Specialists: Soldiers of Fortune

Chapter 2: Clarity


"Emphasized Talking/ Loudspeaker"

"Talking in a different language"

*SFX* - Rare appearance

'Thinking' – Available in third person

'Talking in Telepathy'


[Enemy Radio Chatter]

March 10th 1988/ "Terra", "The Pit"/ 1000 Hrs

'The Pit's' lights went dark after the GSC bombardment. Who knows what the hell they are doing to this godforsaken island; if I screw this up I might love a beautiful explosion. Guess what? I get a front seat view along with it; my tickets would be my pitiful life.

Fortunately, the armory's lights are still on. An emergency backup generator must be running this thing. I look around the armory's interior and spotted the deadly sleeping beauty on the center, with the young woman watching her. The medic, John, walked around; rummaging any medical and ammunition surplus in those crates.

I noticed a twitch on 'Sarah's' finger, then her body convulsed for a moment. I grabbed the '1911 from my holster and forced her down on the table, causing all attention of everyone else to focus on me. John went closer with his… new RPK-47 and pointed it at the head of the waking woman. The young woman in the corner braced herself in case something goes off.

Out of all the scenarios that played on my head… I saw the unexpected. She suddenly sat up with a gasp of air; she looked at her surroundings before punching me in the face and successfully took the scrap metal from my hands. She sweeps my legs with one swift move, causing me to fall down. She pointed the pistol at me a slowly pressed the trigger, but her crimson eyes widened before dropping the '1911 and had her hands covering her mouth.

"S-sorry!? I-I… didn't mean to do that." Her crimson eyes suddenly perk up to the mechanical sounds that John's RPK is making; she moved quickly to her left, kicking John's leg in the process. Her hand swiftly pushes the RPK out of the kill zone and slams her head against his forehead. John recoiled in pain before dropping to the ground. 'Sarah' in the meantime, dropped the RPK, and has her face downcast with her hand on her forehead.

"Eh… what did I do?"

"You just fucking took both of us down within less than a minute and you fucking say that I don't know what did you do?" Just what in the world is this woman think she is!

I went back to my feet and throw a punch at her, she responding by sidestepping and a powerful slam from her elbow to my chest, knocking the wind out of my lungs.

"Sorry!" She said. Her face showed worry and annoyance. "Just please stop attacking me! It's not a good way to treat a woman like me!"

"Then sit down on the table with your hands behind you back. Calm down for a moment and think how painful it is to have a headache." John said as dusted off his shirt. He smiled as reclaimed his light machine gun.

The woman followed what he said. Damn it… the blow was strong enough that it left me gasping for air. First, that 'Sarah' acts like a cold blooded killer and now she is acting like she is clueless about being one? Something is wrong here. I grabbed the '1911 from the ground; luckily, it didn't fire a bullet yet or my paranoia would start acting up. I took out the magazine but I still aimed the gun at 'Sarah's' head.

"Tell… me… that… you're not… acting… or following orders… from that bastard or you… are still… under mind… control… if you give me… a shitty answer, I… will tear… that head… apart." Still catching my breath, I spoke aggressively to the ignorant woman.

'Sarah' flinched at the mention of the cuss but she regained her composure.

"I have no idea what are you talking about… but for Pete's sake, drop the gun! We are not enemies here, are we?"

I didn't believe her. This made me click the trigger, the gun generated a mini-explosion, the bullet went out and grazed 'Sarah's' cheek. I holstered the empty '1911 and opened my mouth to speak… a piece of my mind.

"I have… fought with you bitch." I regained my breath and stared at her crimson eyes. "You nearly gut my face, almost ended a stalemate in knifepoint, threaten to behead me with a sword, and now you are saying that you have no idea what the hell am I talking about!?"

'Sarah' flinched and shook in fear; she leaned back in some attempt to get away.

"So tell me; what do you have to say for that?" I continued.

Sarah kept silent but her emotions complained on how fearful they are on my presence. Her eyes can't even stay on me. Her body is begging to run, yet she stayed.

