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Sobs filled the house that had once been the happiest one in the neighborhood where not many people were. Athan Raven, the best brother in the world (according to his sister) had left for school and never returned. "Mom is he ever coming back?" Lydia walked up to her mother with tear filled eyes. The 6 year old was hardly able to understand what to do. Her brother had not been just a brother to her; he was her soul friend, her biggest supporter and everything she could ask for in one person. It had been 4 weeks and the police had already given up working on the case, but by some miracle a detective who thought this was really hard to bear for the family had decided to look into the matter as an individual. Detective Lucas was a true hero to her family, working so hard to find Athan. Other than that Lydia felt as if the world had fallen over her, she not only had to bear the loss of her brother but then she had to see her mother continuously crying in a corner not moving from her place, her father trying to hold himself together and then she herself wandering about in an empty room, hoping to find a 10 year old sitting up on the bed threatening to tell mom about her misbehaving. She had always been told that if something or someone was taken away from us it was because either we didn't treat it well or God was angry at us from doing something wrong. Remembering this always told lesson she walked up to the cupboard, opened the gate and tried to stretch her little body to reach the top shelf. She took a broken game controller and said in between her muffled sobs "if this is what you're mad at, please come back" she made a promise "when I get my first allowance when I am 10 I'll buy you a new one. I'm sorry I broke it-" her words were interrupted by a knock on the door, as she rushed to answer the door all she could think of was the sandy blonde detective standing with her brother, that is she hoped. "Uncle Lucas!" she greeted him with a big smile which soon fell when she saw him standing alone. The detective had somewhat become a family member and was very close to Lydia. Even in the 4 weeks that Lucas had been with them, there were two things he knew. One, this family was rich but the most kind hearted you would ever find and two, that Lydia and Athan had not only been siblings by some blood tied relation but that they were also those two people who loved each other to the moon and back. There was no doubt that Athan had never had a best friend in school and neither Lydia in the neighborhood, they were each other's best friend. They were what you'd call two souls in one body. "I'm sorry dear, but I'm working hard to find him" Lucas spoke when he saw the question and vain in Lydia's eyes. "I know you are, I just want him back" Lydia shrugged. They both walked in and as soon as they entered the room Lucas felt all eyes fix on him. Nathan, Athan's father's walked up to Lucas and placed a hand on his shoulder, "no luck?" he sadly asked the question which had its answer written in Lydia's brown sad eyes and on Lucas' tired and upset face. Nathan looked at his wife "Haley-" before he could complete his sentence Haley just nodded and said in a voice not more than a whisper "I know" They were surprised when the usually polite Lydia screamed "I want my family!" Haley managed to speak up "but sweet heart, I'm here and dad is here-" she was cut out by Lydia's blunt reply, "no Athan was my family, he's gone this family's gone" with that she stormed to her room, Leaving Nathan and Haley thinking how to comfort her and Lucas knowing he had to work harder but had only 3 weeks left till his resources were cut off because of yelling at his boss to look more into this case. After three weeks he would be fired and would have to leave too, besides he had to go to his new residence in another town after his marriage in 2 weeks, which he had been delaying since 3 weeks for the love of this family. Lucky for him his fiance, Peyton had a kind heart. Lydia had said that her family was gone and true enough by fate 2 months later she found herself sitting in an ORPHANAGE