Chapter Three

It was late afternoon before making it to the docks. Careful not to be seen buy the workers on the docks. I slipping pass the entrance there was fewer people now. Opening my mine I found it save to go up to the third level.

On my way up the stairs. Someone had woke Danny up. He started to follow me up. On the second floor there was new people. Two kids wear playing near the steps and baby was heard crying. As I reached the third floor, Danny coming up behind me.

Danny, "Red." I dropped the package I was carrying and turned around. Standing a few steps above him looking down. I knew it was a intimidate position. "Sorry I don't what to call you. They call me Danny." He reach out to shake my hand. In his mind he did not know if he could trust me. He was the spokes person for all who live here. His hand stayed raised for a thirty seconds before I raised mine.

"Red is find for now." He nervous looking down at Lover boy


"It is OK Danny, Lover Boy well be good if your good."

Danny, "I can help you with your bag. If you like." He wanted to talk to me in privet.

"No that is OK Danny." I tuned picking up only the bag looked for the room that is close to the outside fire escape. There was no glass left in the windows some even had boards on them.

He stood at the door of the room. I sat at the window and waited for him to start talking.

Danny, "OK Red it is like this. You new to living on the street aren't you?" I stayed quite not letting on. "Living here is simple but things get stolen here a lot. So either carry it if you don't want to loss it and as you can see there really no place to hide things. A lot of the homeless here try to stay below the gangs radar. What happen early got some people shaken up and well keep there distances from you." I had taken this chance to talk.

"Danny I am not here to make friends. Or to stay here long."

Danny, "Forgive me for saying this but we all think that when we got here. Once you get down sometime there is just no way up." He rub his head. "I am just see if I could help you someway even if it is just to answer question if you have any."

"So do you have any question." He wanted to be helpful so I asked.

Do you know anyone who can get good fake ID's?

Danny, "A full set of papers?"

"Yes I need a new life."

Danny, "Not anyone I would trust. What I have heard that it cost like 50G's ease."

"Do you want me to ask around." "Anyone I could find might rip her off." His thoughts pop into my head.

"No not yet. I really need to find money if it is going to be that much. Is there any thing else you need to tell me."

Danny, " Ya the law's do random swipes thou the building if they know people are squatting. There is a few churches that set up soup chitchen for homeless and some even some offer showers and cloths. You got to set though some sermon to get some of it." He looked down at his feet. I slipped into his thoughts.

"What is it Danny?"

"Well you talked about money. If others know your looking for money they well be trying to set you up with there pimps. They get a bonus if they bring in a new girl and with your looks and age you well be a prime target."

"Thanks for the information Danny." Standing up and looking around. "It looks like I got some cleaning and organizing to do."

Danny, "OK. Do you want any help?"

"NO I want to do it on my own. Nothing against you Danny."

Danny, " I'll leave me alone." He headed back the way we had came in.

Once I left they would come and snoop thou my things and take what they waned. I needed to find some place else. A place were no one could get to me.

As night approached I had ended up on the roof again with Lover Boy. Taken the chance I looked out at each diction. There were other building that I could make due with. There were a still lot of building that had been abandon after the last hurricane.

Blocking the stairs again. Lover Boy and me settled down for the night. I pulled at the journal I had start when I was thirteen. It is what I kept track of my ability's with. Realization stuck that if anyone found it they would know my deepest secret. I either burned it to ashes or rewrite it some way. I wanted to keep it. I had wrote my experiments into when I was developing my ability's .

"Well Lover Boy what to do?" I started making a list of things I needed to do.

Find a safe place to sleep.

Try to find away to make money.

Think of new name and back ground.

Get new ID.

"What is first Lover Boy?" That was when a gun shoot could be heard. A shiver ran up my back bone. I looked at the door to the stairs it was still secured. Lover Boy ears flicker. I listen as siren could be heard in the distances.

"OK that answer first question. Safe and new place to live. Now a new name to call myself." Lover Boy looked at me and wined. "Oh you want one too?" I figure it was because of the sirens. "Come here boy." I put the journal down as he came over.

I started to rub on him and pet him. I could see all the scares that cover his body. Know that some of them were not doctor correctly. Some of them had not healed straight. Something in side me felt the pain he should had felt. Feeling it made tears come to my eyes.

The spike collar that I had taken off had rub into his fur badly. I pulled him closer and hand him to settled down. You could tell it was a position he was not used too. It is OK boy if I have the ability's I well make all the wounds go away and make you feel better.

I sat there rubbing him and loving on him thinking he never had anyone to love him sense he had a mom. "Mom" I whimper and cried more."

Sleep finely had taken me. I woke up to wet tongue given me morning kisses. "Oh you." I patted him back and set up. There was fog this morning so everything was wet.