"Enough already, I don't want another corpse in this room. Either you, Joshua, or especially this woman." John said.

Someone tugged on my shoulder; it was the same young women who I've save awhile ago.

"Sir… please stop, it's not good if you keep shouting at her."

I pushed her away and stared at the bitch that cause enough problems with me. I brandished my Desert Eagle and aimed it at her head.

"No more lies! I want you to tell me the truth bitch, are you just toying around us or did you screwed you mind?"

John pushed my hand, with the .50 cal pistol, down and punched my face. He took my pistol, released the magazine, and removed the bullet in the chamber before throwing it at my feet.

"We have more problems with that, we've got bombing outside and you are here arguing with a defenseless woman." John said.

As if on cue, soft shockwave can be felt. The sound of distant gunfire can be heard even from here.

"We have to get the hell out of here… and you bitch." I pointed at the ruby eyed woman. "I will see to it that you'll fend for yourself. C'mon, let's go."

John shrugged and started walking with me, the young woman had no choice but to follow John and me. I heard the freak sighed before following us.

The long walk back to the arena was silent… reaching the sandy hill felt like a blur to me, except for the fact that I find it amusing to see the bitch puke at the sight of dead men… with a dash of her fellow comrades. I looked at the damage on the arena… damn… this was below ground after all. Fortunately, the shells blew up a perfectly huge chunk of the arena.

"Are we going to climb to the top? This is too impassible; we can't climb a steep slope like that!" By the time the freak finished her sentence, I reached halfway of the 'impassible' slope she was taking about.

"So what about it, you're giving up in your first look, just climb it and your done! Might as well leave you freak!" I retorted as I took another step moving up, but I do agree that this is steep… considering the fact that it is made out of concrete debris.

Once at the top… the only thing I noticed is that the whole area is razed to the ground.

"Just a little bit more… you're almost to the end of the story Joshua…"

I looked towards to the left and saw the fortress… my mission on the first place… and my paycheck… maybe my freedom from work. I guess after this… I'll quit and get out of the grid.

"Giving up after this?"

"It's none of your business Silver Witch."

The silver haired woman smiled before she giggled. She did a quick spin and let her dress fly into motion; she suddenly stopped and placed her hands on her hips.

"You actually called me by my title!? It's so unbelievable… but now… I like you Joshua."

What in the actual fuck? I raised my eyebrow at her and kept my hand at the grip of my .45 pistol. I was about to say something until Miss Luna's face turned red like a tomato.

"NOT LIKE THAT! …I like you because you actually respected me for a bit… though that attitude of yours needs a little work… maybe a few tweaks?"

"Hell no witch… what did I say about messing with people's heads? Do you want me to make a mess out of your head?" I replied, remembering what I said to her after that stupid fight.

"Aww…" Miss Luna pouted. "You are too rude."

A helicopter passes us by; the pilots didn't notice us yet. A closer look on the helicopter shows that they are using a different logo and color from those transport helicopters the 'Wolfe' has. Unlike the rest… this screams G.S.C on my eyes.

"If I were the pilots… I might avoid the rocket that is heading towards it." The witch remarked… which is actually true after a damned missile appeared out of nowhere and hit the helicopter. The helicopter's tail blew into a red and orange glow… smoke replaced the fiery explosion as the helicopter started spinning out of control.

Not after a second, a second RPG hit the helicopter's passenger compartment… throwing a large chuck of metal and steel, the figures of people fell out of the helicopter… even some men are missing their limbs as they fell to their deaths.

A beat passed, the silver witch rode in her staff and zoomed towards the forest. The witch leaves a silver dust as she flies towards the forest.

I sat down and waited for the group to get up… and… the first one to get up was the bitch.

"… I commend you for being first freak… did you cheat by using your abilities?"

The ruby eyed woman let out a sigh. "Will you stop referring me to a freak? Besides what did I do to you?"

"Almost taken my life… twice, and then humiliated in front of people."

