Are you a boy or girl who likes to write?

Do you know where paper comes from?

You want to know, I thought you 'll know full well before I'm done.

Far beneath the skin of the earth,

A band of jolly miners mine.

Although you may think there would be a dearth,

There are chunks of paper you need to refine.

Look at the veins you see on a notebook,

That is because the ore is impure.

And paper that's white no matter how hard you look?

In the forges it has been cured,

Then it is sliced into great sheets.

The process takes a thousand men!

See the ones who are wearing cleats?

They are the ones who ward off the Snen.

WHat are the Snen? I guess I forgot.

You may think it's all safe, but I assure you it's not.

Seven legged creatures that breathe ice that is hot,

And the smell of paper? They like it a lot.

But remember you should not fear!

They'll keep the Snen down!(At least they will try)

So if you use paper and the Snen get near,

Better get away quick, or you'll probably die.