(Written 7-28-13)

There once was a beautiful princess whose name was Voanne. She had long blonde hair, that was past her hips when down. Most of the time she kept her hair up in a simple bun. Voanne had eyes that were gray with specks of blue, that were bewitching. Whenever men looked into them they would fall into a trance. Her lips always curved slightly up at the corners. She had the sweetest temper, always had since she was a baby. She was thought the handsomest lady for thousands of miles in every direction.

One day deep in the forest, surrounding the castle which Voanne lived in, an old woman was preparing to marry off her only daughter to a young man named Darmus. He had promised the old woman that he would marry her daughter (who was very pretty, but not as pretty as Voanne).

The old woman was expecting Darmus to appear any minute, so that he could marry her daughter. But what the old woman didn't know was that Voanne and her father had asked Darmus over for the day. As soon as Darmus saw Voanne, he forgot all about his promise to the old woman and her daughter. He had fallen in love with this beautiful princess. Voanne though, was not in love with Darmus. She tried to ignore his attentions. She kept her distance from Darmus until it was finally time for him to leave.

There was nothing for Darmus to do, but to go to the old woman and tell her he would not marry her daughter as planned, because he was in love with the beautiful Voanne. Well as you can expect, the old woman, who happened to be a witch, was very upset by this news. She decided to do something about this Voanne.

She decided she would have Voanne killed, and then Darmus would have no choice, but to marry her daughter. She called her son Carlisle to her. She told him her plan and sent him to carry it out. She trusted him, and believed he would not fail, for she had trained him in the dark arts. Everything she knew, he knew. Before he left, she gave him her magic wand for if he ran into any trouble. All he had to do was wave the wand and say the magic words: Hebus Zacerrus.

Carlisle started immediately for Voannes castle. He traveled all night, and by early morning, while it was still dark, he reached the castle. He started toward the castle gate, but was forced to hide behind some bushes. The castle gate was guarded by three guards, and Carlisle could not pass.

It wasn't long before a guard passed by the bush Carlisle was hiding behind. As he passed, Carlisle heard the guard say, "I know I saw someone go by here." Carlisle then had a brilliant idea. He pulled out the wand, his mother had given him, from his pocket. He held up the wand, and while waving it said, "Hebus Zacerrus." There on the ground appeared some armour. It was just like what the guard had been wearing. He hurriedly put it on.

He then started for the gate. When he reached it, the guards asked if he had found anyone. Carlisle, not wanting to speak and give away that he wasn't who they thought he was, he just shook his head and hurried inside.

Carlisle then made his way through the village, and then to the castle. When he made it safely to the castle, he discarded his armour in a nearby barrel. He then started looking for the princesses window. It didn't take him long to find it, the princess was the only one who had roses growing on her balcony.

Carlisle again pulled out the magic wand, and while waving it said,"Hebus Zacerrus." The next minute there was a rope hanging by Carlisle's side. It was securely tied to the princesses balcony. Carlisle immediately started to scale the wall.

He soon reached the balcony and pulled himself over the side. He then entered through the doors there, and walked over to where the princess slept. He reached into one of his pockets and pulled out a dagger. He was going to give the deathly blow, but then something happened. Instead of killing Voanne, Carlisle dropped the dagger. He had forgotten all thoughts of killing her. He had fallen in love with her the second his eyes fell on her face.

When the dagger hit the floor, it had awakened Voanne. Her eyes opened and immediately fell on Carlisle, who stood over her. she smiled and just stared, she had fallen in love too.

Later that day, Voanne and Carlisle asked her father for permission to be married. He agreed, and that same day they were joined together. Darmus, when he heard that his love Voanne was joined to another, ran back to the old womans daughter and married her, as he had originally planned. The old woman, pleased with her daughter getting married to Darmus, no longer wanted Voanne dead. She was even pleased when she found out her son had married Voanne.

So they all lived, some happier than others.

The End