The Love Letter Lovelies

by Glee-chan

37. Final Chapter

By the time everyone had had enough of the King's Game, most were drunk, and a good amount of them were missing clothes. Shiho never got permission to get dressed, and even after the game was over and Kaede was retrieving her panties from Sora's head, Shiho had to remain nude. Taking pity on her, Kaede left the room to ask her Mom if the hotspring was free yet for the group. They had asked a head of time if they could use it, and she had said yes. But there were no telling if customers were enjoying it at the moment. When her Mom gave the go-ahead, Kaede felt relieved.

She returned to tell them the good news, and immediately everyone started undressing there and retrieving their towels. However when Shiho went to cover up with her towel, Sora didn't give the okay. So when they went into the outdoor bath, Shiho had to travel there naked. Once again feeling sorry for her, Kaede decided she would too. Then Makoto joined her. The rest of them were laughing at them in good spirits the whole time.

Their hotspring was a bit to small for this amount of people. It was about the size of two hot tubs, so while everyone could fit in comfortably, they certainly weren't spreading out as much. Before they even got in the spring though, everyone had to wash up at the provided outdoor shower.

Since the hotspring was smaller, they took it in turns. A group holding back in the showers, while a group enjoyed the spring. This worked out fine as Sora, Shiho, Yui, and Emiko took the first phase, while Kaede, Makoto, and Nori would take it last.

"This open air bath is the best." Shiho said from the hotspring as Kaede selfishly washed Makoto's back in the shower area.

"Yeah." Yui giggled. "I'm glad I got to come here with everyone."

"What about coming here with me?" Emiko gave a fake pout.

"You got me drunk, so I can't forgive you just yet." Yui said with a laugh.

"You know, I would have thought Yui-chan getting drunk would be more interesting." Shiho said in a disappointed voice. "Like maybe you'd slur and fall over or something."

"I'm sorry." Yui shrugged. "I'm not like that. I'm just really sleepy."

Emiko yawned a bit. "Yeah…."

"Well I'm not." Sora's eyes were on Shiho. "You've been prancing naked in front of me all night. It's driving me crazy."

"And who's fault is that?" Shiho spoke defensively.

Kaede watched them argue, but could tell it was more playful banter. She looked beyond them and saw Yui and Emiko barely keeping awake.

"Keep an eye on those two." Kaede warned Shiho.

"Yeah yeah." Shiho turned around, but was grabbed by Sora. "Hey!"

"You're so cute Shiho-chan!" Sora said, and was suddenly sucking on her neck.

"Gross." Nori groaned. "Don't tell me this is going to become a lesbian orgy."

Makoto must of blushed. Kaede could tell even though she was behind her. "Sis…."

"What?" Nori yawned. "If everyone decides to go at it, just leave me out of it okay?"

"Aw, and I was hoping to see if we could turn another straight girl gay." Sora said from the hotspring.

"Maybe, but not this chick." Nori winked with heavy eyes.

Sora returned to Shiho and was licking her ear. For all the protest she was doing, she wasn't stopping her. Soon Shiho wasn't making any attempt to pretend she didn't like it anymore, and sat there and enjoyed Sora's groping affections. Emiko and Yui were watching the two make out with curiosity but also with glazed over eyes.

By this time the booze and the hot water had taken affect on a number of the girls. Despite the show, Yui and Emiko were nodding their heads so much that Kaede told them to go to their room. Begrudgingly they did. Kaede didn't want the girls to drift to sleep in a pool of water, that was just dangerous. But they weren't the only ones falling prey to too much alcohol and warm water. Nori fell asleep on her bath stool before she even made it into the bath.

Soon Sora and Shiho were so horny that Kaede had to stop them from going down on each other right in front of them. Sora would have ignored them and kept going at it, but Shiho had enough sense in mind to put and end to it. She dragged Sora out of the hotspring and went for the towels.
"C'mon, let's go to my room." Shiho said, glancing at Kaede and giving a faint smile.

As if she was ordered to do so, Sora followed Shiho in an aroused stupor out the bath. All at once Kaede and Makoto were mostly alone, with Nori passed out on the floor next to her bath stool. Makoto rinsed off her back and looked down at her sister. Her eyes were a bit glazed over as well from her drunken state.

"We should take her back to her room." Makoto said.

"I can't pick up dead weight." Kaede told her.

Makoto gave a worried look and poked her sister in the side. "Hey, wake up!" Nori didn't even stir. Makoto shook her, but Nori just rolled over and moaned. "She's such a heavy sleeper…. She's always been like this. Wake up sis!"

Nori blinked her eyes open, and noticed the Hotspring was free. "Is it our turn?" She moaned.

"You should head to your room." Kaede told her. "You're too sleepy. You don't want to pass out into the water and accidentally drown."

"Yeah… probably." Nori yawned. "You'll be there to save me though."

"Do you think we'll be keeping an eye on you when we're both naked and it's practically just us, sis?" Makoto told her in a coy voice.
"But I wanted to try the hotspring."

Makoto looked worried. "We'll stay another night and you can try it tomorrow."

"'Kay." Nori sniffed and curled up again.

Kaede almost laughed at that. Somehow Nori seemed a bit like Makoto in that moment.

"No, you have to sleep in your room!" The real Makoto was shoving her sister to wake her up again.

"Oh." Nori sat up and scratched her head. The top of her hair stood up.

