Ivy felt him pump into her slowly warming her insides and sending her muscles twisting and pulsing once more as she came.

The warmth and glow of sex was like an all consuming drug to her as she rode the waves of pleasure…reaching great heights seldom few every got to experience. She crumbled beneath Trenton sinking down into the center of pleasure and pain.

When she could take no more she collapsed in a hot wet mess on the pile of wrestling mats and for a moment Trenton collapsed on top her the two entwined in each others embraces. Never in her life had Ivy been so sexually gratified or lost herself so deeply to another person whims…Only Trenton knew…Ivy's true forms through the dangerous games they played…

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