Two weeks later, their feelings still haven't faded. There was just a few more days until school was back on and Kate honestly couldn't wait until it was. She didn't really want to go back, she just wanted to see Dylan and the only way to do that was through school.

School came and Kate had wild butterflies in her stomach. She went up stairs to her locker and saw Dylan walking in the distance. Her head almost started spinning. She couldn't wait to hug him once again. She hurriedly rushed down the stairs and caught up to Dylan. He turned around and smiled at her.

"Hey baby," he said. Kate bit her lip and gave him a hug, his hand went down further and he grabbed her bum, like he used to do earlier in the year. Without them letting go of each other, they arranged their heads and looked each other straight in the eye. Dylan's head began to move forward and their lips touched. The wonderful feeling of a kiss from a loved one after so long made Kate happy. She had dreamt of this moment for way too long. Kate put her forehead against Dylan's. Still looking into his eyes, she whispered, "I love you." Dylan held onto Kate even tighter and kissed her again.