Ryi Mahn, was a proud zerg. Even at 120 years of age, he was still a good mate for female Zergs. His bright orange color, his long silky blue hair was the major attraction. He was the father of over twenty Zerglets, unfortunately in the community of the zergs the concept of fatherhood never existed, but motherhood prevailed. But a male zerg could pick one of his zerglets as a companion and a friend until the day of his death. Ryi Mahn could remember the stories of when the humans first landed on Teton; he could remember the stories of the wars between the humans, the Zergs, the Rufiins and the Tabahcs. The humans won miraculously as he was told, they had the spirits on their side. Ever since then, they had been driven to the shadows. They were not recognized by the human governments and were regarded as outcasts, though the Rufiins and the Tabahcs had been granted a nation of their own and had been incorporated into the Tetonian Union. The Rufiins and Tabahcs were more civilized than they were.

The Zergs loved to live a peaceful and a quiet life. They lived in the forests in the east of Frecan and were rarely seen on the outside. The humans believed they were aggressive, so they stayed off the forests of the east, only the brave ones dared to venture into it.

Ryi Mahn rode his red-Avok, in the dead of the night through the grassy fields close to the Forest. Teton's three moons stood in the sky like kings governing the stars. His red-Avok gave a low growl.

"What's that, kera?" he asked nonchalantly. He looked ahead; Zergs had sharp visions at night. He could see a body, it was bloody.

He nudged his mount in the direction of the body, the red-Avok grunted in obedience. Ryi Mahn jumped down from his 9ft tall animal. He examined the body; a human. He checked for vital signs of life, the human still had pulse. What could he do? He could not leave the human there despite how terrible humans could be. He was scared of what his people would say, since it was not in the habit of Zergs to meet with humans let alone help them but time was running out for the human.

He decided to help the human.


The Headquarters of the Tetonian Union was located in Hahk, a small island close to the continent of Steel. The kings of the eight great nations of Teton convened for their 4th summit in the year except Freca, this was an emergency summit. King Tyrone of Freca had been overthrown by his brother, and the nations were concerned about this since Freca was a great power, and had a very germane role to play in the balance of Teton. Just the previous day Freca renounced its membership to the union and sent all foreign envoys packing.

They had the fear that the new authority in Freca due to its military inclination, could choose to use its resources and power against the existing balance, they were worried that Freca could go offensive. It was an issue that had to be addressed; they had to make plans that would keep Freca deterred to make any offensive move.

The kings of Decytos and Pranton and the chief of the Tabahcs from the continent of Steel, the kings of Lucrada and Macion from the continent of Daingne and the king of Transia and the Father of the Rufiins from the continent of Rileum were all in attendance. They were all seated in the usual conference room, around a large glass round table that had the holographic map of planet the world on it. The atmosphere was a bit tense; no one wanted to speak up. The king of Transia, Bakarhani, who was the chairman of the summit as well as the oldest of all the rulers, spoke up first in his usual strong voice.

"I believe the new government of Freca hasn't made its plans known to us yet. By the look of things, given Freca's strength militarily, it may begin to operate an expansionist policy which would be detrimental to its neighbors."

Sean II, the king of Lucrada narrowed his eyes, Bakarhani was right. The new King of Freca, Zephanov had just broken the treaty he signed with the former king a week ago without any reason, he had also executed five Lucradian envoys charged with spying allegations. In fact, the Daingne continent was so tense especially with Zephanov's actions.

"We are watching the new government of Freca… we've got agents within Freca, there is nothing like that." Sean II lied trying to increase his esteem.

"Well, according to reliable sources, the new King of Freca ordered the execution of all your envoys. So what agents do you have? All envoys to Freca have been sent back home." Chief Boaam the Chief of the Tabahcs, spoke sharply stroking his long black beards. He looked a little human except for the tusks protruding from his strong jaws.

"Both Lucrada and Macion are under security threats from Freca. A threat to one is a threat to all in the Tetonian Union. There must be a way to eliminate this threat." Bakarhani said crossing his ring riddled fingers on the glass.

"I, King Tanner of Pranton, call for a systematic isolation of Freca, for it to reaffirm its membership to the T.U." the dark skinned man raised his hand. It was the moment he was waiting for.

