I rallied the Zachary's on my side. "We are creations of the original Zachary know he watches over us" I roared. My name is Hunter von Steiner and I'm a generic character. I don't even think the creator remembers me in the dream. This part of the battlefield was the worst. Zachary range from five to twenty and I chose the five through eight year olds. The nightmare broke the wall and poured down on us.

I broke a glass dolls face with the hilt of my sword. Dolls just my luck my "men" never stood a chance. We locked shields "Don't give them an inch" my fury and courage rallied the survivors even tired and scared we screamed and pushed the dolls back. This caught them off guard their formation broke then we massacred them. A seven year old Zachary sent his sword through a living doll. We cheered as the last of the dolls fell. "Hunter Hunter" the Zachary's cheered around me.

"No time to celebrate we must charge deep into the fray" I ordered. They bashed their shields and roared. This is my life we Zachary's and Generic characters fight a never ending war but we will serve the creators dream world till our last days.