A boy named Alice fell down a tree

Bumping his head one, two, three

Chasing a hunch he got up and ran

Searching all over being a little man.
Seeling a castle he began to cry

What now do I do, how do I try?

Then came along a little white horse

Who said quite gruffly "just follow your course.

So waving goodbye Alice dashed off

Continuing along until he came to a loft

"Hey," he called out, "anyone there?"

But when nothing came he moved on without care.

Still he continued to search far and wide

Up, down and to every side

He sat down by a mountain holding his head

"Don't cry dear boy or you'll turn into lead."

Alice looked up to see there a man

"Oh no," he said "will I become a can?"

"Of course not at all, you'll be a tin

"But mind you," he said, "you may end up a pin."

"Who are you?" Alice asked," please help me now"

"Just look to the left, do you see that cow?"

"Yes," said Alice, "seeing the beast."

"Just give it a pat at the very least."

So Alice went up and approached the cow

Hoping dearly it didn't smell foul

Reaching out he gave it a little pat

Then with a crunch the big cow spat.

Alice turned back to talk to the man

But alas he thought as he only saw a pan

"Perhaps he cried and turned into lead

"Oh what shall I do?" Poor Alice said.

"Just got to the clouds and find a speck."

Alice did turn to see a girl with a neck

"Who are you?" he asked, "and what speck is this?"

"A speck with a smile and do call me Lis"

"The cloud are too far," complained the boy

"But I am a fairy and I am not coy

"I will fly up there and you will come too"

"Oh yes please," he cried and up they flew.

Higher and higher they went into a cloud

"Where is this speck?" he said really quite loud

"Just look and look you will find it I know"

So he searched and searched wondering if he were low.

Something small floated into his sight.

"I've found it," he cried in such delight.

"Eat it," she said "and you will be well."

So he put it in his mouth and down he fell.

Falling and falling churning down the sky

At that moment he wished he could fly.

"I'll hit the ground that won't be fun."

And with his last words he wanted a witty pun.

But when the ground came he just bumped soft

"That wasn't so bad," he said with a cough

Still Alice though did not know what to do

He was following a hunch but all he heard was a coo.

Looking afar he saw the birds in a group

He wondered then if he'd done a loop

But he knew he had not, there'd been no birds before

None of it was familiar not even the caw.

Sitting down almost in tears

This was becoming his biggest fear

A stranger alone in this place he didn't know

He very dearly hoped nearby there was no foe.

"Oh what shall I do?" He cried with his might

He put his head on his knees and something caught his sight

Dust covered his shoes so he gave them a shake

"At least I can look nice" and then he felt a quake.

Something was shuddering far far below

"What can it be now?" and he expected a foe

But nothing appeared and the quaking went on

Our boy now wondered if it would go on for long.

He closed his eyes out of desperation and fear

"I want to go" he cried loud and clear.

The quaking then stopped and Alice took a look

No shaking, just quiet, not a thing shook.

And then he looked around and cried with delight

"I'm back, my house, oh what a pretty sight"

So with our boy Alice running round the bend

He reached his house and that was the end.