Dean Jones hurried down the stretching desert highway. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. The word hurry repeated in his brain, as did the mental image of his wife in labour. Alone. Scared.

In pain. Without Dean. No way to ease the pain but having someone by your side sometimes made things a bit easier. Suddenly, nature called, that primal urge to whip out his manhood and leak the lizard. Any other trip and there would be fifty road stops for fifty miles. Now that Dean needed one, there'd be zero for fifty miles. He pulled off onto an old service road.

People leaked their lizard off the side of the road all the time, perhaps a few even leaked the beaver every once and awhile off the side of the road. Dean pulled up behind a small car. The man behind the wheel didn't seem to care all that much that someone pulled up behind him. All the better for him. Dean did not need an audience, even an audience of one to watch him urinate onto the desert rocks. He caught a glance of the person in the car. A pudgy, young man with a patch of sweat under each arm and on his brow.

He looked down at his lap, staring hard at something. Dean walked faster towards a sage bush, he did not need to view a man beating off. No thanks. The young man looked up and caught a quick glance at him, running towards that sage bush. The young man slipped for the car and grabbed a needle which he had tucked into the visor. He flicked the body to make sure there was enough liquid to indeed take Dean down. The pudgy man crept towards the sage bush, this was made so much easier by the fact Dean had his back to the young man.

He raised the needle when the urine began to splash onto his own boots. The pudgy man brought down the needle, right into the back of Dean's neck.