Using ability would be to easy to dry the moister off my things. So I packed up my belonging and headed to find a new place to live. As I remove the blocks from the stairs I notice the fun on Lover Boy. "Well look at you all shinny and nice." I did not want to look at under the fun for fear of seeing the scars and breaking out and crying again. "New look new name is that want you said? OK then lets think about it while we walk to breakfast."

The fog was a good cover for doing bad things. So I did not see anyone when I left the building. I patted the outside of the building as I walked buy it and whisper to it. Thanks for the projection." Lover Boy and I walked into the fog. I kept my mine open listen for any threats around us.

The dog park was empty of others people and there pets. I had chosen a set away from the normal walking path. While Lover Boy did his morning thing. I had pulled out a can of dog food I had picked up and bottle of water was well as a doubles for him to eat and drink from. He cam back happy and started to eat and drink. He was gobbing down his food. I gave him a mental command, slow down on eating. He slow down. He was a rottweiler big and now healthy. I went to pickup his business he left and put it in the dumpster. If you got caught leaving it then you can get a ticket.

He had finished eating as I was thinking of names for him and me. I had taken out my journal and wrote some of the names down marking thou most of them.

"Well I hope you like your name name." Picking up the bowls and washed, dry them before putting them back in my bag. I put my hand on top of Lover Boy head. That made him look up to me. "I christen you Mr Rock." I pat him on the head again. "Now lets go bind me a good breakfast."

There were all kind of place to eat in the city. There were any were between three to four on each city block. Fog was finely starting to thin as I caught a sniff of something good. There were all kinds of smells but this one made my water and stomach growl. The place was not far and name of it was A Little Hole in the Wall.

I looked in and saw the place was about half full. I waved at one of the waitress as she passed by. She came back buy and said set anywhere hun. That when I notice it was not a women but a guy dressed very convening as a women. So I waved him/her to come over. When the coffee pot was carrying he/she came over. The name tag on the blouse read Raven. No help on there.

Raven, "What is it hun?"

"I have this friend here," pointing out Mr Rock, "he needs a place to set while I eat." Raven eyes got big.

Raven, "Oh my he is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. He leaned over and rub on top of Mr Rock head. " Dose he have flies or is mean?" I looked over the Raven shoulder at the one of the guys looked at Raven shaken his head.

"Say can I order something to go and a glass of milk to go?"

Raven, "What do you want?"

"Some kind of sandwich with milk." Raven pulled out a chair to the side wake for me to set in while I had to wait for my order. When it was ready she brought it and my ticket out. It came to $5.25. I handed Raven eight dollars and taken my breakfast.

Raven, "Come back any time sweetly."

I had found a bench right inside the gate of a old graveyard. I sat down and started eating my breakfast. A van stop across the way. A women open the sliding door on side and pulled out a kid. The kid was weary a cap and costume of a super hero. She had went into the building. That was when I notice it was an old church. I was scared to go over there. On the side of the church there were a few men working in the yard. After I finish, Mr Rock and me slowly made our way over to the workers.

"Want help guys?" There were all middle age and I could tell they were all priest.

"See Abraham, wait and they well come." Another said

"He answer in mysterious way our lord." I asked again.

"Do you need a hand?"

"All hands are welcome child." I found a place to put my backpack and pointed to Mr Rock to stay. One of the priest handed me a shovel and I helped turn over the little garden that had during the summer. We all work in silents and time passed. Before long the bells of the church were donging for noon.

"Come share our noon meal with us. I am brother Samuel."

"I do not know if that is right or now."

o"Samuel, "We would not invite you if it was wrong." So I followed him into the kitchen door. They and three women sat around a large table. Samuel pulled a chair out of the head of the table.

"Oh no I set at the head of the table."

Samuel, "Oh no I do insist." So I sat down and he sat next to me. I held my hands in my lap. "Let our guest say grace." I glance at him and I bowed my head prayed.

"We thank you father for this food that has been prepared. For the hard work that you had us do today. We ask father to help those who need help and prepare us for our work tomorrow for we are able to serve you. In his name." I said amen as the other said it.

Looking up others were smiling at me. One of the women asked.

"Samuel you have fail in telling us our guest name." Oh I did not know our guest name. He looked at me.

I had no idea how I should had answered, "Please call me Grace."

"Grace I am Sister Ann and welcome to gods table."

Everything was quite during the meal. I ate slowly to keep time with some of other I did eat everything that was put on my plate. As we finished eating.

Samuel, "We all have other things to do for this afternoon well finished the garden in morning. We thank our guest for her helping hands." I just nodded my and in thanks.

I followed suit and cleaned my plate from the table like the others and left it by the sink to be washed.

As I made my way to the back door I turned and said. "Thank you again for the meal and the visited." I went to go get Mr Rock and my backpack. Samuel followed me. As we stud buy Mr Rock.

Samuel, "Child were are you from? You do not seam like a some one who is used to living on the streets. I pulled a chew bone out of the bag to give to Mr Rock.

"Brother Samuel do you believe possession?"