"What's the T.U?" Adkhn the Father of the Rufiins drawled. The Rufiins were less intelligent compared other Tetonian races. Throughout meetings like this he may not utter a word; some guessed he didn't understand anything.

"Tetonian Union." King Tanner sneered at him.


King Sean II shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Systematic isolation would mean banning all forms of trade relations with Freca. He was scared of making any decision about Freca, the implications could be unpleasant. Zephanov was a monster.

"I, King Anix Almond of Macion, call for a total isolation of Freca." King Anix raised his hand affirming his resolve. King Sean II glared at King Anix, the man was making the craziest mistake. Macion was the richest kingdom on the continent of Daingne, but weak militarily, it had no standing army. King Sean II gritted his teeth.

"Why don't we wait to see what Freca is capable of doing?" King Sean II asked, he didn't want problems for his kingdom.

"The Freconian authority ordered the execution of your envoys, and you are not concerned about it?"

"All I'm saying is that I refuse to concur to these proposed measures against Freca. Understand that we are directly threatened than the rest of you. I wonder why King Anix of Maicon will give such a suggestion." King Sean II said frantically, with a grim expression. King Anix countered immediately.

"I made that suggestion for the benefit of both of our kingdoms. If all borders are closed against Freca-"

"They could open it by force, which is the main reason why, I want us to approach this issue with caution. A more diplomatic measure is…"

"You seem to forget that, Zephanov of Freca is a military man." King Bakarhani told them. "Even in the histories of the human race, right from the time our fathers stayed on earth, military men never negotiate, coercion should be met with coercion."

The room was quiet until King Diniyar of Decytos spoke.

"I can see the wisdom in the words of King Sean… we could be diplomatic about this issue. If we begin to apply strong measures at the early stage of this matter we could ruin everything, including the balance of Teton."

King Bakarhani thought about the logicality of softer measures. King Diniyar was right; the best thing was to engage in a discussion with Freca, so as to deduce Zephanov's plans. Therefore if peaceful measures failed, they could activate stronger measures.

"Let a continental discussion be carried out between the Daingnean Kingdoms." King Bakarhani said. "And whatever results are gotten would be a yardstick for our next course of action."

"It would be carried out as soon as possible." King Sean II, felt relieved by the way things were going.

"And I suggest we send spies from the Union to monitor Zephanov's plans." King Tanner of Pranton opined, in order for them to be aware of the plans and to take necessary precautions.

The world leaders assented to the new decisions as they began to make plans for its execution, so much to the satisfaction of Sean II of Lucrada.


Tyrone Von Victus was waiting, he was waiting. For two things, one of which was possible and the other seem impossible. First was the return of his son, Vanden. It was impossible, there were words that he had been murdered by Chikara, the bodyguard whom his son trusted with his whole life. Ever since he heard the news his heart had been filled with great sorrow and pains. He had cried all night.

Waiting for his death was the next, which was a possibility since he had nothing to live for. No kingdom, no wife, no son, no life, what else. It's been a week since he had been imprisoned, a week since he had eaten, a week since he had caught the glimpse of the sun.

He was weak, the once great king of Freca now in prison lying on the floor like a common criminal. Zephanov has been consumed by his lust for power and his hatred for his brother.

The door to the cell slid open automatically. Standing in front of the door was Chikara, his son's former guard. He was dressed in regular armor; his brown hair had been shaved off since the coup.

"King Tyrone…" he said in a low voice.

Tyrone raised his head up weakly then he dropped it.

"Bastard." Tyrone snarled weakly.

Chikara tossed him a combat knife.

"Do yourself a favor, o King. Zephanov has planned something worse for you. It's the only thing you can do to save yourself from shame." Chikara said flatly turning to leave.

The prisoner stared at the knife blankly.

"Where is my son?"

Chikara scoffed, replaying the scene in his head.

"Dead… don't ask again." Chikara turned as the door slid shut. He could hear Tyrone burst into hysterical sobs.

As the door slid shut, Chikara's eyes were filled with tears. It had been a while he had felt that way, last time he felt so sad was when his daughter died. He knew what it felt like to lose a child, more so he was the boy's killer. He wished he had not done it, but he was bound by an oath. All the soldiers were all bound by an oath, to obey Zephanov no matter the cost.

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