I knelt down in front of Emma, the soft black cloth in hand. The blush across her cheeks was comparable to the one she had the night that we went to the BDSM club. I bit my lip as my eyes travelled slowly over her body; her arms held above her head, pulled in a way that pushed out her bare breasts, with her back arched and knees spread so it allowed the restraints on her ankles to be more comfortable. I reached up to touch her burning face.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked quietly, brushing my knuckles against her cheek. She looked down before giving a small nod, making me bite the inside of my cheek. "Alright," I took the black cloth and gingerly wrapped it around her head, careful to keep her unruly hair out of the knot. I checked to make sure the blindfold completely covered her eyes before standing up.

The sight of her from this angle -on her knees, back deliciously tensed to allow for her hands to reach the cuffs attached to the bed frame, and her hair, a mass of chocolate-colored curls, cascading over her shoulders- made a wave of heat shoot through me. I eyed the skin between her shoulder blades and the way her dark complexion didn't stop the small smattering of freckles that nested there.

I stepped around her, (the view from the rear did nothing to calm the growing warmth in my stomach) and grabbed a piece of leather from the side of the bed. I took a small breath and adjusted the harness on the strap-on quickly.

Emma gasped lightly when I placed my hands on her bare sides. I took another small breath before leaning toward her ear. "Do you remember the safe word?"

She groaned lightly, shifting on her knees in an attempt to show her impatience. "Yes, Skylar, I remember the safe word." She whispered. I was surprised at how much being restrained seemed to affect her.

Emma and I hadn't done much experimenting, but I knew what I liked: when Emma was rough and possessive, taking me against a wall and such. But when our friends convinced us to check out a BDSM club with them, I couldn't help but notice the way that Emma's cheeks glowed and how she gnawed at her lower lip. So, as it turns out, my possessive, rough girlfriend was a sub; who knew? I bit the inside of my cheek, remembering the adorable way that she asked if we could try this.

I guess it's the least that I could do to try and fulfill Emma's wishes as whole-heartedly as I could, right? I steeled myself with this realization, and let out a small growl. I dug my fingers into her hip, causing her to gasp, and said, "You will not use that tone of voice with me."

She was silent for a moment, stunned I guess at the way I had harshly spoken to her. "I'm- I'm sorry," She whimpered, and I jerked her hip sharply.

"I'm sorry, what?" I growled.

"I'm…I'm sorry, mistress."

I released her hip. "Good girl," I murmured, raising the piece of leather to her throat. I buckled the collar around her neck, lightly running my fingers down her spine and making her twitch slightly. I smirked. "You will do as you're told, understood?"


The slight tremble in her body didn't go unnoticed, and a flash of worry went through me. Emma was known for having panic attacks, and I wasn't keen on her having one now of all times. I gently placed my hand on the area just beneath her ribs and kissed her shoulder. I opened my mouth to tell her that it was ok if she didn't want to continue with this, but I stopped myself; she knew the safe-word.

I took in a deep breath and continued on. "Well, my pet," I began, putting as much authority as I could into my voice. My hands roamed down her body to the tops of her thighs. "I would surely hope that you don't give me a reason to punish you."

"O-of course not, mistress,"

I smiled. "Good," I glanced to the pile of toys that I had purchased for this occasion. "Then let's go over the rules. Rule number one: as long as that collar is around your neck, you are mine. Rule number two: you are not allowed to remove the collar," I smiled at the way she gulped and prided myself on the improvisation of my dom dialogue. "Rule number three: you will not refuse anything I say. You will be grateful for whatever pain or pleasure your mistress is gracious enough to give you."

I could hear small pants coming from Emma, causing my brows to rise. "Yes, mistress," she said with a familiar, desperate waiver in her voice. Damn, if I had known how horny she got from this kink I would have tried it ages ago.

I felt like my body was on fire: from the perpetual blush I carried or my extreme arousal I wasn't sure. I was beginning to question if Skylar had written a script for herself before hand, and I was tempted to tell her what a good job she was doing. However, my vulnerable position made me bite my tongue.

The scratch of the collar mixed with my inability to see sent constant shivers down my sides. Then there was the presence of Skylar herself: the way her hands would uncaringly roam over my body, grazing places that made my body jerk, and the authoritative tone of her voice. It all put my body into a frenzy of hormones and need.

A cold object touched my thigh, and I yelped, causing Skylar to yank sharply on my hair.

"You are not allowed to speak unless spoken to," she growled, continuing to move whatever the cold object was against the back of my thighs.

I was sorely tempted to argue with her that I hadn't been talking, but instead let out a breathy, "Yes, mistress." My mind flitted to the hint of a leather crop I had seen earlier and felt a moan threaten spill out of my throat. Maybe I should have talked back.

Skylar released her grip on my hair, running the same hand down my side. "Any more warnings and I will have to punish you," she muttered in my ear. I could feel the coarse material of her lingerie bra against my shoulders and clenched my fingers against the wooden bedframe.

"Yes mistress," I whispered, senses returning to the unknown object pressed against me.

"Now," she began, moving the object closer to an area of great sensitivity. I choked back a whimper. "I want you to tell me how much you enjoy being my pet."

Her nails raked lightly up my sensitive sides, making me squirm slightly. I bit my lip, feeling my lower stomach twinge at her command. "I- I like it a-" I gasped when cold fingers suddenly grasped my nipples, making me instinctively try to jerk my arms down. Skylar pinched, rougher than usual, and twisted lightly. I moaned at the teasing.

