At PLANit S.M.A.R.T Change Management Solutions; Geri-Ann Ranson checks the overall organizational units affected by the change management system. She handles the developing, implementing, and defining change management strategy. She is fully responsible for monitoring and evaluating organization's performance after implementation of the change management process. She also designs and describes the target jobs and organizational structure. She has more than two decades of experience serving F500 HR companies performing and played roles such as Project Manager, Portfolio Manager, Survey Administrator and Benefits Change Specialist. She is a change management expert who offers consulting services, integration design, planning, building behavior change models, and workforce mobility.

She is the holder of many certifications and some of these include International Institute for Learning, certified 2013, Organization and People Change Management, USC Marshall School of Business/International Institute of Learning, certified 2012, Certified Associate of Project Management CAPM, WorldAtWork Total Rewards Assoc, certified 2013, Work-Life Certified Professional WLCP, and Kerzner Approach to Project Management, Project Management Institute, certified 2011.

Geri-Ann Ranson is a dedicated and certified Human Resource professional who is adept at methodologies, procedures and guidance techniques for organization and people change management. She utilizes her years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the methodologies and principles of change management to make right decisions. She has an immense knowledge of project management tools, approaches and phases of programme lifecycle. She has great communication, problem solving and root cause identification skills. She is a team player and has the ability to work effectively at all levels in an organization.

She is also a cyclist, runner and believes in fit health. She is a food lover and loves to cook for friends and family events. In her free time, she likes to sing and karaoke. Ms. Ranson volunteers consulting services to small up-start businesses. She also donates time to develop health and behavior change models for women and families with low income backgrounds and in a need of change, stress or anger management, parenting techniques and successful life transition classes.