Makoto brushed it down with her fingers and stumbled over to her sisters towel, her feet nearly slipping on the wet stone. "C'mon sis, get it together. I can't believe I hold my liquor better than you…"

"You were cheating." Nori pointed out. "You never drank all yours… you just took a sip."

Makoto blushed. "I didn't know you were supposed to drink it all."

"I didn't stop you because I didn't want you to get drunk." Nori groaned. "Ughhh…" She grabbed her stomach. Now she was awake. "Okay I'm going now."

"Are you sure you don't need any help?"

"Yeah, I got this." Nori stood up and wrapped the towel around her. To her credit she wasn't slurring or walking funny. "Have fun you two."

"Nori-chan!" Makoto called to her in a voice that said be careful.

Nori just waved at them without turning around. "Chao!"

When she left, Kaede realized that she was alone with Makoto… finally. She wanted to run over to her at that moment and cover her in kisses. But she didn't want to come off as a wild beast like Sora did. So she finished washing herself, while watching Makoto invite herself into the hotspring. It wasn't long until Kaede joined her. Her heart was racing.

"I can't believe you're not as drunk as the others as well." Makoto stated as Kaede took a seat next to her in the bath.

"I was pouring the drinks, so I cheated as well." Kaede said up front.

"I didn't know I was cheating!" Makoto repeated slightly miffed.

"I'm glad you did." Kaede spoke in a soft voice, scooted closer to her, and wrapped her arms around her. Makoto's irritation went away all at once. They gazed into each other's eyes, but flushed from the alcohol and their nudity. "We finally can be alone."

Makoto giggled. "Are you sure you're not drunk?"

"I have a bit of a buzz… but mostly I've just missed you." Kaede admitted.

"I missed you too." Makoto pressed her body into Kaede's and kissed her without warning. Thankfully it wasn't another headbutt.

It wasn't long at all before Makoto was sitting on Kaede's lap facing her, and the two of them were entangled in a hungry make-out session. They're slippery bodies only adding more fuel to the fire. Kaede didn't realize it, but Makoto seemed more hungry for her than she thought. The girl was taking the lead on everything. Kaede didn't mind. She liked it that way. She wanted Makoto to dominate her. She was hers. Anything Makoto wanted, Kaede would do.

Then somehow Kaede found herself sitting on the stone floor before the spring, her legs open and Makoto's head in-between them. She didn't even remember how they came into that position. It was as if her mind left her and returned. But what a place to return too1 Kaede had no complains. It felt so good, and it had been so long that she orgasmed almost immediately.

Laying on the floor, Kaede breathed in, her world spinning from the pleasure and the alcohol. Her gaze went to the stars in the sky, as Makoto climbed out of the bath and laid down next to her. She held Kaede as if she was a precious baby, then looked at the stars as well. Somehow life seemed perfect at that moment.

"I'm sorry I attacked you." Makoto said, then laughed to herself. "Okay, no I'm not."

"It felt good." Kaede moaned a bit.

Makoto was still looking above her, both silent for a beat. Then all at once she commented on the night's sky. "It's so pretty."

"It is… Wait. Hold on." Kaede blinked and suddenly remembered something. She sat up and pulled Makoto up as well "Mako-chan. Come here."

Doing as she was told Makoto followed Kaede into the middle of the hotspring. "What's going on?"

"Lay on your back and float in the middle of the pool." Kaede told her.

Makoto gave a confused smile but once again followed her instructions. Kaede held her in the water until she floated on her own. "Now what?" Makoto asked, her chest moving up and down in anticipation.

"Close your eyes and stay there for a moment. I've got to show you something."


"It's a surprise."

"Okay." Makoto closed her eyes and smiled.

Kaede watched the lovely beauty float in the middle of the spring for a moment, then got out. She ran as safely as possible on the slippery stone to the light switches, then turned them all off. Waiting for a moment for her eyes to adjust, Kaede carefully made her way back to the hotspring and got in. Makoto's gleaming body looked so sexy in the moonlight. She wanted to touch her, but that would ruin the big surprise.

"Okay, just look straight ahead and open your eyes." Kaede spoke after taking in the view.

Being a good listener, Makoto opened her eyes and blinked a few times. Then she gasped. "Oh wow."

Kaede knew exactly what she was gasping over. She had discovered it before once. Shortly after she started dating Sora in Middle School she took a bath in the hotspring on her own. She was taking advantage of this and floated on her back when the power went out. At first her thoughts were to get out of the spring and stumble to her room, but as she floated there on the warm water the night's sky seemed to pop out at her. It felt like she was floating in space. All warm and naked with nothing but a star-field in view it was one of the most beautiful things she had ever experienced. And now Makoto was seeing it.

"Oh God." Makoto kept gasping in delight. "Kaede-chan this is so pretty!"

Kaede watched her, letting the girl soak it all in. She looked so beautiful. They were silent for a while, then Kaede walked over to her floating body, but didn't touch her. "Makoto. I love you."

Turning her head from the view she looked at Kaede and smiled. "I love you too."

Pulling Makoto in her arms, Kaede bent over and kissed her. Makoto wrapped her arms around Kaede's head and kissed back. They stayed like that for a long time, Makoto semi-floating with Kaede kissing her. It was almost like a re-do of their first real kiss. There was so much passion in it, Kaede could literally feel her stomach flutter. When they pulled away, Makoto drifted to her feet and pulled Kaede back into her lips. The two got on their knees and continued kissing in the warm spring and the moonlight. The world only consisted of them. No one else existed.

"Kaede…" Makoto said pulling back for a second. "I'm glad you wrote me that love letter."

The End.