Part One- The Surprised Guest

Amy Chambers and her Boyfriend Deano Walters was moving out of the place that she had called home all her life, it had been the place she had grown up in and had many big life moments in this house like finding out she was having Ella her one year old child. Amy swallowed the lump rising in her throat as she grabbed the last of the boxes and for the first time seeing the house so bare! Deano wrapped an arm around his Girlfriend and kissed her forehead tenderly,

"You know why they had to do this Babe. It was a chance of a lifetime" Amy nodded silently even though she understood and insisted to her parents that felt really guilty about selling up and moving abroad Amy still didn't find it any easier as she felt a great sense of belonging in this house that she felt unable to let go of. Her Parents had left a day early as they loads to do to their new home in the sunshine! Which was another reason she was not taking this well as her parents were the only family her and Deano had as he never spoke to his Brother who was a thug to say the least! And Deano's parents died when they were young. They got into their small car and drove slowly away from the only place she had called home. Libby Estate was a council estate filled with huge tower blocks of flats and one or two tiny shops, this Estate even though the local are warm and friendly held many bad memories for Deano much of his own doing but mostly because of his Brother Shay who left a few years ago hiding from the Police. Shay Walters had started a crew around this Estate that he and his mates got younger intimidated boys to do their dirty work so that they never got caught out! Deano was one of these young boys that was petrified of his older brother as he was not only massively tall he was also uncontrollable with his temper, which led him into all kinds of bother with the law mostly for robbing stuff from shops. It wasn't until he had met Amy that his life started to turn around for the better! He knew that it was love straight away, as his heart was bursting and jittering as they both smiled shyly over at each other, he remembered it was eyes that intrigued him as they were a mixture of blues and greens making transfixed unable to stop staring at her. Deano saw the graffitied sign that welcomed them to Libby Estate making his heart ache as he never imagined he would be back around here which the memories were still Raw for him as he parked the car and turned the engine off, forcing a smile onto his face,

"So here we are babe!" Amy took her seatbelt off and leaned forward placing her hand into his their fingers intertwining as she squeezed comfortingly,

"Dean you don't need to pretend with me. Listen we won't be here forever will we! So come on let's get settled in our new place" Deano sighed before nodded his head knowing that she was right, and the best thing to do was to make the best of the situation,

"Yeah how bout you get our Ella settled while I start bringing in the boxes yeah?"

"ok. Deano this isn't like before you know. Your brother is gone and so has the old you" Deano kissed Amy before they both got out the car,

"Hey Deano remember Aunt Cora? Thought we'd come out and give you a hand love!" Amy turned to face a Dark skinned woman with a young tall skinny boy of about Eighteen standing infront of them,

"Cora how could I forget you?! Oh god you've grown Daniel!" Amy watched as they all hugged and exchanged in conversation before opening the backdoor of the car and unstrapping Ella from her car seat and placing her onto her hip shutting the car door,

"Oh and these two beauties must be your family!" Cora beamed coming closer to them cooing over at Ella,

"Aw she is gorgeous! I'm Cora love I live over in that flat there and am free anytime for a cuppa and a chat love!" Amy smiled politely liking this Cora and feeling positive that this was really a good new start for them. It was now midnight and the two of them lay wide awake listening to Ella who was fast asleep, Deano was looking tense which made Amy frown with concern as she placed herself onto his chest huddling herself into him,

"Babe you look tense"

"Sorry. I am trying you know but I feel like that I have let you and Ella down!" Amy lifted her head staring into his clear blue eyes,

"You just listen to me Deano! You have never ever let us down! This family loves you and knows how hard you work to provide for us so don't ever say stuff like that cause it couldn't be further from the truth!" Deano pulls her closer her head once again resting onto his chest as he lightly kissed her head and began stroking her arm,

"Babe I honestly don't know what I would do without your support! Your an amazing woman Miss Chambers!" Amy smiled chuckling slightly,

"Your only just realising that now!"

A month had flown by quickly and they had both settled into the flat nicely and found that most people were very welcoming in having Deano back in Libby Estate but there was an odd few who showed no mercy when telling them how much they are unwelcomed here, some spitting and making small comments at them which disgusted and riled Amy up as they never deserved that especially not baby Ella! It was an normal Friday morning for Amy as she pushed baby Ella in her buggy shopping bags hanging from the handles as she pushed the buggy struggling into the lift, looking forward to when Deano got home from work so that they could have their family movie night in which they always did every Friday night. She was walking down the corridor when she stopped to a halt outside her flat was a tall muscular guy, leaning casually looking at his phone revealing tattoos down his arm,

"Uh who are you?" Amy asked edgily as the guy looked up to face her revealing razor like teeth as he smiled,

"I'm guessing your Deano's bird. I'm Shay his bro" Amy froze not quite believing what she heard as she trembled shakily walking infront of the buggy,

"Shay. How did you find us here?"

"Quite easy when you know people! Can I come in or am I expected to freeze my bollocks off!" Amy nodded her head feeling intimidated and frightened by this unpredictable man,

"Dean is working. He won't be back until tea time you know"

"Well more time to get to know you then isn't it!" Amy fiddled with the keys nervously fumbling them into the door and opening it gesturing for Shay to go inside while she pushed the buggy inside, Shay had not wasted time at all to make himself at home as he had shoes off and telly on while he lay onto the sofa making Amy more unnerved as she hurried unbuckling Amy from the buggy and holding her protectively as she stood watching him, not trusting him to leave the room.

"Aren't you going to unpack those?" He asked gesturing at the shopping bags that were still placed on the buggy,

"Uh yeah later. Have to settle Ella down"

"She looks fine to me!"

"yeah uh right" Amy grabbed a bag with her free hand determined not to let Ella down, Shay watching her suspiciously making her heart race and her palms sweaty,

"Give her to me. Get to know my niece!" Amy closed her eyes fighting back tears as she swallowed back bile,

"Uh no your alright. But uh thanks" Amy rushed into the small kitchen before Shay could say anything else her body trembling as she clung onto Ella, pulling out her phone hesitating over Deano's number knowing he could get into trouble with his boss if he took a call while working she decided she wouldn't risk it and would just have to tough it out until Deano gets home.