"Finish what you were saying," she whispered, and I felt her lips smirk against my ear.

"I like it a lot," I spoke quickly, wanting to revel at my mistress's hands at my chest. I felt a breath of laughter against my shoulder before her hands began to glide down my stomach, making me twitch.

Skylar ran her fingertips in small circles at the tops of my thighs, causing my heart to beat erratically. With the blindfold on, I was even more aware of her toying with the extremely sensitive skin and my shallow breathing showed it.

"How wet are you?" She murmured in my ear. The question made a groan spill from my lips.

"Very," I murmured back, embarrassment at the question burning my face once more.

Her fingers dipped between my legs, making my nails dig at the bed frame and a surprised gasp tear from my throat. Her lips curled into a smile against my shoulder.

"My my, Emma, you weren't kidding," she teased, running her finger along what I assumed to be very slick folds: I enjoyed calling her mistress too much. All I could do in response was occasionally buck against her hand and whimper quietly.

"I don't even think I'll need the lube," she continued. My eyes widened beneath my blindfold.

"What- uhn- what would you need lube for, mistress?" I said, trying my best to keep delirious moans out of my words as she continued her teasing.

Her breath against my shoulder was the only response I received, until she removed her hand from between my legs. I desperately wanted to whine as she instead placed it gently against my hip.

She shifted behind me, and I felt something, push lightly at my entrance. My question was halted by a surprised grunt as she thrust the strap on deep inside of me. I gritted my teeth at the sensation, moving my mouth to my bicep in an attempt to muffle my moans. Skylar pulled my hair, forcing my mouth away from my arm.

"I want to hear you beg for it," she growled, continuing to hold onto my hair but not pulling.

"Beg for what-" my question, again, was cut off by the rapid, unexpected thrusts my mistress began. Moans and sighs began to fall from my lips.

I heard heavy breathing in my ear and a stern, "You're release,"

When I didn't respond, instead choosing to get caught in the sensation of my mistress fucking me from behind, she suddenly stopped and tugged on my collar sharply. "Beg." She demanded at my whine.

My face burned and I wanted to hide in my arm once more, but her hold on my hair wouldn't let up. I was torn between the desperate want for her to finish and my stubborn pride. I could feel the words forming on my tongue but my mouth refused to open. I growled in frustration.

Skylar, realizing that I wasn't going to say anything, released my collar and dug her nails into my bare hip once again. She began to move her hips, slowly and tantalizing, at such a speed that literally had my brain unraveled in a few seconds.

I tried desperately to grind back against her to urge her faster, but she kept a consistent pace, never removing her hand from my hip. Every muscle in my body tensed and it got to a point where I could feel the frustration take over my whole body. I growled once again.

"Fuck, please." I said through gritted teeth.

"Louder." She demanded, pushing particularly deep. The spot she hit caused a bolt of electricity up my spine.

It was as if she had hit a button that opened the floodgates of pleads. I didn't even know what exactly I was saying, only that I said please every other word. But my cooperation was rewarded by fast and powerful thrusts.

Emma didn't usually scream, or make any noise really, so I was genuinely surprised when she shouted a very loud "Fuck!" as she came. I tried hard to keep my thrusts consistent throughout her orgasm, but it was quite difficult with the erratic spasms that overtook her body.

When it was over, she fell limp against her bonds, head hanging low, and heaved in breath. Her skin was damp with sweat and extremely red with an embarrassed yet satisfied blush. I slowly pulled out, causing her to whimper, and quietly took the harness off. Without a word, I undid the ropes of her ankles, checking to see if I had caused any circulation problems and mentally sighing when I didn't. I removed the rest of her binds.

Her hands fell heavily in her lap and I was concerned that maybe it had been too much for her. Shyly, I pulled the blindfold up off her face to reveal the deeply glazed over eyes of my girlfriend.

"Are you ok-"

My question was cut off as she lunged forward and began to kiss every part of my face that she could. "I love you," she murmured between kisses. "That was amazing, I love you so much."

I smiled and caught her for a longer kiss. "I love you, too." I pulled her wrists up, "Are you ok? Any tingliness?"

She shook her head, pulling her arm away and crawling into my lap. "No, everything was fantastic. You're fantastic." She continued, kissing along my shoulder. A blissful sigh escaped her lips as she nuzzled into me.

"Oh man, I will never get over how cuddly you are after sex." I giggled, wrapping my arms around her waist.

"Only really good sex," she mumbled. I smiled and ran my hand up and down her back; she began to lightly kiss my shoulder again.

"We are definitely doing this again," I told her, grinning widely.

"You will hear no complaints from me."

I laughed and kissed her neck, realizing that I had left the collar on. As I went to remove it she stopped me. "No, not yet," She protested quietly. I saw a blush begin to form at her shoulders. "Leave it on."

I chuckled despite my surprise and kissed her neck again. "Your kinks are adorable." She shushed me and I laughed loudly. "Hey, don't shush your mistress like that, young lady."

"Oh my god," She groaned getting out of my lap. "Shut up and snuggle me, I'm tired." She pulled me down with her, wrapping my arms around her waist and nuzzling my chest.

"I have to clean the sheets," I reminded her, leaning over to turn off the bedside lamp despite my words. She just grunted. I laid there, stroking her hair for a few moments before kissing her hairline. "I love you,"

Very quietly, in a dozed mumble I could barely hear, she whispered. "I love you, too."