It's been quite a while, hasn't it? Gomen. I'm just starting to get my bearings with this sudden wave of ideas... It's a gift and a curse at the same time. So, basically, this - and another work, If I Wrote A Letter To You - was written when my school came up with the idea of a literary magazine. Basically, it's a magazine filled with art and writings from students around the school. I made two contributions. Hopefully, this one gets through, but to be honest, I have a bit more faith in the other one... Ne~ So, anyways, I felt the need to put it somewhere... so it's here. I hope you guys like it~

What is the unknown?

The unknown is exactly what the name implies—what is not known to one is "unknown."

The unknown is shrouded in darkness—deep darkness which seems to have no end.

However, even in darkness, there is light. There is always a light. Whether it flickers, or is weak, small, or dim, it's still there, and it shines.

This small light shines brighter and brighter the closer one gets to it. This light is a guide—a guide away from the unknown.

This small light dispels the unknown. This small light makes the unknown known; it strips the unknown of its darkness, its mysticism.

However, to reach this small light, once must travel through the darkness, that deep, endless darkness. Once must travel through the mystery, the uncertainty…

Curiosity creates the first step into the unknown. Curiosity is the hand that guides, the pavement of the path one must walk on… Curiosity is the key to discovery.

Even so, curiosity's guidance is not eternal. Its serenity, its reassurance in the dark, does not last forever.

Curiosity soon gives way to knowledge, to logic, to wisdom. Wisdom guides one for the rest of the journey, it provides the experiences that curiosity could not. Wisdom brings one to the eternal light in the darkness.

Again, what is the unknown?

The unknown is the darkness that is dispelled by the hands of wisdom and curiosity. The unknown is feared by many, braved by few, yet heard of by all.

The light within the darkness is quite the opposite—it is unknown to many, encountered by few, and even fewer know it's truly there.

However, it's there. The light that shines within the darkness, within the unknown, is always there.

You just have to be brave enough to journey through the dark and find it.