Chapter 1

The sun's cruel and unforgiving rays penetrated the small pores of my lightly colored brown curtains and filled my room with its essence. I squirmed at the change of lighting in my room turning my back to the curtains hoping this would eliminate the problem. A sudden knock pierced the deathly silence that permeated my room and I heard my mom yell from the other side of the mahogany door, "Get up John you have school in twenty minutes and you're going to miss your bus". I groaned lightly but raised myself off my bed, shaking off the last of my sleep induced stupor. I slid off my bed, unaware that my foot was tangled in the sheets I took a nose dive into my wooden floor. I landed awkwardly with my legs and arms in uncomfortable and painful positions.

"I swear one day that bed is going to be the death of me" I muttered under my breath while running my hand through my closely trimmed hair. I looked around my room and let out a sigh as I examined the mess. Clothes were hanging off the ceiling fan, there was three day old pizza sitting on my dresser with what I guessed next to it was blue cheese gone bad, my light blue painted walls had shoe prints on them from when I tried to flip off it, and my closet was wide open revealing the huge mirror my mom insisted on putting in there. My closely trimmed black hair was how it always was attached to my scalp, my eyes were a little sunk in from the late night gaming sessions I had, my eyes which were a dark brown looked slightly glassy from getting up in the morning after sleeping for an hour, my shirt and pajama bottoms were covered in sweat because of my parents insistence of keeping the heat on, and my brown skin was pale under the sun light but that was a trait I picked up from my mom.

"Ok so first a shower and then breakfast before I enter the gates of hell the government calls school" I said aloud while walking towards the shower. I walked into my bathroom turning on the light as I got inside. There was a brief moment of blindness and my eyes soon adjusted to the brightly lit area. Grabbing a wash cloth from the bag we keep for guests who use the towels, I slid out of my clothes, stepped into the shower and flipped it on. The hot water was relaxing to my muscles, the water wrapping me in its warm embrace and it almost made the thought of my first day of senior year hopeful. After washing myself I decided to get out of the shower when the water began to run cold. I quickly grabbed my towel and began to dry myself, I then wrapped the towel around my waist, grabbed my tooth brush from the medicine cabinet and grabbed the tooth paste. Brushing my teeth took me a few minutes, I walked out of the bathroom switching the light switch to off. I walked to my closet and picked out a black t-shirt with some old cargos, I slipped on my all black jogging shoes and ran downstairs. I was running gracefully down the stairs until I slipped on the last few steps and rolled down the last few steps landing on my face.

"Honestly John those stairs are going to be the death of you one day" My dad said to me in between his fits of laughter. "Yeah yeah old man now can you help me up before you cause mom to drag me to my bus stop" I said through clenched teeth. My dad grabbed my shoulder and pulled me to my feet easily. My dad was a big guy, six foot five, two hundred and thirty pounds. He had a small afro that he refused to cut off regardless of what me and my mom told him, dark brown eyes that he gave to me, and he was dressed in his usual business suit. He's a veteran from the Vietnam War but he entered when the war was just about wrapped up. Sometimes I wonder how my dad is over six feet five and I'm only five foot eight. He says since I'm only sixteen I still have plenty of time to grow, but I'm not holding my breath.

"John if you do not get into this kitchen right now…" My mom yelled letting the sentence run on. I muttered a string of cuss words under my breath as I walked to the kitchen, with my dad snickering behind me. I turned the corner to walk into the kitchen, when my nose was assaulted with a variety of scents that made up the American breakfast. My mom had four slices of thick bacon, a handful of bright yellow eggs, with three frying pan sized pancakes on one plate. I noticed that I had a trail of slobber running down my chin, so I quickly wiped it away and ran to the food.

"I swear between you and your father I don't know how we keep food in the house" my mom said to me with a smile touching the corner of her mouth. She's been making breakfast for me every morning ever since the Selene accident. Selene was my first love you could say, and my ex since about a year ago. Why are we not together? Let's just say that no matter how much you feel for an individual, there was no amount of love to stop the arguments we were having. Ever since we broke up I just haven't really cared about much, my grades for example, I went from an A student to probably being the select few to not graduating this year.

"Johnny boy, quit day dreaming and come get some food" a voice said to me that belonged to my best friend Christian. Shifting my head to the left I saw him sitting at the table, his hair unkempt because he didn't believe in a comb, his face not assaulted with acne like most teenagers, and he was wearing his trademark floral shirt. I called him Chris Brown on account of the fact that he has to dance after every word, his skin color is a lighter brown then me, and cause it pisses him off. "Well if it isn't Chris Brown, enjoying my food ingrate?" I responded back to him, his eyes narrowing at me with a promise to punch me when we leave for school. I walked towards the table, pulled up a chair right across from him, and stacked up on food.

The house was quiet except for the scraping of utensils on plates as we all ate at the table. As I was in the middle of putting a spoonful of eggs into my mouth I felt a sharp pain explode in my shin, and I looked up to see Christian laughing his ass off. I looked around to see if my parents were watching and flipped him the universal finger for telling someone to screw off. That made him laugh harder, teetering on the last two legs of his chair, and I gave his chair a gentle push allowing gravity to finish the work for me. A loud clunk was heard throughout my house, along with a series of cuss words strung together in an order that made no sense.

"Fuck you John" he told me while gritting his teeth, and of course I was laughing the entire time. "I'm sorry Christian, what was that?" My mom said from behind him, appearing like a ninja ready to assassinate someone or something like that. Christian's body froze and he muttered an apology to her. "Alright you two, get to school and no more cussing" She told us as she guided us towards the door. We grabbed our bags, and walked out the door towards our first day of our last year of hell. I'm so excited I can't contain myself.