"Excuse me!? I didn't humiliate you! As well for the killing part, I don't know what I did in the past but I am sure that I am not in the right state of mind. Will you be kind enough to be open to others?"

"Enough… we have to move out." A third voice joined the conversation; I looked at the source of the speaker and found John helping up the woman I rescued.

"Right then… there is a downed bird a couple of klicks from here. We might as well check that out for any survivors."

'Sarah' looked at me with a puzzled face. I ignored her and moved towards the crash site. As I kept walking, I hand grabbed my shoulders, stopping me at once. I looked at the hand and traced it to its owner. John Anderson.

"Since when did you see a helicopter got shot down from the air?"

I pushed the hand away and opened my mouth to speak.

"Just a few minutes before you went up, I saw G.S.C on its door… and it suffers a lot of damage before crashing." I remembered the direction it crashed… and the screams of men falling from the air.

John merely narrows his eyes as he got lost in his thoughts.

"We can't just trust G.S.C blindly. Who knows what might happen?"

"They hold my key to freedom… I work for them, for my friend, or I get shredded with bullets. I'm already viewed as a criminal… and a wild dog that must be taken down. I value my life than my work… but with my life on the line…" I stopped talking there and pounder for a minute.

Why am I doing this in the first place? This isn't about just a 1 Million paycheck or my life… what exactly am I doing here in the first place?

What are my reasons?

Clear out my name? Get filthy rich?

Kill that bastard for making my life a living hell… kills that bastard for his inhumanity… kill that bastard for his psychotic and rebel views. He wants to nuke the whole world… fine then… I'll teach that bastard a lesson even the world burned.

After all… many have suffered under his reign. That's why G.S.C is here… their true colors are showing now; they eliminate any terrorist or rebel threat around the world. Maybe the reason why Baker came and picked me for this mission so I can rid of the world another evil… or to save me from fighting a whole military organization that would result in a one sided battle.

That doesn't sum up…

That Silver witch… she isn't part of 'his' experiments. She doesn't affiliate herself with 'him' either. What exactly is she doing here… she's been guiding me. She even told me that I am 'nearing the end of the story.'

… It's no longer coincidence... it's not even fate's masterpiece… it's all under one person's amusement.

Miss Luna is not even part of this world… she laughs… plays… watches… even screw up a couple of minds. She enjoys a tormented life, but she is only limited to this island. Though… she started to show liking towards me… that I won't fucking tolerate.

I'll have another word with her the next time I see her.

"Hey… what's your name?" I was snapped out of my thoughts by a certain human experiment by your one and only 'Wolfe'.

"Um… ah… my name is Letti. Letti Primstone." So that's her name… I didn't get the chance to ask her.

"My name is Seraphina Espiritu, nice to meet you Letti!" Seraphina... Espiritu? Spanish decent… no…

I took another look at the freak's face then back to the direction of the crash site…

So... a Filipino huh…

Letti looks a little bit French too… so that bastard didn't just kidnap people from the U.S… but around the world… why I haven't notice this during fighting his experiments?

Suddenly the bushes around us rustled… heavy footsteps rebounded around the forest. I looked at the smoke of the crash site… hmm… I think that we are almost there. I brandished my '1911 and crouched.

"Shh… we got company." I whispered.

The bushes and shrubs rustle and moved as we walked slowly… someone is taking position. Suddenly the rustling stopped. I loaded and clicked the safeties of my pistol and leveled the sights of the pistol at the shrubs.

"Oh… sheeiit…"


The pistol spat out used brass, the gun's front end burst out smoke and launched its load. The bullet quickly flied to its target in a matter of seconds... giving me a satisfying thud. Wait… no blood…


A familiar high pitch scream rang out form the bush. I looked at John, who proceeded to flank around the bush, and signaled him to stop. He nodded at my command and kept his gun trained at the bush. I walked deeper into the unknown and grab where the perpetrator's arm might be. Once I felt something, I pulled the perpetrator out into our view….

Which surprised me when I saw who he really was… or maybe I should refer her to 'she'?

"What the fuck are you doing here?"


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