Family. Siblings. It is one of those relationships that we have no choice in, no say in.
Di, I won't lie and say that our relationship has seen no ups and downs. As a matter of fact, we aren't even that close. But, we've learnt to make it work. And that is what that counts. No matter what, you've always looked over me, saved my ass from being whipped, covered for me and at the same time, given me my space. You listen to all my sob stories, my crazy stories and just my useless ramblings. It's from you that I got the dislike for anything girly. You never fail to remind me of my limits and yes, that is annoying as hell. You've been an ally, a partner. To those times I woke you up from sleep just to ask you how a certain word is pronounced, To those awkward boy talks, to those moments where you put up with my immaturity, to those fun times we spent, to your infinite patience, to that smile that breaks on your face because you yet again failed in your efforts to get angry, Cheers.
There are more differences than similarities in our personalities. Me, being the short tempered, loud spoken one and you, the slightly soft hearted and patient one. But the one thing I owe you is the love for novels, Harry Potter and all things SRK. From being the eldest child in our family, my very own fashion guru, a staunch believer in all things, good and bad. Happy Birthday Di. I love you.