Kate took a seat on her morning bus. "Hey Kate!" cheered a few people's voices. Kate greeted her friends back. She looked over to see Bree staring out of the window and trying to avoid eye contact with Kate. Kate turned back around and watched the route her bus was taking to school. When she got off the bus at school she looked around to see how much people have changed over the summer holidays. Some had an abnormally dark tan, some dyed or cut their hair and some even made new friends – like Holly and Alexa, they were the worst of enemies the year before.

Kate found Sue and Lynette just before the school bell rang for the first time. The three girls cheered and jumped around in circles. After all, they haven't seen each other over the six weeks at all. "Kate, don't look back but Steve is staring at you right now with eyes of a tiger," said Sue. Kate had to resist her urge to turn around and see that look that her friend described to her but she decided to listen to Sue instead.

"Do you… you know… still like Steve?" asked Lynette.

"No, of course not, after all that he has done, six weeks was enough to officially get over him," answered Kate.

"So let me guess… the reason you have pretty hair and perfect makeup today is to set a good impression to someone new?"

"Pfft! Lynette! Sue! Can't I just do that for my self? I don't need anyone, Steve was enough to prove to me that I don't want a relationship for some time." Kate's school principal interrupted her by making a speech in front of the whole school. It was the same drill every year, "I hope you all listen to your teachers and pass your exams." Kate didn't need anymore reminding, she had enough of that at home. So instead of listening to her principal as she was supposed to, she thought about what Lynette said, '…the reason you have pretty hair and perfect makeup today is to set a good impression to someone new…' Kate denied that fact out loud but deep inside, that was exactly what she wanted to do.

Throughout the whole day, Kate got to know everyone in her new classes and hoped to meet a new face, preferably a guy, so you know, she could set a good impression. She spent the first few weeks of school trying to find someone but eventually gave up. No one new showed up at her school and all the guys that were already there weren't boyfriend material or her type.